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New emulators, level editors, hacking utilities, and home made ROMs are continually released; each slowly becomes faster and more complete. As competition is heavy, new programs are released daily! Check here often for a comprehensive listing of new programs and updated features!

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Archaic Ruins Staff

Chris Hickman
The Lost Soul of the Owner and Founder

Absent-Minded Graphic Artist

ICQ#: 6752564 Luke Sneeringer
Missing in Action

Jay Lanagan
Our Saviour

Foreign Minister

Staff Page


Loose Talk
Archaic Articles - Interview with Loopy added!
OK, well it took over a month to do but I got an interview with Loopy. Done through e-mail a while ago and returned recently to me. I planned to put it up when the new beta came out but I had to work so I updated the beta and the page, plus the interview, enjoy! (Anyone else notice that this site keeps changing more and more each day?)

Super Nintendo Emulator - ZSNES press release! (MS-DOS)
"Here are some features to expect in the next version: (The first 2 has already been announced for those who missed it)

  • Sound Interpolation
  • .ZIP Support (C Version/within GUI only)
  • Emulation speed ups (although sound interpolation slowed things down so it might not be much faster, but you can always disable it)
  • Several MMX optimisations
  • Several Sound Fixes
  • Longer Cheat Descriptions (18 characters now)
For the good news, I just finished one of my midterms last Friday and I won't be getting another one in approximately 2 weeks so I will be working on ZSNES until it's time for me to study again. -zsKnight"

New Releases
Arcade Emulator - Raine v0.22 released! (MS-DOS)
Adds these new games: Bomb Jack Twin, Thunder Dragon, Thunder Dragon Bootleg, Omega Fighter, Atomic Robokid, Puzznic, Insector X, Silent Dragon, Pop'n Pop, Chase HQ and Chase HQ Japanese. Plus there are many, many bug fixes and optimisations included in v0.22.

Genesis Emulator - DGen v1.0.9c released! (MacOS)

Nintendo - LoopyNES Beta 6-6-99 released! (MS-DOS)
  • new & improved sound (I hope)
  • built-in mini NSF player
  • SNSS support updated yet again
  • mapper 9 fixed

On the Web...
Site List Updates - Site List

MONDAY, JUNE 7, 1999

New Releases
Multi-Emulator - DarcNES 99/06/06 released! (Unix)
  • Cleaned up the z80 memory interface.
  • Fixed another problem with the 6280 disassembler.
  • Started reorganizing the NES PPU.
  • Fixed a minor problem with the PCE mmap initializer.
  • Added a debug message for writes to PCE rom.
  • Added some hooks for PCE cd support.
  • Cleaned up the PCE memory write handler.
  • Rewrote the joypad interface to allow for future expansion.
  • Added second joypad support to the NES driver (this will not work until someone adds support to the video/ui drivers).

New Additions
Amstrad CPC Emulator - Arnold v1.0 Preview added! (MacOS)

SUNDAY, JUNE 6, 1999

New Releases
Commodore 64 Emulator - ComeBack 64 Alpha 1 released! (Java)
NES Emulator - NEStra v0.63 released! (Linux)
  • Mapper 7 (RARE/AOROM) support
  • More support for self-modifying code
  • Cleaned up the memory allocation a bit
  • Save games can be stored in $HOME/.nestra/

Site Fixes
Snes9x v1.19 Build 36 link fixed! (Win9x)


Loose Talk
Arcade Emulator - Raine press release! (MS-DOS)
"This is the update that many Raine fans are waiting for...here are two pages of pics from Chase H.Q. US and Japanese version by Taito. We are still working on it, so there are a few things to fix. BTW, anybody out there has pics of the original arcade game? Please mail them to Mario Silva.

Other new features in Raine: A nice adjustable autofire option, crc rom checking and also some graphic improvements in the GUI and...it's enough for today."

Super Nintendo Emulator - ZSNES home page moved! (MS-DOS)
And in other SNES news, the ZSNES page has been moved and updated stating a new release is coming up. The new link is above.

Simplenet's Definition of Unlimited Web Space
When choosing a provider, remember that unlimited web space is always a relative term. When Jay was updating a little while ago he encountered a magical error message alerting him that our account has reaching its maximum. Needless to say, I took off over 50MB of contraband such as Zelda 64, Goldeneye, StarFox 64, and my Smashing Pumpkins VIVOs. When you allow many users access to an FTP, weird things appear. When you have unlimited space, you tend to not care. When your unlimited space ends, I begin to care and weird things disappear :)

Node 99 has been preserved!
Zophar's Domain now hosts an archive of Node99! Similar to Archaic Ruins's own archive of Damaged Cybernetics, Node 99 and dC represent the golden age of emulation and were two extremely important information sites that were visited daily by thousands. Zophar has done a wonderful job restoring Node99! :)

New Releases
Apple ][ Emulator - KEGS v0.51 released! (Unix)
  • Fixed many bugs that crept into scanline interrupts over the last few months.
  • RAM size is now settable on the commandline: -mem 0x400000 will use a 4MB expansion RAM card (giving you 4.25MB of memory with ROM 01).
  • VBL time used to be a variable (which was wrong)--it's now always the same number of cycles.
  • Typo preventing joystick_driver.c from compiling fixed.
  • Auto senses X visual depth, searching for 8 bit, then 15 bit, then 24, then 16 bit visuals. Can still override this with commandline.

Atari 5200 Emulator - Xformer '98 now freeware! (Win9x)
Atari ST Emulator - Gemulator '98 Atari ST only now freeware! (Win9x)
Macintosh Disk Converter - Gemulator Explorer '98 now freeware! (Win9x)

New Additions
Amstrad CPC Emulator - Arnold 03/12/99 added! (Win9x)
Amstrad CPC Emulator - CaPriCe v0.05b added! (MS-DOS)
Amstrad CPC Emulator - CPCEMU v1.5 added! (MS-DOS)
Amstrad CPC Emulator - WinApe v1.5b added! (MS-DOS)
Amstrad CPC Emulator - YAGE v0.91 added! (MS-DOS)
Super Nintendo Emulator - Snes9x v1.19 Build 36 released! (Win9x)
A new release for you Windows users of Snes9x is out after a LONG time of skipped releases. Anyway, it's now brought up to date with the other ports of Snes9x.

On the Web...
The Video Game and Emulation Emporium site moved!
The VGEE has moved to Emulation Camp (another site I work at) and the link in the link page has been changed to reflect this move. Also fixed a problem which explains why I haven't recieved any e-mails in months reguarding the links pages. My e-mail address was the wrong one. A bad link on the link page, sort of funny really.


New Releases
Master System Emulator - brSMS v1.21 released! (MS-DOS)
In the changes file this release is dubbed a "secret release", but I didn't think it was that hard to find, except that the link on the site was bad for a day and ricardo fixed it after I notified him, anyway here's what's new in v1.21:
  • fixed a problem in video cache (CV "Artillery Duel","Tapper" are faster)
  • added "-res 8" (512x384x15 with 2xSaI engine)
  • added an auto-framerate renderer
  • added a fps counter on the 7th bar of the "-cpugraph"
  • improved Z80 initialization (SMS "Shadow Dancer")
  • support to 6Mbit games (SMS "Street Fighter 2'")
  • fixed a minor border bug in the intro of GG "Power Strike 2"
  • improved lightgun support (SMS "Rambo 3")


Loose Talk
OK, boys and girls...
Well, that day I updated I worked until 1:00am and got home tired as hell. So needless to say I didn't update. And then Sunday I worked all day too, yesterday was my day of rest and relaxation playing Neutopia 2 on my TG16. What fun!!

New Releases
Genesis Emulator - DGen v1.10 released! (Win9x)
Genesis Emulator - DGen v1.09 Source released!
Genesis Emulator - DGen v1.0.9a released! (MacOS)
Here's what's new in the Windows version:
  • Medley mode: let's you automatically play sound tests in sequence.
    Not interested? Simple - don't bother downloading! :)
  • Display off option
  • did anyone have a crash under NT? is it fixed in 1.10?
  • auto_saveload is off by default now, since it's a little bit cheeky to save 130k files to people's disk without asking :-)

THURSDAY, MAY 27, 1999

Commodore 64
Come Back 64 Beta 1 added! (Win9x)

Game Gear / Master System / Nintendo / TurboGrafx 16
DarcNES 05/25/99 released! (Linux / MS-DOS)
  • Fixed some problems with the 6280 disassembler (not that this affects much).
  • Added TDD instruction to 6280 core.
  • Fixed decimal mode on asm 6502 core.
  • Fixed PCE SF2CE extended rom stuff (obi-wan error).
  • Added a diagnostic check for a null pointer when reading pce memory.
  • Fixed some PCE v-scroll problems (created some new ones while I was at it).
  • Fixed some PCE background color problems (some games are looking a lot better).
  • Added PCE sprite priority control (now sprites can go behind the background).

Basilisk II v0.5 build 63 released! (Win9x)
  • Mouse should be more responsive now.
  • Fixed a problem: changes in parameter RAM were not saved if they were changed within the last minute before shutting down.
  • Thread priorities adjusted.
  • Thread priorities can now be customized in the GUI.

For older news dating back to the year of 1997, visit the Old News Archive.

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