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Luke Daniel Sneeringer alias Dr. Light (or DocLight)
Current Employment:
  • Voluntary Audio/Video Technician for Great Hills Christian School
  • Voluntary Audio/Video Technician for Great Hills Baptist Church (Youth Group)
High School Graduated:
Attending Great Hills Christian School, Austin, Texas
College Graduated:
Who knows? Wheaton, hopefully...

Favorite Movie:
Got me. Star Wars, maybe?? I don't watch many movies.
Favorite Television Show:
Babylon 5
Favorite Musician(s):
BreakAway (bet you've never heard of 'em!)
Favorite Song:
One of the ~100 we sing at youth group. =)
Favorite Sport:
Uh--does Four Square count?
Favorite Store:
It'll be H-E-B if I can get a job there...
Favorite Country/State to Visit:
Not a clue.
Favorite Expression:
Varies. =)

Favorite Computer Game:
Star Wars Rebellion
Favorite Video Games:
Final Fantasy III and the Mega Man series
Computer Preference (Mac, IBM-PC, Amiga, etc.):
IBM-PC (without question)
Computers Owned:
Pentium 75, SVGA Monitor (with 3DFX card), 80MB RAM, 1.2 GB Hard Drive
(c'mon, I want a P2-2xx so bad...)
Consoles Owned:
First Console:
Nintendo (I still have it!)
First Computer:
IBM-PC 80286, EGA monitor, 1MB RAM, 40 MB Hard Drive
Computer Languages Known:
BASIC, C++, Delphi (still learning), Java, JavaScript, Pascal

Contribution(s) to Emulation:
I'm the manager of Archaic Ruins, as well as the author of the MM5GFX patch, which I've pretty much abandoned.

Miscellaneous Comments:
Chris, what exactly is this entry for?? =)
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