Editor's Choice Winner!
by Zoop and Hiro-shi
Just when you thought emulation could get no farther with new technology, something comes along and reminds you how cool the old technology was. Thus, MEKA is born. Zoop has made what seems to me as the best Master System Emulator to be created yet. MEKA is a little laking in the speed area but its user interface is well beyond most emulators and sits next to Retrocade in creativity.

The GUI has different palettes to choose from so you never get board with the way it looks. There are many windows available to choose from, sprites, messages, and others. Also included in MEKA is the feature of "Easter Eggs" which are little extras hidden throughout the program. Such as games, features, and you can even play Super Mario Bros. even though Zoop is a firm believer that Nintendo sucks :)

MEKA running Cool Spot

  • Homepage: http://www.emucamp.com/meka/
  • License: Freeware & Registration
  • Released: May 18, 1999
  • Language: English
  • Platform: MS-DOS
  • Programmed in: C
  • Other: Editor's Choice Award Winner!

  1. Game Gear
  2. Master System
  3. SEGA Game 1000
  1. SEGA Computer 3000
  2. Colecovision



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