Marcel Kilgus
"Originally QPC was only meant to emulate the old and lovely Sinclair QL, a computer based on the magnificent Motorola 68008 processor with a very advanced operating system. Today it's far more than that. It runs Tony Tebby's operating system SMSQ/E and gains from all features this offers. Some of them are for example:"

  • Highly efficient preemptive multitasking
  • Unlimited screen resolution (use the best your graphics card support)
  • Hard disc access (with a virtual hard disc file. Native DOS access is under development)
  • Floppy disc access (QDOS and MS-DOS format)
  • 4 serial and one parallel port with up to 115200 baud
  • And much more. I even added support for audio-CDs

"The emulation used is highly optimised and thus very fast (QPC's written in 100% assembler code!!!) However there are some limitations of compatibility. It cannot run directly under Win95, Win NT, OS/2 or whatever. It requires a special DOS environment to work properly. I'm thinking of native Win32 version but this can last some time."

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