"In case you're wondering why I havn'y updated in a month: work, work, and more work. I've been keeping busy on my projects though; I'm nearing the first release of my Gameboy emu, GrogBoy. RSRSNes is now on hold, pending inspiration. The SNES scene is too cluttered. ZSNES has competition again with the ressurection of SNES9X (not to mention Sneese and Snemul biting at their heels), so I've lost my enthusiasm."
  • 100% ASM code, written in Turbo Assembler 5.0, uses DOS32 DPMI extender.
  • 100% of 65816 is finished (12/22/97) Pretty fast (emulates a 35mhz 65816 on my PII-266), many possible optimizations still possible. Many bugs still likely. (sigh)
  • TUI (textmode user interface) is about 90% done (12/22/97) Includes a mouse pointer that does nothing (hurray!) and nice looking windows. The TUI applies only to debug mode, which has single stepping features, memory dump, message window (key emulation events), and more. Not all are set up all the way in .20b (they are in my working copy due out next week)
  • PPU 30% Done (1/16/98) In video mode, runs SONIC.SMC, SNES9X.SMC, and dies on everything else (sometimes spectacularly). Keep in mind that the video routines thus far are from 0.10, and are a joke. They are there to let me work bugs out of my CPU core and SNES core (DMA and the like). DMA is 100% done and debugged, although I intend to write acceleration for specific cases (simple transfers to VRAM, etc).
  • I'm looking for a partner to write some GUI/TUI specific stuff, as well as the ROM loading routines. Also, anyone with SPC700 or knowledge of the DSP is welcome. I've second-drafted my SPC700 emulator, but not tested nor really debugged it. I'm also missing key info on several SPC opcodes (PCALL and TCALL, hehe) I could get them via hacking, but haven't tried yet.
  • Very complete comments in the code. I commented EVERYTHING!
  • Requires 12MB of RAM in its current incarnation; I'll probably cut this to 8MB later. 512k cache recommended, it makes a HUGE difference.

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