Virtual SuperMagicom
by Chris George aka The Brain
Support is completely gone for this emulator. After Chris George suddenly crippled the 'freeware' Super Nintendo emulator and slapped a price tag on it, the fans who had supported Chris's crusade to provide the world with free Super Nintendo emulation left. After making it commercial, Chris George refunded everyone and disappeared.

Guess what? Aquis, Lost Soul, Zophar, myself, and a select few others have had my hacked copy since since March 1997 courtesy of Lost Soul and myself =).

<Infe> TB: I have to ask, do you think that the vsmc os disks can't be pirated? I see no use for vsmc having its own os <Samoan> tb: the dmf format of microsoft disks was supposed to be uncopiable, what makes you think that people won't figure out how to copy vsmc? <The_Brain> infe: FOR THE LAST TIME.. the VSMC O/S disks CANNOT be copied.. No RAW copier works, no hardware-based $10,000 duplicator works. <IceWizard> The: i bet i can copy them <The_Brain> samoan: Because I've _TRIED_ myself. I've had my friends try. I've had ppl with hardware duplicators try. <IceWizard> TB: i *KNOW* i can <IceWizard> TB: everyone has the right to make *1* copy of any software they buy for backup (archival) purposes <The_Brain> icewizard: <GRIN> ... You go ahead and try, then. <IceWizard> TB: =-0 <Davey79> tb : exactly, how can you keep a disk from being copied? I don't understand why a raw copy of sectors wouldn't work. <The_Brain> icewizard: ... No, they don't have that right.

Have fun with the release officially made by Archaic Ruins. Read README.TXT for a better explanation of the hacking that happened. Boo goes to Vertigo 2099 for distributing a fake VSMC '98 that was made from this and not cleaning up after April Fools with a real release. A fake hack of this has been going around for 2 months before this addition to AR.

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