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"SNEmul is a brand new Super NES Emulator for the PC. Which means that this software is (in theory ;) able to run ROM-images of the SNES cartridges on your PC. In the long run, SNEmul should be a full SNES workbench with a debugger, an assembler/disassembler, and many other useful functions.

"SNEmul now implements the sound DSP. Days after days SNEmul is improving to the best SNES emulators' level. We expect to have a full-working emulation soon. We really think that you can now use SNEmul to play your favorite SNES games, really..." The following features are bragged about in SNEmul:

  • Bugs in sound emulation fixed! SNEmul plays game's music and sounds near PERFECTLY !
  • New screen renderer : SNEmul is faster than ever !
  • New auto-frame skipper : SNEmul adapts its speed real-time !
  • Sound buffering : SNEmul is faster with wavatble soundcards !
  • 'Fast Sound' option.
  • Audio outputting as .MOD
  • Transparencies
  • Sprite Editor!

Download SNEmul
SNEmul for Linux [Homepage] SNEmul for MS-DOS [Homepage]
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