Urban Nilsson and Christian Gyrling
"This Project is a follow up to USNES wich was coded in 1996. TheSE was started from scratch in the beginning of February '98. No old USNES code is used. TheSE is programmed in DJGPP but the emulation part is written in NASM. This Emulator is, as USNES was, in the early stages of development and has yet no optimization. But it is already PRETTY FAST and NOT like USNES."

"We have desided to discontinue TheSE! There isn't much more to do on SNES emulation than SNES9X, ZSNES and SNEMul allready have implemented or is about to implement. With the release of the Snes9x source we desided to stop programming TheSE (at least for now). TheSE ver 0.14 was never finished. Therfor we release TheSE ver 0.14 BETA as our last version."


  • The complete 65c816 instruction set
  • Mode 0 - 7 (no Mode7 FX yet!)
  • Horisontal & Vertical Scrolling
  • Palettes Stuff
  • Scanline-based Redraw
  • Silent SPC700 emulation
  • Full VRAM/CGRAM/OAM/WRAM support
  • Screensizes 32x32, 32x64, 64x32, 64x64
  • General DMA, Channels 0 - 7, Modes 0 - 4
  • LoROM and HiROM support
  • 8x8 and 16x16 tiles
  • Sprites 8x8, 16x16, 32x32, 64x64
  • SPC700 Emulation (no sound output!)
  • SPC Skipper (Needs some work!)
  • SRAM support
  • Header detection
  • NTSC/PAL detection
  • HDMA (Not implemented in the line by line engine!)
  • Correct Sprite Priority (with some reservations)
  • Correct Background Priority (with some reservations)

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