by Qwertie
"SNEqr is an emulator for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES), known in some countries as the Super Famicom. So, just what is an emulator, you ask? A computer emulator is a program which can mimic the behaviour of another computer system. In the case of SNEqr, it creates a SNES "Virtual Machine" so that you can take a ROM image (taken from a SNES cartridge you own, or an identical copy of a cartridge you own) and run it on your computer.

"SNEqr does not emulate the circuitry inside the SNES. Instead, it approximates the behaviour of the system. All information about this behaviour, to the best of my knowledge, was gathered from legal sources. Although Nintendo does not disclose all information about the SNES, "pioneers" in SNES programming have discovered bits and pieces about how the SNES works (through the use of "trial and error") and the information these people discovered was used to write the emulator."


  • The most obvious one: it runs SNES games on your computer!
  • User interface: Nobody will EVER beat MY GUI!
  • Convenience: SNEqr saves game settings automatically when the program is exited, and each game can have its own
  • individual set of options. Also, games can be loaded and reloaded from the GUI or the command line.
  • A powerful, built-in cheat finder utility
  • Instant save and load lets you continue a game the instant you left off
  • Auto-backtrack automatically saves your game to memory so you can go back in time if you mess up
  • HDMA and fully line-by-line graphics engine.
  • Speed: The CPU emulator is written completely in assembly language, and part of the screen emulation is in assembly. The rest is compiled with the Watcom C++ optimizing compiler.
  • Portability: For all parts that are in assembly, there is an alternate C++ version, which can be ported to any 32-bit, low-byte-first architecture.

Limitations (Non-features)

  • Sound (SPC700 and internal DSP)
  • Sub-screen add/subtract (transparency effects)
  • Mode 7 (3Dish video mode)
  • SNES Mouse and Super Scope
  • 512-horizontal line and 480-vertical line interlaced modes (e.g. in the beginning of Secret of Mana)
  • On-cartridge chips: chips that are not part of the SNES, like the Super FX (e.g. Star Fox) and all of the DSP chips (e.g. Super Mario Kart)
  • Indirect HDMA with Windowing.

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