"Design idea of QLAY is to fully support the Sinclair QL hardware. All original I/O is emulated. There is no focus on adding emulation for hardware extensions like floppy or hard drives, video cards etc. One exception is made: Native File Access allows access to the DOS/Linux file system. With these hardware components emulated, all original QL/QDOS software can be executed on QLAY. Newer QDOS versions are thus supported as long as they run fine on the original QL hardware.

"QLAY emulates the hardware of a Sinclair QL with 128, 640k or up to 8 Mbyte of memory. It works with all known boot ROMs and ToolkitII ROMs."


  • Microdrives as basic file I/O. Up to 8 can be used.
  • NFA. Access to MS-DOS/Linux file system as WIN1_.
  • Various screen sizes are supported to display in QL mode 256 and mode 512. Emulates: blank screen and 2nd screen bank. (Alt Tab). (Not on Windows95 version)
  • Keyboard via IPC.
  • Mouse via memory mapped I/O. (Not on Windows95 version)
  • Emulation speed control and delay.
  • IPC Beep sound emulation.
  • Large memory: up to 8 Mbyte.
  • Full MC68000 emulation, including *all* exceptions and trace.
  • Place ROM cartridge files anywhere in memory.

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