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Although we most certainly are not ABC News, we do are best to cover the various emulation-related press releases (including our own) that seem to keep popping up out there! You'll find a collection of the most recent ones here.

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Last Updated -
Dec. 23, 1998; 11:30pm

[December 23, 1998]
[11:30pm] I'm sure lots of people are wondering what the deal is with this site and why it is not regularly updated anymore. Well, the truth is, that I have little free time right now and I really am not interested in wasting the little free time I do have updating a web site. (I can think of at least 10 things I would rather do). Anyway, this same reason is why Chris no longer updates the site. I have an idea though; one that may save this site from disappearing like many other sites have over the ages.

We need a staff here at Archaic Ruins. It has been far too long since there has been a number of people running this site. From what I gather through my email conversations with Chris, he no longer has the time nor the interest in keeping up with emulation or maintaining this site. There has been hints made by him to give me the site. But I feel this site will always be his masterpiece and his creation and therefor his to own. Whether he works on it or not, it's still Chris's site. For that reason his name will always remain on these pages here.

So, on to my purpose. Since I am now in charge of the site and solely running it. I am recruiting a staff to help me with the many duties of the site. I need people to maintain just about every section here. We need updaters of every kind; ones who update emulator releases (a few of these people), ones who update utilities, translations, interviewers, site lists, and anyone willing to help out with normal everyday updates of miscellaneous news, URL changes and any other news that should be noted. What I'm talking here is a large staff which will take individuals who can work in a team-like matter and be organized in the way they do things. I need a group effort to save this site.

Requirements are simple (I think), you must know the following things:

  • edit html (in dos edit or notepad only)
  • ability to use proper english and spelling (a must in Chris's eyes)
  • must know about different operating systems (MS-DOS, Linux, Unix, Win9x...)
  • must know the format of the site
  • any other little tidbits will be given to each person who applies, dependant upon what they are asking to do.
Needless to say, the site will remain scarcely updated until I have a full staff working here. I will do what I can to cover major things but I still work all day and have little time as it is. I hope I get a good response from this effort. Archaic Ruins is a long standing emulation site and it would be a shame to keep watching it wither away like it is. --Roni

Please include your email address, name and what you are applying for in the email and you will be contacted upon reciept with information regarding the specifics of the job.

Send all applications to Roni.

[December 14, 1998]
[5:00pm] I noticed that we are nearing 300,000 visitors according to the counter above. If anyone happens to be that person and notice take a screen shot and send it on in! Put your name on it and we'll congratulate you the only way I know how, by saying thank you and throwing millions of dollars at you, (just kidding). But you will get mentioned on the page. The counter doesn't change as you go through the site so you will have the same number no matter what page you are on. So there is no reason to forget and not send us a picture. (Sorry I can't offer you a SoundBlaster Live! card like some sites are doing :) Be back soon with today's first update.

[December 13, 1998]
[9:00pm] If you are one of the select few who are wondering what happened here, let me explain. You see I was going about my daily things (checking mail, surfing sites, comparing news, etc.) when I checked my mail
for my website, which for those of you who don't know, is a NES ROM site. Now, lately I haven't put in but a smattering of effort here and there to the site. But I got mail that moved me enough to do something to the site. Mail from a true fan. That is something I never get for this site. And getting something like that for one of my own creations is a real touching thing. So, in the long run the person is now on my staff for my site and is going to run a feature for me. So it took a few days to set up stuff for him and get it going. Now everything should be back to normal again here and my updating will resume. Thank you, Zoop, for noticing (about AR).

These programs came out while I wasn't paying attention:

  • HU6280 v1.84 Beta (MS-DOS)
  • Ultra64 v0.2d (Win9x)
  • z26 v1.22 (MS-DOS)
  • Stella v1.0 (AcornOS) (Irix) (Linux) (Solaris)
  • SNES9x v1.15 (Linux- libc5 version)

    If there is anything else I missed, e-mail me, and LET ME KNOW! Very few emu authors e-mail me and let me know they put something new out.

    BTW, I did do a lot of updating to the arcade section a few days ago. I even put up Retrocade v1.10!

    [December 08, 1998]
    [4:00am] Well, after many hours of slave laboring and still not even being close to finishing my project to fix up this site, I have made a decision. I am going to re-open Archaic Ruins. Tomorrow, I will begin uploading the things I have done to the site, (which is most of the arcade section). After that it will be the usual updates of daily news and in my free time I will go about fixing up all the things which need to be done. Expect that to move very slow. So, there it is, we're back and working again. Chaos in my daytime now starts.

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