Ron Fries
"The current release of 0.1 is a beta test release. All of the features contained in it are fully functional. The main reason it is a beta test release is that it still needs user feedback. Please feel free to make comments about features you would like to have added. Also, if there are any features that you either don't like or find hard to use, please make suggestions on those as well."

The following are present in TRSF-80:

  • 48K CPU with Z-80 microprocessor
  • Expansion Interface (currently only floppy drive emulation)
  • 4 80-track single-sided disk drives
  • Lowercase and numeric keypad upgrade
  • Audio support of TRS-80 cassette audio output through Sound Blaster
The following are not present in TRSF-80:

  • Emulation of RS-232 COM Port
  • Emulation of Printer
  • Emulation of Expansion Interface 40Hz clock interrupt
  • User-Configurable keyboard layout
  • Snapshot control
  • Write-protected disks
  • Creation of new unformatted disks

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