Virtual CoCo
Phil Stroffolino
"This TRS-80 Color Computer emulator was written by Phil Stroffolino. It supports almost all graphic modes, sound effects, cassettes, and cartridge PAK-based CoCo software. This emulator has become the premiere Color Computer emulator, as the author updates frequently and is always adding new features." -

The following are known problems with Virtual CoCo:

  • Video is reportedly still slower (than in v0.8) for some users, unfortunately
  • The BREAK key and SHIFT+@ are not currently handled
  • The PLAY command has a glitch between octaves 2 and 3 (most likely a 6809 bug)
  • Interrupt handling is not 100% accurate
  • Timing problems in some games (i.e. Rail Runner)
  • LLIST does not output newlines to printer.out
  • The Mac cursor should be made invisible when over the CoCo window
  • Tape writing and saving is temporarily disabled
  • The file type for .CAS, .DSK, and .PAK files must be manually set (see the documentation)

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