SVI 318/328 Emulator
Jimmy Mardell
"The SVI-318/328 emulator (for DOS) emulates an SVI-318 or SVI-328 system. So what is an SVI-3x8?? Well, it could be described as a pre-MSX, as it's very similiar to the MSX1. If you want to know more about the SVI, check out Tomas Karlssons excellent page, the Unofficial Spectravideo Homepage. On the page you will not only find history, technical information, but a lot of great, classic Spectravideo games!

"The current version of the emulator is 0.3. It emulates the basic SVI system, a tape recorder and RAM expansion cards. Missing things includes floppy support, 80 column card and RS 232 interface. The sound support ain't very great either; only SB is supported, and the settings must be able to be autodetected."

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