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Contained here is our 'morgue', so to speak, of past updates. Some links may work, some may not. The purpose of providing you with this history of releases is purely for your entertainment (and so that you can bet your friends money that certain emulators are really that old).

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June 30, 1998
Archaic Ruins
¤ Emulator Section rehaul complete!
It's finally finished! Archaic Ruins' emulator section is now 260 pages in size with more information, more emulators, new rankings, and even more room for more improvement! Expect to see screenshots added by Luke and other neat things in the future! :) FYI, Archaic Ruins by itself is 461 pages in size. There are 123 pages of time capsules, which means that Archaic Ruins hosts 583 pages in all!

Atari 800/5200
¤ Atari 800 v2.1 released! (Win9x)
  • The SIO patch option is now configurable on the fly; it doesn't reboot the machine. Besides the hardware dialog you can flip it with F11.
  • Hardware dialog was reworked to display better on ModeX screens. Antic dialog is gone; its contents are on the Hardware dialog now.
  • Now using better artifacting code from Perry (text mode still doesn't work)
  • Volume will not be set on MMsystems that can't handle it (what's up with THAT anyway? Seems to be true for ancient SoundBlasters. Ugh). Volume slider will be disabled on these systems.
  • Fixed SKSTAT handler (could cause missing keystrokes, missed reads of SHIFT)
  • Any nagging sound initialization problems people were having should be fixed.
  • Added 48Khz sound output. Most sound cards probably don't support this; and the WaveOut functions can NOT check for this capability ahead of time, so be prepared for it to fail. It really rocks on my SoundBlaster PCI64 though; makes a huge difference for disk access noises and high frequency stuff.
  • Joystick dialog differentiates between "none" and "keypad". Keypad can only be assigned to one port, and should always work. On 101 keyboards the arrow keys WILL work as Atari arrow keys regardless of keypad setting. I'm doing it the pristine MSoft way now; so if it still doesn't work on your keyboard, well, sue Bill Gates or something.
  • Woohoo! Autoduel works! Use 130XE, SIO patch off, and you'll want to have F8 (full speed) most of the time. One of the best games ever out of Origin.
  • Took out the internal Atari UI until it can be reworked. Too fugly with the first quicky attempt; and besides it doesn't do anything the Win UI doesn't.
  • Joystick button 2 (if available) flips between full and regular speed (same as keyboard F8). Button 3 pauses/unpauses (keyboard F9). Button 4 flips the SIO patch (keyboard F11). Yes, I will make these configurable later on.
  • Pausing the emulator now shades the screen 50%.
  • Reorganized CPU code for both (slight) speed and size improvement.
  • Fixed SIO bug in drive status (DCOMND 0x53).

Atari ST
¤ TOSBOX v1.05 bug found!
The author of TOSBOX has stated that TOSBOX v1.06 will be released soon becuase TOSBOX v1.05 won't run under plain DOS. Watch Archaic Ruins for further developments.

¤ FUSION-PC v1.1 added! (Win9x)

¤ xNES v0.51 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Added joystick support (4 buttons)
  • Encapsulated xnes.dat (palette file);
  • New resolutions, with auto detection of graphic device driver;
  • The emulator doesn't crash if an error occur with initialising graphics;
  • Primitive GUI removed to be improved;
  • Some changed in messages.

¤ Sope v0.01 added! (Linux)

TurboGrafx 16
¤ Hu6280 v1.61 released! (MS-DOS)
Fixes a major bug that caused most games to quit working.

June 29, 1998
¤ Retrovaders v1.02 released! (MS-DOS)

¤ Wine v980628 released! (Unix/X)
  • Common controls improvements.
  • Win16 DLL snooping.
  • Perliminary internal Postscript driver.
  • Improved DIB section handling.
  • Lots of bug fixes.

Site List
¤ Zelda: Link to the Past online clone added!

Turbo Grafx 16
¤ Hu6280 v1.60 released! (MS-DOS)
    Changes from V1.50 Beta to V1.60 Beta 30/6/98 Added rom banking code, and as a result Street Fighter II Championship Edition now runs ok! Sped up sound emulation ALOT.

June 28, 1998
Atari 2600
¤ z26 v1.06 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Elegant new design for CPU emulation.
  • All opcode handlers are now generated with macros.
  • Instruction timing is now blended into the address calculation.
  • Optimized decimal arithmetic and ARR routines a bit.
  • Adjusted timing of some TIA writes.
  • Improved games:
    • digdug.bin and fantcvoy.bin have better graphics.
    • nghtmare.bin and reactor.bin are stable.

¤ Virtual Gameboy v1.0.1 released! (MacOS)

¤ BrMSX v1.136 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Lots of missing MSX keys were added, including the brazilian "Ç" (mapped in the End key)
  • Support to more undocumented features of VDP (bits 0 and 1 of VDP(4) and bits 6 and 5 of VDP(3)). Now you can play "Thing Bounces Back" and run "LIKE without graphic bugs.
  • Support to MegaROM Mapper #4 ("Valis");
  • Support to 8×8 sprites, used in "LIKE", "Jundra", "Alcazar", and a few others.
  • New command on debugger "U dddd", to change the address of the disassembler.
  • New command on debugger "E dddd xx", to edit a single byte of MSX memory.
  • Fixed a minor bug in the "clocks left" section of the debugger
  • Huge User's Manual available in both English and Portuguese.

TurboGrafx 16
¤ Hu6280 v1.50+ released! (MS-DOS)

June 27, 1998
¤ Callus v0.42 Link fixed. (MS-DOS / Win9x)
¤ MAME v0.33b6 (Source) Link fixed. (MS-DOS)

¤ AmiGameboy v0.90b released! (AmigaOS)
A new Freeware AmiGameBoy beta version released.

¤ vMac v0.1.9a released! (MacOS)

Nintendo 64
¤ TrueReality v0.1.0 released! (Linux)
It is not perfect working but that is a display problem. There are screenshots included in the source. This is version 0.1.0 of TrueReality.

Sinclair QL
¤ QLAY v0.88 released! (MS-DOS / Win9x)
New in 0.88 (980626): International keyboard support: US, UK, GE, FR, IT. WIN1_ till WIN8_. Recognize WIN1_BOOT boot file. Quick start installation: download, unzip, and 'start/run' qlay. Bug fixes and other small changes.

New in 0.88 (980626): International keyboard support: US, UK, GE, FR, IT. Configuration setup dialog for option settings. WIN1_ till WIN8_. Recognize WIN1_BOOT boot file. Quick start installation: download, unzip, and 'start/run' qlayw. Supports any screen size or display mode, direct boot, mouse.

¤ QPC v1.43 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Support for direct WIN to screen copies like LBYTES win1_x,SCR_BASE
  • Support for removeable drives. If auto-detect fails there's the WIN_REMV command.
  • WIN_DRIVE and WIN_DRIVE$ commands to switch to other QXL.WIN files
  • *** Needs at least SMSQ/E V2.89

TurboGrafx 16
¤ Hu6280 v1.50 released! (MS-DOS)
** NEW 27/6/98 HU6280 V1.50 Beta NOW WITH FULL SOUND SUPPORT **

June 24, 1998 - Catching up day
¤ CAGE v1.07 released! (Win95)
  • Added display of frame rate to title bar.
  • Fixed ROM reading to open files as READ_ONLY. Some have reported problems reading ROM files because CAGE was trying to access them as READ/WRITE.
  • Squeezed another 10% of speed out of Ms. Pac-Man & Pac-Man.
  • Crush Roller now works; the problem was that it uses undocumented Z80 instructions which I had not previously implemented.
  • Added support for Galaxians; sound not implemented yet.
  • Tweaked Z80 ASM code for even more speed. Now PacMan runs at 650-700 frames per second on my P233. Space invaders goes at 1100-1500 fps.
  • Added support for reading from zipped ROMS; thanks to Brian Levine for providing the source code.
  • Rewrote inner loop timing logic to make use of the high resolution timer. This means that 60fps really is 60 instead of 62 or 58.
  • Fixed some of the sounds on Joust - the 6808 was executing code in zero page RAM which was not accounted for by my 6800 emulator.
  • Fixed hiscore save/restore on PacMan, Crush Roller, Ms. PacMan
  • Rewrote the load/save game functions to work properly. Now you can load or save a game (up to 5) at any time by pressing F1 to load or F2 to save.
  • Added joystick support to all games.
  • Added option to use my software stretchblt routine when running windowed at 2X scale and without DirectX. On some machines, my code is faster than the Windows GDI.
¤ DTMNT v0.41 released! (MS-DOS)
  • After getting deafened everytime I hit something metal, I've put in a sound code remapper, which by default changes the louder hissing-type sounds (which obviously aren't properly emulated!) into other quieter ones!
  • Samples can now be used (I can't supply them though). See later for more info.
  • You can do the equivalent of a sound test now, by sending sound codes directly to the z80. (Hit 'E', type in a hex code from 00-ff, and press enter.)
  • SOUND! MUSIC! The Z80 and YM2151 are emulated at last...! This means music and sound effects throughout the game
  • Compiled with a newer version of Allegro (30th May) which means a few more joystick types I think.
  • Unfortunately still no speech effects
  • MAJOR speed loss with the sound on - I'm really sorry about this.
¤ I-Robot v0.98 added! (Win95)
  • User configuration is saved in Windows registry. There's no longer any reason to hit F1 every time you run the emulator.
  • High scores are now saved in Windows registry.
  • Now that the user configuration is saved, the default screen size is once again 'Normal'.
  • Now that the user configuration is saved, the default dip switch settings are the same as the manufacturer recommended default settings (from Atari manual)
  • Fixed more flickering bugs. At this point I think I've fixed all of them (knock on wood).
¤ Just For Fun v0.14 added! (MS-DOS)
  • Added Psychic 5 support
  • Fixed reset bug in Ninja Kids 2 support

Atari 800/5200
¤ Atari800 v0.9.7a (Source) released! (MS-DOS)
  • Colour Artifacting! Use '-artif ' command line switch to enable the artifacting. Mode is number between 0 and 3.
  • DOS specific files clean up and fixes (a lot).
  • PIA: fixed support for four joysticks in Atari800, tested on some games. Improved emulation of joystick ports on XL/XE. Some games obviously switch the ports into output state(!) and then read it. One would say there is nothing but $FF when the port is in output state and you read from it, but the real life is different. Atari800 emulator now supports this hardware trick correctly.
  • UI: better directory tree browsing support in Select Disk, in MS-DOS you can even select disk drives.
  • Falcon port clean up (cflib no longer needed). New #define GEM_INTERFACE for graphics cards support.

Atari ST
¤ TOSBOX v1.05 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Limited sound support has been added, just enough to get the system error bell and keyclick if desired.
  • The bug has been fixed, which had been introduced in version 1.04, where sometimes a parent program's open files would be closed when the child terminated.
  • A CPU bug affecting leftward shifts of magnitude zero has been fixed.
  • Native vt52 emulation speeds up text-only applications greatly (though this feature cannot be used in the presence of GFA BASIC and certain programs compiled with it).

Commodore 64
¤ Win64 v0.40 released! (Win9x)

¤ KGB press release! (MS-DOS)
"Just to keep everyone up to date on KGB's progress I thought i'd put up a list of additions and fixes so far:"
  • Screen setup added to GUI
  • Game Genie (tm) cheat codes
  • Settings are now saved
  • Super Gameboy borders and (some) in-game colors
  • SNES control pad support (great with SuperGB!)
  • Added 256x256 screen resolution
  • Partially fixed serial transfer (fixes Alleyway)
  • Fixed screen bug (fixes Warioland 2 startup, TMNT-FoFC, helps with Wario Land 1, probably fixes others too
  • fixed MBC1 bug (fixes Crystal Quest)
  • Made progress on GB to GB link (I've had Ballon Kid and Atomic Punk running 2 player)
  • ROMs directory may be set

"Stuff I hope to do before the next release (in a few weeks, maybe):"
  • Get _all_ in-game colors going in SuperGB
  • Make the keyboard redfinable
  • Work on compatability
  • Add joystick support
  • Get link-up mode going (maybe)
  • Scanlines for SuperGB
  • Fix the GPFs! I've taken to blaming the DOS extender, as a new beta version of WDOSX fixed a lot of the bugs I'd noticed, but still KGB crashes outside of the debugger :( I've mailed the author but have had no reply. If the situation doesn't improve I'll probably abandon the DOS version and just do a Win95 version. (Win95 version = no DOS extender = no crashes, maybe)

¤ vMac v0.1.9.5 added! (Win9x)
  • It's faster!
  • Autoquit works
  • Mac to PC clipboard code (Thanks to Bill Huey)
  • Faster booting - skips memory test
  • Fixed several major CD problems!!!
  • SCSI emulation - increases compatibility (Thanks to Yoav Shadmi)
  • Fixed threading - faster vMac and better timing (No need for Options - CPU)
  • No disk warning messages (Can't get disk geometry/Can't reset controller)
  • Fixed several mouse clipping problems
  • Fixed problems with non-standard window size (Should fix Windows NT problem)
  • Confirms force reset (Control - Reset)
  • Better messages for ROM problems
  • Ejecting the CD when the MacOS ejects it is now optional (in vMac.ini)
  • Another option (in vMac.ini) for floppy and CD messages
  • Fixed a bug in the debugger (AKA Interrupt)
  • Some SCC emulation - slow modem and printer port support!!
  • Puts name of currently running Mac application in the window caption
  • Several minor bug fixes

¤ Virtual MSX v1.1 Source released! (Win9x)
¤ Virtual MSX v2.0 Alpha released! (Unix)

Nintendo 64
¤ TrueReality press release! TrueReality now runs FireDemo! (Unix)

¤ PSyKe v0.1 added! (MS-DOS)
  • R3051 (CPU), with dynamic recompilation
  • BIOS support (all the known BIOS)
  • Memory (RAM, ROM, VRAM, data cache and parallel port)
  • Used interrupts and used DMA channels
  • GTE (matrix calculation coprocessor), a few opcodes are missing
  • GPU (graphic processor), full implemented
  • Driver system (.DLL) for graphic output
  • Software-only graphic driver, almost complete, and with quality settings
  • Standard PADs (both 1&2, only for keyboard for now, and no remapping)
  • Easy to use GUI

Super Nintendo
¤ SNEmul v0.78 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Now the GUI can be used entirely with the keyboard.
  • Many bugs fixed/improvements in the GUI
  • Added the possibility to display the game in the background (use the old Full Screen
  • Icon to enable/disable it, and use ESC to hide/show the GUI)
  • Fixed some bugs in 8 bits mode
  • Fixed a bug in sound DSP. Now Secret Of Evermore works :)
  • Fixed another bug in horizontal scrolling
  • Fixed a bug when words were read from the ports
  • Optimized the CPU a bit
  • Fixed a bug in transparency effects
  • Added fast 8192 colors effects for subscreen/mainscreen add/sub(thanks a lot to zsKnight :)
  • Fixed/implemented Full Screen increment(now Final Fantasy Mystic Quest looks better :)
  • Fixed a bug in SPC700(now Terranigma works :)
  • Fixed a bug in HDMA
  • Implemented TCALL SPC700 instruction
  • Fixed another bug in old joypad reading method
  • Optimized 32768 colors effects for fixed color add/sub
  • Sidewinder and GamePad pro support
  • SNEmul used the new Allegro 3.0+WIP.
  • Other bugs fixed

TurboGrafx 16
¤ Hu6280 v1.07 Sound Beta released! (MS-DOS)

June 21, 1998
Archaic Ruins
¤ Emulator Section revamp almost complete!
The emulator section is almost finished. I have the arcade pages and 3 more computer systems (Apple II, Apple IIGS, and Spectrum ZX) to finish up. Thanks for your patience =)

Atari 2600
¤ z26 v1.05 file links fixed! (MS-DOS)

¤ Game & Watch section added!
Thanks go to VmprHntrD for the great new section at Archaic Ruins! VmprHntrD was a past staff member and may be doing other great new sections at Archaic Ruins in the future. I also just sold him 3 of my Game and Watches last week =). Incredible thanks to VmprHntrD!@#!@# The new section looks GREAT!

June 20, 1998
Atari 2600
¤ z26 v1.05 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Further improvement to CPU emulation
  • More games now play better (Amidar and Empire Strikes Back)

¤ BrMSX v1.134 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Fixed a problem in the mapper manager, now "Super Laydock" works again.
  • Fixed a minor bug in the memory dump of debugger
  • Added two new commands to the debugger, F7 and F8, "step into" and "step over".

Sega Master System
¤ BrSMS v1.9 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Fixed a bug in the sound engine, now the voice is working again.
  • Fixed a minor bug in the memory dump of the debugger
  • Added two new commands to the debugger (F7/F8, "step into" and "step over")

TurboGrafx 16
¤ Hu6280 v1.05 released! (MS-DOS)

June 19, 1998 - Callus v0.41b
¤ Callus v0.41b released! (MS-DOS / Win9X)
  • 400x300 tweaked mode (maybe not very compatible)
  • 16-bit SB output via. 8-bit dma
  • Fixed minor start/coin input bug
  • Fixed DOS 8-bit QSound output (typo)

June 18, 1998 - Callus v0.41 / Final Fantasy V: Lost Translation v1.0
¤ Callus v0.41 released! (MS-DOS / Win9X)
  • Jap Magic Sword support (mswordj)
  • Jap Daimakaimura support (gngj)
  • Jap Muscle Bomber Duo support (mbomberj)
  • Z80 CPU skipping
  • ABC and XYZ button mappings
  • RLE compressed state files
  • 'qvol' option
  • Automatic MMX detection
  • Better input device remapping
  • ROM loading from ZIP files
  • Stereo output for QSound games (-stereo on/off)
¤ DTMNT v0.36 released! (MS-DOS)
  • MAME 68000 C core exchange for StarScream 68000 Assembler core. Large speed increase! Many thanks to Neill!
¤ MacMAME v0.33b6 released! (MacOS)
  • In sync with PC beta 6.
  • Thanks to Aaron, high score saving should work appropriately again.
  • Aaron also fixed a bug in the PPC 68000 core which caused Alien Syndrome and Sega Tetris to never start up.
  • Games which can use 16-bit color depths are forced to use them. This is a temporary change, probably for this release only. The net effect is that these games will appear slower if you have the "Use 16-bit color" checkbox unchecked.
¤ MAME v0.33b5 released! (AmigaOS)
¤ Q-Sound Player v2 released! (Win9X)

Colecovision / Colour Genie / Genesis / Nintendo / TRS-80
¤ MESS v0.1 released! (AmigaOS)

¤ Wzonka-Lad v0.99.10 released! (AmigaOS)
Frameskip takes now values from 0 to 16. Swapped "Reset" and "Info" buttons' places. Wzonka-Lad doesn't go into a deadlock anymore if a madly corrupted GameGenie code is used. GameGenie code patcher takes lowercase letters, too. Added an external list (game_genie/game_genie.list) where Wzonka-Lad fetches the predefined GameGenie patch codes from. Added a listview item into Misc preferences window for GameGenie patch handling.

¤ Final Fantasy IIIj translation coming soon from SoM2Freak's script!

Nintendo 64
¤ TrueReality 98.06.16 released! (MacOS)

Super Nintendo
¤ Final Fantasy V v1.0 finally released!
  • The Ending
  • Job names
  • Completed script
  • Long item names
  • Fixed up bugs
  • A few other random things

June 17, 1998 - SNES 9x v1.0 (Linux, MacOS, Solaris, SunOS)
¤ AMAME v0.33b6 released! (MS-DOS)
¤ DTMNT v0.35 released! (MS-DOS)
Sprite routines sped up considerably (if you have any problems, let me know whereabouts you see them) (note that I know about the sprite/backdrop out of sync problem, e.g Mole drilling on level 1)

Also there was another problem with the timer code, which should now be fixed. As always, let me know about crashes (I've tested it as much I could but you never know!)

¤ MAME v0.33b6 released! (MS-DOS)
Now using Allegro v3.0 + WIP (May 30th) and adding the following:
  • Nova 2001 [Howie Cohen, Frank Palazzolo, Alex Pasadyn]
  • Super Bond [Chris Hardy]
  • Avalanche [Mike Balfour]
  • Gladiator [Victor Trucco, Steve Ellenoff, Phil Stroffolino]
  • Lazer Command [Juergen Buchmueller]
  • Dead Eye [Juergen Buchmueller]
  • Gypsy Juggler (preliminary) [Juergen Buchmueller]
  • Fax [Mike Balfour]
  • Heli Fire [Al Kossow]
  • Space Fever [Al Kossow]
  • Birdie King 2 (preliminary) [Ed Mueller, Mike Balfour]
  • Lizard Wizard [Mike Balfour]
  • TMNT (Japanese, 2 Players USA, 2 Players JaŠpanese) [Alex Simmons]
  • Fighting Fantasy [Marco Cassili]
  • 1941 (Japanese) [Marco Cassili]
  • Nemo (Japanese) [Sawat Pontree]
  • Ghouls'n Ghosts (Japanese) [Marco Cassili]
  • Magic Sword (Japanese) [Marco Cassili]
  • 1942 (alternate) [Nicola Salmoria]
¤ PentiuMAME v0.33b6 released! (MS-DOS)
¤ MacSloMo v0.59 released! (MacOS)
v .59, is once again, a minor update. This should fix all of the crashing .58 might have had. Basically just fixed a minor problem with the rom loading, and removed some buggy code I was trying out.

Atari 2600
¤ PC Atari v2.1 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Ability to capture the screen to Windows .BMP files
  • Ability to save a game in progress to disk and restore it later
  • Vastly improved sound using revamped sound code (XMS is no longer necessary).
  • Emulation of Pitfall II music is much more accurate, no longer using FM synthesis but instead attempting to generate the correct waveforms digitally
  • Minor graphics engine bugfixes
  • If a file is missing or there are no game files in the target directory, the emulator exits gracefully and displays an error message
  • Compiler run-time library problems relating to ultra-fast PC's (300MHz+) have been fixed
  • Updated joystick code that might help with faster machines
  • Sound cards set at DMA 0 to 3 now work properly
  • In the debugger, hitting the "-" (minus) key toggles display of a hack mark showing the current scan line when the game screen has been displayed with the space bar.
¤ z26 v1.04 released! (MS-DOS)
Improved CPU emulation based in part on 6510core.c by Ettore Perazzoli (ettore@comm2000.it). In particular, decimal arithmetic works much better now, and we support all of the CPU's undocumented instructions. 6510core.c is part of the VICE Commodore 64 emulator.

Many games now play better...

  • airaidrs.bin -- It's now much easier to take off and fly.
  • choprcmd.bin -- Gun now fires correctly in both directions.
  • demonatk.bin -- Now plays fifth level and beyond.
  • enduro.bin -- Odometer now works correctly.
  • startrek.bin -- Plays !
  • venture.bin -- Graphics no longer messed up inside upper-left room.
And more...

¤ GBE v0.30 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Major rework of CPU flag emulation. This fixed Final Fantasy Adventure, Darkwing Duck, Kid Niki, F1-Race, and others. Thanks go to Matt Currie.
  • Partial Super Gameboy support. Thanks to Marat Fayzullin, Jeff Frohwein, Anders Granlund, and k00pa, I was able to add support for Super Gameboy borders. Improved SGB emulation will follow shortly.
  • Added an integrated debugger. (Paul Robson)
  • Added two new video modes, both 256*256*256, one with scanlines.
  • Various bug fixes (Fortress of Fear, Daedalian Opus, Zoop, Alfred Chicken, and several others)
  • Added correct CPU cycle counts.
  • External saves for various configuration flags
  • Improved LCD emulation (sprite on/off bit, Taz Mania. Thanks to Anders Granlund for reporting this.)
  • Two screenshot sizes to accomodate SGB and non-SGB compatible games.
  • Fileloader now allows for directory changes

¤ BrMSX v1.133 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Fixed a problem in memory emulation, this fixes many games, including "Phantis 2", "Mopiranger" and "Maze of Galious" (yes, now you can conjure the boss). Thanks to Vanessa Sabino for the reporting and Isaac Solorzano for MSKISS debugger.
  • Support for two cartridges at the same time. Try the combos "Nemesis"+"Twin Bee", "Nemesis 2"+"Penguin Adventure" and "Salamander"+"Nemesis 2" (required to see the good ending).
  • New options "-roma" and "-romb" to select the MegaROM Mapper.
  • Support to MegaROM Mapper #2 (Konami with SCC) and MegaROM Mapper #3 (Konami without SCC). They were included only for completeness, since the default Mapper #0 already runs most of these games. Game Master 2 is not supported yet.
  • Support to MegaROM Mapper #5 (ASCII 16kb). Now you can run the original version of "Gall Force"!!! This Mapper also supports the cracked version of "Gall Force" and "Eggerland Mystery 2". Thanks to KSH for the original ROM and Sean Young and Marco "Nao sou fudeba" Dal Poz for the info.
  • Support to 80/1 (360kb) .DSK images, like "Elite".
  • TURBO mode is even faster than before.
  • Additions to debugger: Stack Dump and Advanced Info. (Suggested by Isaac Solorzano).

¤ NEO RAGE v0.0010 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Joystick support (-j)
  • Vesa hi-color support 320x240 (default)
  • 640x480 with scanlines (-s)
  • Support for many of the big and newer games
  • Autoframeskip
  • No sound

Nintendo 64
¤ Project UnReality press release. bpoint leaves project. (Win9X)
Yow, it's been a while since the last update. BlackBag has been up and down the past week or two due to some HD problems, in case anyone was concerned. :)

Is it time to start Project UnReality back up? Well, no, not exactly. In fact, I have to stop work on it. To sum it up, I've been offered a position by a company (which will go unnamed) to develop games. Since this company develops games for the Nintendo 64, it is in my offer letter to terminate work on Project UnReality since I will have access to propietary information. Feasibly, I could continue work on it up till the date-of-hire, but it's better if I just stop now.

I now leave Project UnReality in the hands of Brian Gordon... what he plans to do with it, I don't know. He doesn't have an email address, so don't try to get ahold of him. I'm sure he'll inform me of his plans when he decides on them, so I'll post the news here once I hear it. On another note, I have removed my email address as well, since it's kind-of pointless to continue to answer emails after I've stopped.

Since I also have to leave BlackBag (and this site is provided at the grace of datawiz), I don't forsee it being around much longer. But maybe datawiz won't mind keeping it here long enough for me to get the

news out to everyone... That's it for now... again, I'll post the news about Project UnReality's future once I know about it.

Sega Master System
¤ BrSMS v1.8 released! (MS-DOS)
This version of BrSMS has only two bugfixes, but these bugs were hard to kill!!! Now you can play "Sonic 2" without the slowdown of the previous version, and "Wonderboy 3" is fully playable (it doesn't lock anymore after defeating the first dragon).

Super Nintendo
¤ SNES 9X v1.0 released! (Linux, MacOS, Solaris, SunOS)
  • SuperFX support, needed for Yoshi's Island, StarFox, StuntRace FX and Vortex.
  • Sound digital FIR filter and echo.
  • Sound pitch modulation.
  • Mouse & multi-tap support.
  • 8-bit and 16-bit colour screen modes.
  • Transparency (screen addition and screen subtraction).
  • Offset-per-tile, needed for Tetris Attack, Puzzle Bobble, etc.
  • Hi-RES and interlaced screen modes.
  • Improved ROM detection routines.
  • Lots & lots of bugfixes

June 15, 1998 - SNES 9x v1.0 (MS-DOS)
¤ DTMNT v0.34 added! (MS-DOS)
  • All kinds of Joystick and mouse support! (Use allegro.cfg file)
  • Redefinable keys and joystick buttons. (press 'R')
  • (As a result) Four-player simultaneous now possible! (e.g. two on keyboard, mouse, joystick / four on keyboard - whatever you want)
  • F12 toggles emulator keys on/off (useful if your keys cover the whole keyboard)
  • Slowed down the theme music a bit (thanks for pointing it out!)
  • Frames per second counter (for the emulator) (press 'I') (NB - f.p.s. takes a few moments to settle down)
¤ Grytra v0.2 released! (MS-DOS)
¤ System 16 betas sent out! (Win9X)
14/06/98: Beta has finally been released. Couldn't send it out yesterday coz I've been busy the whole day. Please do not ask me to get a beta. If you haven't received one by now, you're not in! What's new? I have added a "keyboard tester" That's a window that shows the layout of your keyboard and if you press some keys you will see them in the window? What good is this? Have you ever experienced that you can only press up to a certain number of keys simultaneously? Using this utility, you can figure out which keys your keyboard is able to detect simultaneously, and believe me there's some big differences between various keyboards. Besides this I have now optimized the palette routines to only set the changed colors, and what do I have to say - it works quite cool. Now you only got some little snow on the screen when new colors are set. This means, that you may get the snow during a game maybe every 5-10 seconds depending on the game. I have now tested the optimized version in 8 bit-fullscreen mode with sound enabled, and - compared to the DOS version with vsync off - I would say (from looking at it) it's 90%-100% of the DOS performance. BUT: compared to the DOS version with vsync on - it's way faster. This is because of the windows-feature mentioned below. Yeah, you can now play with the performance of DOS vsync off with vsync on !!! Added support for 32bit desktop, however the 16- and 32 bit routines are still not optimized. And yes! That special surprise feature I mentioned in the interview with JoseQ. It will be implemented for sure! So go and save your money right now for a special feature 8-)) So look forward to the release-version next week...

From: "david@byz.net" <david@gw.aaatechmarket.com> To: chris@bpwl.com Date: Mon, 15 Jun 1998 11:22:40 +0000 Subject: a.r.c.h.a.i.c. ... acronym? I give up, what's it stand for? (grin) Perhaps nothing, but just curious. GREAT graphic work and color coordination. -David N. Systems Analyst, AAA Techmarket, Inc. Byz.net At first I wondered what you are talking about, but -- =)... the new logo >>does<< have little periods everywhere =)... sooo... a - a r - really c - complete, h - huge, a - and i - impeccable c - collection. =)

¤ SOPE press release! (Unix)
I've started to implement the GTE yesterday, and the coordinate transformation stuff is working great. So now, many demos work really well, especially the Hitmen ones! About games, I haven't implemented the CD-rom routines yet (I want the demos to work perfectly before), and I need some info about them. So if you know anything about it and want to share it with me, you're entirely welcome...Oh yeah, I almost forgot: the first release of Sope is now very near.

Super Nintendo
¤ SNES 9X v1.0 released! (MS-DOS)
  • SuperFX support, needed for Yoshi's Island, StarFox, StuntRace FX and Vortex.
  • Sound digital FIR filter and echo.
  • Sound pitch modulation.
  • Mouse & multi-tap support.
  • 8-bit and 16-bit colour screen modes.
  • Transparency (screen addition and screen subtraction).
  • Offset-per-tile, needed for Tetris Attack, Puzzle Bobble, etc.
  • Hi-RES and interlaced screen modes.
  • Improved ROM detection routines.
  • Lots & lots of bugfixes

TurboGrafx 16
¤ Hu6280 v1.04 Beta released! (MS-DOS)
  • Added frameskip for shit pc's
  • Added gamepadpro support (please tell me if it works, i don`t have a gamepadpro)
  • Added some proper options to the command line (Time for a shitty Visual Basic frontend eh?)

June 13, 1998
¤ DTMNT v0.31 released! (MS-DOS)
¤ Penix v0.2 released! (MS-DOS)

¤ ColEm v1.0 Plus released! (MacOS)

¤ Handy v0.41 released! (Win95)
  • All that has been done so far is optimizations of the cpu execution...
  • 256 opcodes were put into logic loops by hand...
  • Handy now runs at 100% speed, in a 3x window, with sound on my AMD K6 233.

¤ NEO RAGE v0.00005 added! (MS-DOS)
Somehow we forgot to add this one ;)

¤ PasoFami for Direct-X v2.6c released! (Win95)

Nintendo 64
¤ TrueReality 98.06.11 released! (Unix)
  • 6,239,865 (0x5f3679) instructions of FIREDEMO are executed correct (compared with pur03a). My iP133 / 32MB / Linux 2.0.29 does that within 35 seconds (compiled with gcc option '-O3'). It seems that after that an exception occurs. Exceptions are not emulated right now :(
  • I have made a lot of "#define" changes.
  • The debugger can deal with breakpoints now ('b').

Sinclair QL
¤ QLAY v0.87 released! (MS-DOS)
  • WIN1_ till WIN8_.
  • Recognize WIN1_BOOT boot file.
  • Quick start installation: download, unzip, and 'start/run' qlay.
  • Bug fixes and other small changes.
¤ QLAY v0.87 released! (Win95)
  • Configuration setup dialog for option settings.
  • WIN1_ till WIN8_.
  • Recognize WIN1_BOOT boot file.
  • Quick start installation: download, unzip, and 'start/run' qlayw.
  • Supports any screen size or display mode, direct boot, mouse.

TurboGrafx 16
¤ Hu6280 v1.01 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Fixed bug in cpu/irq emulation... now casino, toiletkids, darius and ordyne work!
  • Please report any other games that have started to work!!!

June 12, 1998
¤ MacMAME binaries are now online! (MacOS)

June 11, 1998 (Daytime)
¤ MacMAME binarires are still not online... (MacOS)
¤ Shark Emulator homepage now missing! What happened?!(Win95)
¤ System 16 press release! (Linux / MS-DOS / Win95)
Another playable game added, Alex Kidd : The Lost Stars!
In progress : Euro League.
It's the last update of these pages, this site will be down soon, i leave the project for ever. I hope Nao will continue a dos port but it's not sure. The Windows 95 version continues and will contains the announced games but i don't know when it will be released ! Bye and thanks to all users that supported me and my efforts!
¤ X-MAME v0.33b5.1 now online! (Unix/X)

¤ ColEm v1.0 released! (Unix)
  • Standardized Z80 emulation
  • Standardized PSG emulation
  • Soundtrack saved into .SND files
  • Screen refresh done line-by-line
  • Sprites are refreshed line-by-line
  • Limit on sprites per line introduced
  • General cleanup of the source code
  • Rewritten documentation

¤ BeVGB v0.9 added! (BeOS)
¤ Boycott v0.40 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Add a timer util to evaluate Boycott emulation speed
  • New default screen (default.pcx) smaller
  • New skin (smaller) pack in .pcx (old .ski do not work anymore)
  • PCX loading added (skins)
  • Parameter added to disable joystick detection
  • Optimize BG Displaying (11% faster)
  • Fixes command line parser (parameters)
  • Optimize some Z80 instructions
  • Fix 32Ko batteries saving
  • New memory engine
  • Optimize RAM bank switching (faster now)
  • Optimize ROM bank switching (faster now)
¤ Virtual Gameboy v0.9 added! (NEXTSTEP)

Game Gear / Sega Master System
¤ MasterGear for BeOS v0.3b added! (BeOS)

Super Nintendo
¤ SNEmul v0.73 released! (Linux)
Some bugs in the GUI have been fixed in the Linux port.
¤ SNES 9x to be released before Monday? (MS-DOS)
As you all probably noticed another delay, hopefully the last, there were some problems with the GUI of the DOS version, but there will be a new dos version before monday, either with or without GUI and that's a promise ! The source will also be released within two weeks from now (11-06-1998). The windows version isn't ready yet, I haven't been swimming in the free time, so I just haven't had time to work on it.

TurboGrafx 16
¤ Hu6280 v1.0b released! (MS-DOS)
  • added -v2 command line option (320x240 modex screen!)
Mr Kipling has promised to port the hu6280 emulation to asm , so , lookout for a major speedup coming soon... ;)

June 11, 1998 (Midnight) - MAME v0.33b5 MacOS
¤ AMAME v0.33b5 released! (MS-DOS)
¤ MacMAME v0.33b5 (Source released! (MacOS)
  • In sync with the PC beta 5.
  • John fixed the auditing code so that it works better on systems without the Appearance Manager installed.
  • The MacMAME v0.33b5 link is currently broken on the MacMAME page!
¤ Retrovaders v1.1 released! (MS-DOS)
"Sound support is complete. Seal Audio System has been added mainly thanks to the MAME source. It took a little bit of work but it's finally going OK, so you can now use your existing sample files. Sorry, no color support added just yet."
¤ PentiumMAME v0.33b5 released! (MS-DOS)
¤ SloMo v0.58 released! (MacOS)
  • Astro Fighter/Astro Fighter (alternative) are now supported, but are not playable yet.
  • Centipedes and Millipedes drivers are no longer dependent on address masking.
  • Atari Tetris/Asteroids drivers are in the works.
  • Pause and Display Character Set is broken, will fix soon.
¤ X-MAME v0.33b5.1 released! (Unix/X)
I'm having server problems with the X-MAME site, so the file is not yet on AR.

¤ FireBeLL Productions changes location. Update your bookmarks.

Colecovision / Colour Genie / Genesis / Nintendo / TRS-80
¤ MESS v0.1 released! (Unix)

Super Nintendo
¤ MySNES v0.13b released! (AmigaOS)
  • Sprites were drawn in reversed order, that is corrected now (see gooftroop, simcity, ...)
  • Up to 20% faster.
  • Better header-detection, you don't have to have a 512-byte header anymore.
  • Corrected two CPU-bugs making LufiaI and Big sky troopers start correctly (I haven't tried so many).
  • Fixed color-settings => perfect colors in Alien3, Censor, Intro-3, LufiaI, ...
  • Fixed screenwrap for 32*64-screens. Jaki Crush fully playable now.
  • Screenwrap correct in FAST. Now gooftroop looks very good.
  • You can now press F1-F5 when using a CD32.
  • Screen updates done in a different way (depth-first) so there is no blinking anymore when scrolling
¤ SNEmul v0.73 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Added sprites/tiles editor
  • Better joystick support(see snemul.cfg)
  • Fixed a bug in vertical scrolling that made some ROMs to crash
  • Fixed VRAM read. Many gfx glitches removed...
  • Added primitive dual window support
  • 0.72 snapshot format was no more compatible with 0.6 format. That's fixed (although the palette of old snapshots will be not restored correctly)

June 10, 1998 - MAME v0.33b5
¤ MAME v0.33.3.1 added! (RiscOS)
¤ MAME v0.33b5 released! (MS-DOS)
New ROM sets supported (in no particular order):
  • Nemesis [Allard van der Bas]
  • Konami GT (preliminary) [Allard van der Bas]
  • Depth Charge [Al Kossow]
  • Cosmic Alien [Lee Taylor]
  • Spiders [Keith Wilkins]
  • Exerion (bootleg?) [Nicola Salmoria]
  • Last Duel (preliminary; the ROM set is incomplete) [Bryan McPhail]
  • Mad Gear (preliminary; the ROM set is incomplete) [Bryan McPhail]
  • Cobra Command [Bryan McPhail]
  • Bowl-O-Rama [Zsolt Vasvari]
  • 1941 [Darren Olafson]
  • Nemo [Darren Olafson]
  • Sinistar (allegedly from a prototype machine that was displayed at the 1982
  • AMOA show in Las Vegas) [Brian Deuel]
  • Moon Alien Part 2 [Al Kossow]
  • Masao [Hugh McLenaghan]
  • Satan of Saturn [Nicola Salmoria]

¤ KGB v0.10 released! (MS-DOS)
¤ NO$GMB v1.5b released! (MS-DOS)
  • 2nd cheatfix: ID7 byte (zen
  • intergalactic ninja)
  • gamegenie cheats: fix for pokes in rombanks 01..nn (zelda, etc, etc)
  • gamegenie cheats: inputbox shows internal performed poke (NNNN) NN->NN
  • emufix: rombanking ignores dirtbits (fifa96)
  • emufix: bugfree initial 32K ram allocation (warioland2,furaino siren)
  • romsize: rom banking exceptions verify rombank against romsize in header
  • romsize: warning if incorrect (different to header specification)
  • internal: emulation code segment splitted into core and lcd
  • fix for battery ram saving after loading a snapshot
  • fix for combination "graphix debug PLUS 3..6 machines PLUS hardware swapping"
  • re-fix for int48 while lcd disabled (bartsimpson/campd)
  • re-fix for calling OS shell (with upper mem enabled)
  • re-fix for calling external dos editor (with upper mem enabled)
  • Undo Run Function (writing to UNDO_RUN.SNA) can be disabled
  • XT/AT version not updated
  • I run out of memory yet again
  • please use 1.5a
¤ GodleNES v0.15 - Silkworm released! (AtariST)
¤ GodleNES v0.16 - Bubble Bobble released! (AtariST)

¤ Sope press release! (Unix/X)
Good! Now Sope compiles on Alpha and Intel-Linux without any problem. This means that I'll be able to release something quite soon. But I still have some work to do for my studies, so I won't be able to work on Sope before next week-end...

Sinclair QL
¤ Q-emuLator v1.0.1 released! (Win95)
  • F parameter for serial and parallel ports. (Form Feed at end of file.)
  • Choosing 'Cancel' in the 'Attach directory' dialog leaves previous slot settings unchanged.
  • New window icon.
  • Main window's height is checked and saved in .QCF files. You can no longer move the bar that divides the two parts of the window.
  • Microdrive slots have been numbered.
  • Some bugs fixed. (loading of .QCF files at start-up, window width after resize, etc.)

Super Nintendo
¤ Sneqr v0.315 added! (MS-DOS)
  • Teaser release: because of final exams, employment hunting, end-of-year school projects, etc. this may be the last release in a while. I was going to develop it a little further before release, but I don't have time at the moment.
  • Windowing (Single and Dual OR-logic) added; things like the circular opening in Mario World now work.
  • Indirect HDMA added; required for most windowing to work properly. A little buggy at the moment.
  • Options added to GUI to enable or disable Windowing and Indirect HDMA if you have problems with them
  • Partial Mode 7 added. Doesn't look right most of the time because I can't figure out how the image is supposed to be centered. *Slow* (unoptimized)
  • Improvements made to Old-style joypad system; Mario Allstars, Ninja Gaiden Trilogy etc. now pick up input.
  • Readme file removed; it's not being updated.

June 8, 1998 - KGen 98 v0.04 / X-MAME v0.33b4
¤ X-MAME v0.33b4 released! (Unix/X)

Atari ST
¤ PaCifiST v0.49 Pre-Release released! (MS-DOS)
  • Fixed several bugs in ACIA emulation
  • Timer B fixed back
  • Fixed problem with 4x joysticks interface detection
  • File selector allow disk images creation
  • Blitter emulation speeded up
  • Support for raw 'DIM' disk image format
  • PCX saving now works in medium resolution
  • Monitor improvements (Commands stack, mem search...)

¤ PowerST coming soon! (MacOS)
  • Up to 3 times faster [than NoSTalgia] (using the Asgard 68000 asm engine), it runs the Gem Desktop at full speed on any PowerMacintosh.
  • Up to 14Mb of ST Ram
  • Support of TOS 1.0, 1.2, 1.4
  • Midi In/Out.
  • Hard disk.
  • Shifter, Mfp, Keyboard, Joystsick, FDC, PSG,.... from NoSTalgia 0.5
PowerST 0.1 should be available before the end of the month !

¤ KGen 98 v0.4b released! (MS-DOS)
  • Various compatibility issues have been fixed...
  • Improved Scanlines support...
  • Altered EUROPEAN mode...
  • Stopped LEFT & RIGHT or UP & DOWN being pressed at the same time.
  • Improved the File Requester Keyboard Shortcuts.
  • Added 16-Bit Video Mode.
  • Various small changes to the GUI.
  • Various cosmetic fixes.

¤ PC-NES discontinued. (MS-DOS)

¤ pex v0.01 added! (MS-DOS)
¤ virtual. yarouze AlphaOne released! (Win95)
  • GUI only. This release will not play any games.
A little sidenote.Shawn McIntire, the author of virtual. yarouze is not a new author and his emulator is not a new project like Dave's Video Game Classics states.Not only has Shawn been working on his emulator on and off for a long time, but he also pays the money for my account at bpwl.com (grin).

Super Nintendo
¤ Final Fantasy IV v2.0 released!
  • [The documentation for this was great, but I'd still like to actually know what the hell this is.I'm not an idiot.I read the readme.I want some simple 1 sentence 'This is a 80% complete patch that uses the US script but will soon use the Japanese script...' something like that might make more sense than a confusing 10 page readme.]

¤ No sign of MySNES (AmigaOS)
MySNES missed its Sunday release date.The new release promised to be 20% faster.Let's hope to see it come out in the next few days!
¤ SNEmul v0.72 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Fixed a bug un HiROM mapping, now Illusion of Gaia works :)
  • Removed a bug in SPC700 that made some games to hang at the beginning
  • Fixed an other bug in SPC700, now DKC1 works :)
  • Fixed a bug in port $2102
  • Fixed vertical and horizontal scrollings(especially for 16x16 tiles), now EVO works :)
  • Fixed flipped 16x16 tiles
  • Added transparency effects clipping windows
  • Speeded up palette update, colors add/sub, scrollings effect, etc. (all thoses
  • Optimizations give a 4 FPS increase)
  • SNEmul now uses 16 bits video modes instead of 15 bits video modes
  • Implemented NTSC timing(SNEmul now play NTSC game faster)
  • Added a timing option to choose between Auto/NTSC/PAL timings
  • Added tiles/sprites viewer. you can select the palette with the right mouse button
  • Added truecolor graphics(the GUI looks nicer :)
  • Added palette viewer
  • Added a dialog to config the joypad keys
  • Fixed a bug in full screen modes(Thanks to JACKY to tell me :)
  • Fixed many bugs and removed mouse glitches
  • Now SNEmul play more game without gfx glitches

TurboGrafx 16
¤ Hu6280 v0.00099 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Added lo-res mode! (just for those people who keep on asking for it!)
¤ Hu6280 v0.00097 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Tweaked vram emulation (now correct i think)
  • Save games are 64k smaller... :)
  • Turrican titlepage now works
  • No GFX corruption on Impossamole
  • Ninja gaiden seems to work

June 5, 1998 - KGen '98 v0.3b
¤ BOO v1.0 released! (MS-DOS)

Colecovision / Colour Genie / Genesis / Nintendo / TRS-80
¤ MESS v0.1 released! (ARM, MacOS, MS-DOS)

¤ KGen 98 v0.03 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Fixed minor VDP problem.
  • Added bits to File Requester that I forgot to add last night :-(

¤ Handy v0.4b4 added! (MacOS)
  • This version features a number of interface improvements along with some speedups.

¤ Final Fantasy III v0.5.4 by Akilla / 3-Man released! (Translation IPS)

June 4, 1998
¤ AGE v0.6.3b released! (MS-DOS / Graphics Editor)
  • Added last loaded game to INI file so that the load selector automatically starts from that position
  • Added Tool: rotate +/
  • 45 degrees
  • Added PacMulti driver for M.C.Silvius
  • Added the following command line options:
    • [short game name] e.g. age mspacman This allows you to bypass the load dialog
    • -makepatch creates patch files for any rom images that you have changed
    • -patch merges any patch files for the specified game
    • -patchq as -patch but quiet (no warnings)
  • Added quick help (F1) to the following areas: Character Editing, Character Selecting, Colour Selecting, Scratch Pad, Map Editing and Text Editing.
¤ MacMAME v0.33 Beta 4 Source added! (MacOS / Source Code)

¤ Wzonka-Lad v0.99.9 released! (AmigaOS)
  • Fixed flag handling in "SWAP r" op codes.
  • "SWAP H" optcode in WARP and FAST executables was broken.
  • Optimized scanline loop.
  • Fixed interrupt emulation.Now eg. Alleyway, Boxing, Cosmo Tank, Daedalian Opus, Funpack 2, Street Fighter 2, Super Hunchback, Super R.C. Pro-am, Uoozu and Warioland 2 work.
  • Enhanced Divider register emulation.
  • Optimized GB-Z80 emulation in FULL executable a little.
  • Donkey Kong Land 3's got now musics!
  • Variable x is now updated when the GFX preferences window is opened.
  • Fixed few instruction timings, and LCD status register emulation.
  • Added reset button.
  • Added more XPK related messages to the status line.
  • Status line shows now the used XPK packer when packing / unpacking data.

¤ BRMSX v1.128 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Perfect IRQ emulation!! Many games will run at correct speed, including "Astro Marine Corps", "Circus Charlie", "Titanic 2", "Aekrus", "Super Laydock" and a lot more!! Thanks to Eduardo Toledo Santos for the databooks and Marcellus Pereira for the testing!!
  • New option "-ramslot" to select the slot of RAM. Some games require "-ramslot 3", like the funet version of "Terramex".
  • Support to 180kb and 360kb .DSK disk images, required by some games, like "Amazonia" and "Robocop".
  • Emulation of the undocumented behaviour of VDP in VRAM reads, this fix the bug on "Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles". Thanks to Paul Urbanus and Sean Young for the hint!!
  • Support to korean MSX memory layout (use the option "-korean", you will also need a Korean MSX.ROM and MSXHAN.ROM). Thanks to KSH for the hint.
  • Emulation of the Kana LED, in the Num Lock LED (require japanese or korean ROM set).
  • Emulation of the Gradiente's green monitor!! (use the option "-green", looks great if used together with "-res 2"). Thanks to Mauricio Braga for the suggestion.
  • Now BrMSX can use read-only files, like files on CD-ROMs (thanks to Lex of RuMSX for noticing this).
  • Support to .PCX screenshots (use the F9 key).
  • Fixed a minor bug in Load Rom (now you can read "Magical Kid Wiz" through the GUI).
  • Improved idle bus emulation (now reading an unconnected I/O port also returns 0xFF).
  • Option to adjust joystick sensibility (use the option "-joysens").
  • Fixed a bug on Sound Blasters configured to IRQs greater than 7.

Super Nintendo
¤ MySNES v0.12b added! (AmigaOS)
  • Better header-detection, you don't have to have a 512-byte header anymore.
  • Preliminary HiROM-support (doesn't work correct yet).
  • Corrected two CPU-bugs making LufiaI and Big sky troopers start correctly (I haven't tried so many).
  • Fixed color-settings => perfect colors in Alien3, Censor, Intro-3, LufiaI, ...
  • Fixed screenwrap for 32*64-screens. Jaki Crush fully playable now.
  • Screenwrap correct in FAST. Now gooftroop looks very good.
  • You can now press F1-F5 when using a CD32.
  • Screen updates done in a different way (depth-first) so there is no blinking anymore when scrolling.

¤ SNEqr v0.302 released! (MS-DOS)

  • This release is major because I coverted the ENTIRE CPU core to assembly language! This has made the emulator as a whole almost TWICE the speed! Also, without the C compiler's FAT code, the size of the executable has decreased by over 300 KB!
  • Small amount of assembly added to screen renderer.
  • A couple of new bugs have appeared as a result of the new assembly core; nothing serious.
  • Single windowing added...and removed. Unfortuneately, windowing won't work properly until I implement Indirect HDMA, which I have no information about!
  • Mosaic (screen pixellation) added.
  • Added direct ROM write protection. This will prevent copy protection schemes from working in some games.
  • Converted the entire documentation from text to HTML format.

June 3, 1998 - AMAME / PentiuMAME v0.33 Beta #4b
¤ AMAME v0.33 Beta #4b released! (MS-DOS / Optimized Emulator Port)
¤ PentiuMAME v0.33 Beta #4b released! (MS-DOS / Optimized Emulator Port)

Archaic Ruins
¤ Featured Download updated!
¤ General here'n'there page fixes applied!

Editor's Choice Award
¤ KGen 98 honored!

June 2, 1998 - Callus v0.40
¤ AMAME / PentiuMAME v0.33 Beta #4a released! (MS-DOS)
¤ Callus v0.40 released! (MS-DOS & Win32/DX)
  • Senjyo no Ookami II support (mercsj)
  • Ghouls 'n Ghosts support (gng)
  • Fixed GrIP support
  • TCP/IP netplay
  • DirectX port ("callus95.exe")
  • Game settings stored in game.ini
  • 16-bit hi-color renderer (-hicolor)
  • Jap Capcom World 2 support (cworld2j)
  • YM logging
  • 'map2to3' option
¤ Retrovaders v1.0 released! (MS-DOS)
¤ Zem v0.001 released! (MS-DOS)

¤ KGen 98 v0.02 released!
  • Fixed problem with KGen 98 locking with 8-bit soundcards
  • Fixed VDP Status register
  • Fixed problem with Joypad modes
  • Added long filename support (use -L to fisable)

¤ GodleNES v13.0 - Legend of Zelda released! (Atari ST)
¤ GodleNES v14.0 - Flippul released! (Atari ST)

TurboGrafx 16
¤ Hu6280 v0.00093 released! (MS-DOS)
  • After a mammoth debugging session, fixed bug in DMA length :) (Volfield now works) re-instated fps on F2
  • modded plenty of crap in the source.
¤ Hu6280 v0.00094 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Fixed sprite masking bug on third level of R-Type - this also helped emulation up a little bit.
  • Saved 128K, now freeing up GUI buffers
  • Fixed screenshot feature 9now outputs correct size bitmap image)
  • Removed the remainder of debugging rubbish still left in the code

June 1, 1998
MAME v0.33 Beta #4 ports
¤ AMAME / PentiuMAME v0.33 Beta #4 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Too many updates to list on this page; read them here
¤ MacMAME v0.33 Beta #4 released! (MacOS)
  • In sync with PC beta #4 (click here for list)
  • Aaron fixed a bug in the rendering code which caused some games like Pac-Man to draw much slower than they needed to be.
  • Some strings have been moved to resources to tidy things up. Not all are in there yet though.

¤ KGen 98 v0.1 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Command line options have changed
  • All raster effects now implemented
  • Shadow / Highlight mode is now 100% accurate.
  • Most games with severe graphics problems are now fixed.
  • Waves calculated with a much higher degree of accuracy.
  • Support for 44.1KHz 16-bit stereo sound (SB16 and above only).
  • Mixer values now restored on exit.
  • Any previous prolems with PSG should no longer occur.
  • Support for undocumented PSG features.
  • Better support for Sega "Fighting Pad" 6-button controller.
  • New joypad modes: Fast, Medium, and Slow for both 4 and 6 button pads.
  • Support for one or two Microsoft SideWinder pads.
  • Major changes to the 68000 and Z80 emulation.
  • Near-instant startup time.
  • Complete rewrite of the Snapshot system.
  • Load Snapshot still included for old Snapshot / Genecyst saves.
  • Save Snapshot removed.
  • Snapshot slot system added.
  • Saves and loads are now done within the game using F5 / F8.
  • Added Scanlines video mode (VESA v2.0 Only)
  • Added Game Genie Support.
  • Parts of the GUI rewritten / improved.
  • Loads more parts re-written to get all the new systems working together.
  • Many, many, many bugs removed (most of it (90%) rewritten!)

¤ Wine v06/01/98 released! (Unix/X)

¤ RuMSX v0.13 released! (Win95/NT4)
  • LEXMSX.ZIP has been changed (MSXIMAGE.ZIP unchanged since V0.12)
  • double-clicked disk- or tape-image inherits the configured (default) write-protect setting (previously always write-enabled)
  • Media read-only change did not enable the apply button
  • Inactive emulator-window does no longer accept device-input (keyboard, joystick)
  • Support for real floppy-disks added
  • Errorhandling during startup improved
  • Minor support for Philips Music-Module external MIDI added (I/O port &H01 used)
  • random error-message if DSOUND.DLL not found
  • Command switches for troubleshooting added: /SOS, /NoDDraw, /NoDInput, /NoDSound
  • GET TIME returns correct time now (previously always GMT/UTC time!)
  • Colored Screen 12 mode, if hires driver used (emulation runs very slow in this mode, also no sprites are displayed yet!!!!!)
  • Help for MSX2 Basic improved
  • Manual for memory-mapper (DOS2) added
  • SETUP.EXE is now compatible with Disk-Manager (also FreeWare by Lex Lechz)
  • Support for *.IMG disk-images added

¤ A/NES v0.99.10a released! (AmigaOS)
  • Many fixes concerning PCM
  • Big bugfix in Mapper-1 code, more games work
  • Small optimization in scanline-counter code
¤ Pasofami v2.9a released! (Win32/DX)

TurboGrafx 16
¤ Hu6280 v0.00092 added! (MS-DOS)
  • Improved IRQ emulation (Cybercore now works)
  • Now detecting shady start addresses (R-TYPE US now works)
  • JamSponge gets busy with some serious debugging!
  • Fixed sprites bug on Marchen-maze
  • Buryem now works
  • Added Load and Save STATE feature

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