"As its full name cunningly implies, zx32 is an emulator of the Sinclair ZX Spectrum range of home computers and runs on the Windowsr 95 (or Windows NT 4.00) operating system. This program and all its support software is distributed as Freeware and comes with absolutely no warranty. Refer to the Distribution Policy, for details.

"If you are looking for specific features in a Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator, chances are that zx32 will have the most basic of them. Here's a list of features that some people may find essential but this emulator lacks:"

  • Sinclair Interface I/II
  • Sinclair ZX Printer
  • 128K keypad
  • Mirage Microdrive
  • MGT Disciple/+D disk interface
  • Romantic Robot Multiface I/128
  • AMX Mouse support.
  • Implementation of undocumented Z80 flags
  • Built-in debugger/monitor.
  • Real Disk Drive/Printer/Tape support.
  • ACH, MDR, PRG, RAW, SEM, SIT, SNX, SP, SPC, ZX file format support
  • Support for 4/24/32-bit color resolutions.
  • Sound output through the C Speaker and/or an AdLib-compatible sound card.
  • Beta testers and a price tag.

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