Nintendo emulation = NESticle! April 2, 1997 -- the day that NESticle arrived. The emulation state of the NES was pitiful in comparison to what NESticle offers. interNES v0.6, circulating the Internet piracy scene was NOTHING compared to NESticle. Everything has sucked in comparison to NESticle. What took others months to do, took NESticle two weeks. Welcome to the new generation of NES emulation!



Direct-X Famicom Emulator (DX)
PasoFami (Windows 3.1/95/DX)

Direct-X Famicom Emulator (Windows '95/Direct-X)

Kami's Direct-X NES Emulator has not been updated for quite a time. Similar to PasoFami, PRG/CHR format is used, but unfortunately, compatibility is quite low.

Famicom v0.2 English (Windows 3.1) Famicom is a great NES emulator for two reasons: speed and sound! Famicom uses real NES sound as opposed to interNES's terrible FM Synthesis. The price tag on Famicom is also non-existant, which places this with NESA for popular freeware emulators. Unfortunately, a file format (.FAM) exclusive to Famicom is required which will inconvenience most people including myself.

interNES v0.6 (Linux/Unix/X) interNES is Marat's most popular emulator yet! interNES is available only in compiled distributions for FreeBSD, Linux (ELF and AOUT), Solaris, and OSF1. Since there are so many different distributions available, Archaic Ruins does not have the Unix versions available. See the interNES homepage for the unlisted versions.

interNES v0.6.1 (MacOS) interNES for the Macintosh, although without the "Plus" tag, has been compiled using MrC, and has the incredible speed that John Stiles's emulators are now known for!

interNES v0.5 (Windows 95) The last shareware release of interNES for Marat Fayzullan to ever be available has much increased the circulation of Internet piracy of his current interNES v0.6r (Distributed as interNES v0.6n - Neutered). This version is many times slower than interNES v0.6r Windows (About 150%+ slower), and is much outdated.

LandyNES v0.1 (Prerelease "Stupid" version) (MS-DOS) The "stupid" version of LandyNES was released six months ago, and the actual release of LandyNES is yet to be released. Playing only simple games up to mapper 1 and using the PRG/CHR format (In ROM/VID extensions), LandyNES "Stupid" version is quite useless.

NES ButtonIBM Key

NESA v0.17 (MS-DOS) NESA is an incredibly small emulator that was coded in pure Assembly language. A series of emulators that have similar characteristics have been released like A26 and many of the other emulators on Paul's support web page. Full source is also available on the Nintendo Source Code page.

NESticle v0.21 (MS-DOS / Win95/DX) NESticle = the ultimate in NES emulation. Download it. I cannot even begin to explain it. Its like a real NES. It has real NES sound. Its the real thing.

PasoFami v2.6b, v2.8a, v1.1a DX (Windows 3.1/95/Direct-X) Nobuaki's Nintendo emulator series is similar to his Super Nintendo Emulator series (Super PasoFami) in that they are all quite buggy and have a strange compatibility list. PasoFami v2.6b and v2.8a have very little between them, except that v2.8a cannot be cracked, while v2.6b can and has. The Direct-X version is a very simplified version that has a ROM Limit, but multitasks quite well.

qNES (MS-DOS) qNES promises to be the FASTEST Freeware NES emulator in existance! Written in pure ASM and running under DOS32, this is one hot item to look out for!

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