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Tomas P. Guinan alias Toma
Current Employment:
Stock boy
High School Graduated:
CEC Grade 11
College Graduated:

Favorite Movie:
I dunno.
Favorite Television Show:
Monty Python
Favorite Musician(s):
Jars of Clay
Favorite Song:
Favorite Sport:
Favorite Store:
I dunno.
Favorite Country/State to Visit:
My house.
Favorite Expression:
lalala, bwahaha, nyaha, hehehe, etc.

Favorite Computer Game:
Zzt! yeah!
Favorite Video Game:
Sumo Wrestling! Yeah!
Computer Preference (Mac, IBM-PC, Amiga, etc.):
Computers Owned:
P166 MMX, 486 DX2/66, IBM XT, IBM PS/2, Some weird little 286...
Consoles Owned:
Pong System, NES, 3 Gameboys, Super Nintendo
First Console:
Pong System Thingy
First Computer:
486 DX2/66
Computer Languages Known:

Contribution(s) to Emulation:
Sumo Wrestling translation! Gwaha!

Miscellaneous Comments:
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