Carlos A. Lozano and Miguel Angel
"June and July of 1997 were very exciting months. Ishmair and I worked very hard to get sound in Esnes, and thanks to the help from Gary and Ishmair's great work, it was ready to be released August 6th. After we had a long vacation, we went back in September. At this moment, Nlksnes was starting to become a great emulator. You probably remember version 0.15d, which supported transparencies. I was in contact with Miguel Angel, and he had great vitality, much more than Ishmair and I, so I decided speak to him about joining the 2 emulators. Miguel Angel accepted it, so we started to work together.

"The name wasn't some problem, we simply joined the two names: NLKsnes + Esnes became NLKE. We started to work in October, so it was time to think about which things to include in NLKE from each emulator. The best feature of Nlksnes was the speed and the transparencies. Esnes's best features were the sound and the compatibility, so we have tried include it. November and December were very good months, we made great advances. Miguel Angel wrote a new line to line graphics engine, at least twice the speed of the C engine. Ishmair did some bug fixes in sound, and finished the tile to tile graphics engine, and I fixed a lot of bugs in the emulator.

"In the last days of December, we went on vacation, but when we returned our luck had changed. Ishmair left the internet in January, so the sound status was stalled. Miguel Angel and I hadn't known about it, so we continued fixing the sound. In February we had exams, so when we got time to work on NLKE again, it was March. But we had changed, and at this point our vitality was zero. It was starting to become a real problem.. We continued working for some time, but as each day passes, less time is spent working on it. Miguel Angel has started to write the transparencies code, but it isn't finished, and we aren't sure when it will be. Therefore, it isn't included in the release. In May we stopped work on NLKE, and we started to work on other proyects. Now we have exams again, so we'll have more time to work on NLKE in July. It will be some time before we decide the future of NLKE.

"Anyway, we have decided to release it now. We aren't sure about the future of the project, but we want everybody to see what we have done. It is dedicated to everybody who has written us during the last months asking about our projects, and giving us the vitality to continue working on it. Now it is yours, ENJOY IT!"

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