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Jeremy D. Chadwick alias Y0SHi

Nov. 24th, 1997 @ Little Rock, Arkansas
Current Employment:
UNIX System/Network/Security Administration
High School Graduated:
Did not graduate.
College Graduated:
Did not attend college.

Favorite Movie:
The Prophecy
Favorite Television Show:
Favorite Musician(s):
Joy Electric, MxPx, Beck
Favorite Song:
Joy Electric Land
Favorite Sport:
Ice Hockey
Favorite Store:
One that carries NES carts/DD>
Favorite Country/State to Visit:
California, USA
Favorite Expression:
"P is for Promise, and that's good enough for me."

Favorite Computer Game:
Hexen II
Favorite Video Game:
Wai Wai World (Konami World)
Computer Preference (Mac, IBM-PC, Amiga, etc.):
Computers Owned:
Six IBM-PCs, three Apple IIGSes
Consoles Owned:
Atari 2600/7800, NES, SNES, Genesis, PSX
First Console:
Atari 2600
First Computer:
Apple II
Computer Languages Known:
x86/65xxx/PIC16C84 ASM, Perl, Pascal

Contribution(s) to Emulation:
SNES Documentation, NES Documentation, TRaCER, qNES (R.I.P.)

Miscellaneous Comments:
As Trepalium once said: All generalizations have exceptions, even this one.

-- | Jeremy Chadwick | | System/Network/Security Administrator | | ICQ #6279222 "P is for Promise, and that's good enough for me." |
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