by James McKay
"X128 is a Spectrum 48/128/+2/+2A/+3/Pentagon/Scorpion emulator originally developed as part of my University Honours project.

"The SAOM version requires a faster machine than the Adlib version, if your machine isn't fast enough then the output will be fuzzy. Also the SAOM version cannot autodetect the machine speed, basically, if you try to set the SAOM version to go at a speed which makes the sound fuzzy, then you are asking it to go too fast. Do not think that as a result of this, your P266 MMX will run it ridiculously fast, this is not the case, and generally, if you do have a faster machine then SAOM is the version for you.

"Also note that even though low end 486s cannot use the SAOM version without fuzzy sound, it is worth a go, just to hear the speech!"

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