Model 1/3 Emulator
Matthew Reed
"My Model 1/3 emulator, TRS.EXE, is a very complete and easy-to-use TRS-80 emulation for PC compatibles. Here are some of version 1.10's more notable features:"
  • Everything is written in 100% assembly language for maximum speed and accurate emulation. The emulator actually slightly exceeds real TRS-80 speed on a 16 MHz 386SX! On faster machines, the emulator automatically senses machine speeds and operates as close to real TRS-80 speed as possible, but you can always adjust emulator speed up or down as you prefer
  • The emulator provides up to four double-sided, double-density, 80-track virtual disk drives. These drives can be mapped to single or double-density disk images, or they can be mapped to your PC disk drives. This means that if your PC is equipped with the right size disk drive, and if its disk controller is capable enough, you can read and write TRS-80 disks right from within the emulator -- just as if you were using a real TRS-80!
  • The Model 1 portion of the emulator can emulate either Percom or Radio Shack doublers -- or both at the same time!
  • If you're using Model 1 or 3 LDOS, the emulator now provides support for a virtual hard disk (up to 13 Mb)!
  • A "FORMAT" program and hard disk driver are included in the emulator package.
  • The emulator now provides an emulated hardware clock! You never have to answer a date or time prompt again.
  • The emulator keyboard can now be set to the TRS-80 layout, the PC layout, or the German layout.
  • TRS-80 sound can be routed through the PC speaker or (for better quality) a SoundBlaster compatible sound card. (It can also be turned off altogether.)
  • The TRISSTICK and Alpha Products joystick are emulated through the use of a PC joystick. This means that if you have a joystick installed on your PC, you can use it to play all your old joystick-aware TRS-80 games.
  • Printer output can be filtered to convert TRS-80 style carriage returns to PC style carriage return/linefeed combinations.
  • Now you can use your old TRS-80 applications to print with your PC printer -- without flipping DIP switches.
  • Screen colors are completely adjustable. If you would like your Model 1 screen to have white letters on a blue background, all you have to do is make a menu choice.

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