Savoury SnaX
"SNEeSe = Snes Emulation (For The Hell Of It)

"The source code to SNEeSe is presented here for everyones viewing pleasure, the code should not be ripped off and renamed as your own, doing so would be an act of piracy! It would also piss me off.. The emulation scene has been damaged recently with lamers trying to show off and I really don't believe that its necessary or clever.

"The code at present is 95% asm and will probably not help out people much, I am in the process of cleaning it up and converting it to C to allow other systems to port the code. The release of this code is not a final act by me, I am continuing SNEeSe development and I will continue to release the source code so long as it is of use to people." The following features are emulated and can be examined in SNEeSe's source code:

  • 254/256 opcodes implemented. (The last two are never used)
  • Memory mappings for LO and HIROM including SRAM.
  • DMA operations 0-4, and 5-7
  • Video Modes 0-7, tile flipping and palette mapping.
  • NMI interrupt running although timings may be a little out.
  • IRQ interrupt running although timings may be a little out.
  • SNES Joypads 1 & 2 are supported.
  • A 4 or 6 Button joypad can be used in place of the keyboard,
  • All hardware registers should now be done.
  • Sprites (8x8,16x16,32x32,64x64 + name/base/priority/rotation)
  • Screen Sizes 32x32,64x32,32x64 & 64x64 supported.
  • Squashing copy routine (Full picture in 320x200)
  • Background/Sprite disable/enable toggling
  • SPC processor support. Only TCALL, BRK and BCD instructions are not supported yet. Sound emulation exists for many roms.
  • Its got a gui, for those who care & a config file.
  • HDMA operations 0-4 now implemented. Absolute and indirect (NB indirect is still buggy).
  • Mouse support!

The 'to do' list of features and bug fixes is as follows:

  • Color addition/subtraction
  • Mosaic
  • Windows
  • Problem with Pushover and 'every other cart under the sun' =)

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