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Emulator Authors - No one truly knows how difficult and tedious writing an emulator can be unless he has written an emulator himself. The authors on the pages linked from here have spent an incredible amount of time to provide the emulation scene with hours of retro-gaming!

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Major Contributers - You don't have to have made an emulator, make translations, or write software for emulation to be a big part of emulation. Many of the key people in emulation provide help and information at their own expense, but have not written their own software.

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Major ROM Hackers / Translators - For those of us who don't know Japanese (who doesn't know Japanese -- sheesh! :-), there are a slew of ROM translators who spend great amounts of time translating games for our enjoyment. Although usually useless, there are also a collection of incredible ROM Hackers who have provided us with useful ROM Hacks, or found ways to get certain ROMs to actually work!

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Web Page Maintainers - Dave's Classics, Archaic Ruins, Node 99, EmuNEWS, Emu XPress, Zophar's Domain, all of these sites have contributed to emulation greatly, but who are the people behind these sites?

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Submition Form - If you want to download the form to fill out for being added to the database, you may obtain it here. You do have to have some accomplishments to be admitted. For some, this is an easy rule, yet others may not be qualified.
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