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Contained here is our 'morgue', so to speak, of past updates. Some links may work, some may not. The purpose of providing you with this history of releases is purely for your entertainment (and so that you can bet your friends money that certain emulators are really that old).

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Today's News bulletin added!

RockNES v0.58a released! (MS-DOS)
New in v0.58a:
  • Fixed a bug that was causing incorrect speed (cart.nes) and half score scrolling (CastleVania 1). I don't know if this will affect other games. You can send an e-mail to me if a game isn't working good now.
New in v0.58:
  • Fixed battery save/load feature. Now, it works fine;
  • Mappers #33 and #34 fixed and working with no problems;
  • Mapper #23 working (some games aren't working);
  • Added Mapper #15 (working 100%);
  • Added Mapper #16, but no games work;
  • Added Mapper #18, a bit buggy;
  • Added Mapper #21 (working 100%);
  • Preliminary real time save/load added;
  • Fixed a bug saving screenshots;
  • Fixed a bug in the joypads;
  • PPU Status register working good. This can fix tons of games;
  • You can't press up+down or left+right for now;
  • You can specify how many cycles per scanline by command line;
  • You can specify how many scanlines per frame by command line.

ZDSPC v1.20 released! (Win9x)
This is the new release from Nitro of ZD, check it out! Then go get your favorite SPC's from Zophar's Domain to play on it!
  • Re did decompression routines. (now it plays more SPC's)
  • Fixed up help file
  • Fixed up filename display (to display filename correctly)
  • Cleaned up code
  • Added 'cool' buttons
  • Fixed up GUI
  • Made blank box, "unblank" :D
  • Took menus away, and replaced with right click menu
  • Added Fade for Stop (pretty cool)
  • Whoops! ZD-SPC wasn't playing some bass notes correctly, now fixed
  • Fixed up SYS tray
  • Fixed Systray icon.. *wheew*
  • Various sound bug fixes
  • Implemented Drag and Drop ( THANX Jason Wylie!!! )
  • DDE Client Implemented (No DDE server... so, useless so far)
  • Increased BASS
  • Added Visual sound effects to GUI
  • Fixed Volume control (now it sets sound immediately
  • Added a speaker slider control (incase your left speaker sucks, more power) hehe
  • Skin support almost done (need help with displaying BMP's on a dialogbox )

NOVEMBER 21, 1998

Boycott v0.43 released! (MS-DOS) (Linux:)
  • Adlib/Sound Blaster detection and sound parameter added (for future sound implementation)
  • French texts fixes
  • COL files support in two formats
  • Uppercase or lowercase letters for any parameter ! (example : FrameSkip)
  • Color model names added
  • New color definition mode : range is 00..FF
  • Optimization of WIN displaying (20% better)
  • Boycott Benchmark improved
  • Debugger improved
  • Fixes video initialization if no VESA available (thanks to Nick Gravel)

NOVEMBER 19, 1998

NES4PC v0.15 Public Beta 1 released! (Win9x)
The link above is to the homepage, Akilla wants to make sure anyone who downloads this program reads the beta notes. So go to his page and read 'em and then download it from there!
New in v0.15 Public Beta 1:
  • Graphics: 8-Bit GRAPHICS MODE PERFECTED! Speedy as heck! NES4PC runs 1.7-1.9x as fast in 8-bit graphics than in 16/24-bit modes!
  • CPU: Made those 3 undocumented instructions just skip to the next byte since that's apparently all the ROMs want anyway... Heh, wierd.
  • Memory: Memory management largely redone. Bank switching code erased and rewrote from scratch (ooh that was fun...) Now it's much more accurate, however, and mappers should work much better as well as that the emulator should GPF a lot less!
  • PPU: Made Background scroll Y value set to 0 if it's more than 239. It's not correct, but it's a temporary solution until I make the PPU code wrappable for those purposes.
  • PPU: Made background color go for whole name table array instead of just the first one.
  • PPU: Large bug fixed in rendering code - Not all 224 rows were being drawn which was cutting off the lower 8 rows of some games, and specifically, the Zelda title screen demo. That now displays perfectly.
  • PPU: HUGE BUG FIXED in scrolling since name tables weren't being drawn fully so that's what was causing those blank lines in games like Thexder!
  • VRAM: A few read/write bugs fixed
  • Game Genie: Fully Implemented! 6-Letter and 8-Letter Codes!
  • Interface: Because of the new bank switching engine, the PRG/CHR debug captions are now rendered useless since it would be too long to fit on the lines provided and would be unusable for most purposes since it's so different from the actual page #s which use unique bank sizes for each mapper.
  • Interface: Added automatic frameskipping
  • Interface: HUGE BUG FIXED in name table viewer
  • Interface: Made it set up everything as soon as the emulator is run instead of when you load a game. This should make it so that it doesn't always GPF if you do anything before loading a game. =)
  • Interface: Changed controller config window to the general options window and put all configuration options in there like Game Genie codes, frameskipping options, etc...
  • Interface: GPFs a **LOT** less!
  • Mappers: Fixed a large bug in Mapper #1 (MMC1) where it wasn't resetting the MMC1 registers right.
  • Mappers: A few bugs fixed in Mapper #4 (MMC3).
  • Mappers: Mapper #15 Partially Implemented, but I need much more info on it! The info I have is VERY vague (firebug's doc)! It's disabled here because it hasn't been rewritten for the new bank switching engine yet.
  • Mappers: Removed support all mappers above #7 (Except #15) because I haven't found any ROMs to test on them yet and I didn't want to reimplement them in my new bank switching format if there was no point to it.
  • All the large scrolling bugs such as in Thexder, Balloon Fight, and 634 have now been fixed! All known scrolling bugs squished!
  • NES4PC, in the 8-bit graphics mode, is no longer a forever-slow emulator. It runs at 50-55fps on my pentium 200 laptop on most games. You should now possibly check this out!
The homepage has been completely redone since I had some free time today and it no longer stinks.

NOVEMBER 18, 1998

Today's News bulletin added!

GalEMU v0.23 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Just a bugfix release, fixing the incorrect sprites being displayed in Moon Cresta. There is still a small problem with the characters on the name registration screen, but you know the two right-most characters are "RUB" and "END", right?
  • Notice the change of URL - it is now http://galemu.emulationworld.com Thanks to Emulation World for the web space!

PSEmuPro v1.0.19 Beta released! (Win9x)
This is an unsupported beta, and remember to go to their site to get the updated drivers to run it.
  • Gui look - as you can see :)
  • Haction R. - an engine to find cheats
  • Cheats - You can add cheats by editing "extras/codes.txt" file - follow rulez stored there
  • Added import from ActionReplay saves to memory card
  • Second PAD (try to write own drivers) - NEW PAD PLUGIN STANDARD - PREVIOUS PLUGINS DO NOT WORK
  • Better (but not good) XA playing
  • Better (sometimes worse) compatibilty
  • much more that i simply forgotten

NOVEMBER 17, 1998

Today's News bulletin added!

NOVEMBER 15, 1998

Today's News bulletin added!

DTMNT v0.54 released! (MS-DOS)
This is just v0.54 optimized for Pentium machines.

GameBoy 98 v0.04 Beta 2 released! (Win9x)
Did more rework on the interrupts, color palette got changed because I fixed another bug in the frontend.

FWNES v0.302 released! (MS-DOS)
  • fixed a sram backup bugs.(if you start from gui,it won't save )
  • 2fds.exe is update
  • Mapper 90 fix more !
  • Mapper 2 with FFE extension!
  • some FDS sound !
  • Enable FFE file suport (partial)!
  • Fix a game "Sukeban Deka 3"

Super Nintendo
Tales of Phantasia English Tables Patch v1.7 released! (MS-DOS)
Translates more of the spells you can use, more tables and other important game playing needs.

NOVEMBER 12, 1998

Today's News bulletin added!

Sinclair ZX Spectrum
x128 v0.92 released! (MS-DOS)
  • A full crash on exit occured when using the 'Use240Lines' mode and a TZX file was open
  • Z80 engine modified slightly in preparation for V1.0 (no visible effect)

NOVEMBER 10, 1998

Today's News bulletin added!

BRMSX v1.153 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Added an option to change the size of MegaRAM ("-megaram").
  • Fixed a bug in "EI" emulation. Fixed games includes "Feud/Halloween", "Cross Blaim" and "Yawara/Goonies module". Thanks to Cyberknight and Peter Latimer for the bug report.

NES4PC v0.12 Beta released! (Win9x)
What's new:
  • CPU: Added two undocumented instructions
  • CPU: Fixed an addressing mode bug
  • CPU: Tweaked a few instructions
  • PPU: Fixed huge bug in vertical scrolling. The game genie demo should be perfect now.
  • PPU: Fixed 8x16 sprite display bug
  • PPU: Fixed NTSC/PAL display centering bug
  • PPU: Fixed background scrolling bug
  • PPU: Fixed large background color bug
  • Controllers: Paddle support added
  • Controllers: Initial Zapper support added
  • Mappers: Fixed a few MMC1 Bugs
  • Mappers: Finished initial MMC3 Implementation, although I don't know how the IRQs are supposed to work... NE1 wanna help me out with this?
  • General: A few minor speedups
Coming Next Version:
  • Full Game Genie Code Support (completed)
  • Fixed Mapper #4 (completed)
  • Mapper #15 (first write complete, multiple bugs to be worked out)
  • Any information on Mappers that anyone has, other than firebug's doc, specificially on mappers #15 and #1.
  • Any information on the NES's zapper so that I can finish implementing it.
  • Any more information on controller signatures.

NOVEMBER 9, 1998

Today's News bulletin added!

GalEMU v0.22 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Fixed character display problem causing invisible rocks on Pisces, and your ship to disappear in Moon Cresta.
  • Fixed Moon Cresta graphics, now looks better than it does on MAME.
  • Added lamps. Are on by default, and can be switched off by pressing the 'L' key. Shown by white circles at the bottom of the screen.
  • Sound!!! Sound in all games except Zig Zag which uses an AY-3-8910. The sound may be a bit off-pitch, anyone know the correct pitch range? Samples are required for some sounds, but are not needed to run the emulator. The samples must be in the MAME .sam format. The ones I used for testing are those available at Dave's Classics (www.davesclassics.com - free plug, Dave!).
  • Zig Zag still doesn't work - all the sprites are invisible. Also, the coin inputs don't work. Anyone got any ideas why?
  • No GUI yet, but coming very soon...
  • And maybe some other little things that I have forgotten about...

NES4PC v0.01 Beta released! (Win9x)
  • All 6502 Opcodes and one undocumented instruction. All registers are either fully supported or have code in to make them work until I add full functionality to them.
  • FULL PPU Emulation with all types of mirroring including 4-screen, all sprite functions including tile flipping, and a pretty good palette.
  • 2 Joypads
  • Crappy sound for Pulse Channels 1 and 2
  • Fully Supported and Tested Mappers: #0 (No Mapper), #1 (MMC1), #2 (UNROM), and #3 (CNROM)
  • Partially Supported Mappers: #4 (MMC3)
  • Fully Supported yet Untested Mappers: #7 (AOROM), #8 (FFE F3xxx), #11 (Color Dreams), #34 (Nina-1), #66 (GNROM), #71 (Camerica), and #78 (Irem 74HC161/32)
  • 16-bit and 24-bit color modes, and a crappy 8-bit color mode (but at least you can play in it)
  • Custom frameskipping and FPS display
  • Debugger with everything you'd ever want

Super Nintendo
SNES9x v1.1.1.1 released! (MacOS)
  • runs Mario Cart much better than before

NOVEMBER 7, 1998

Today's News bulletin added!

Atari 2600
z26 v1.19 released! (MS-DOS)
  • New frame synchronizer. Should fix the weirdness of the last couple of versions.
  • No longer need to hit shift key to get into mode 8.

Getsufuuma Densetsu English Patch v1.00 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Documentation updated
  • It was 100% done before. Why was it not version 1.00?

Super Nintendo
Final Fantasy V English Patch v1.10 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Updated readme file a bit
  • Patch file has been fixed to reflect spelling fixes

Hanjuku Heroes Engish Patch v0.001 released! (MS-DOS)
  • First public release
  • Font replaced
  • Some menus translated

Rockman & Forte English Patch v0.40 released! (MS-DOS)
  • added a lot of Roll's reciever dialogue (2 strings left to put in)
  • changed the save text to make more sense (save = file) and centered the text, also, text isn't written
  • added/changed other stuff I can't remember, but it's all for the better

NOVEMBER 6, 1998

Today's News bulletin added!

DTMNT v0.54 released! (MS-DOS)
You also need to find the new romset with all the sound information in it. Available somewhere on the internet.
  • added support for the complete sound romset

Game Boy
Virtual GameBoy v1.3 released! (FreeBSD) (Solaris) (SunOS) (OSF/1)
Same things are new as what I listed the other day. This is just the rest of the ports for Unix running systems.

Nintendo 64
True Reality v0.1.1 released! (Unix)
I have no idea what is different in this release because the author don't really say on the site if there really is anything different. But here it is anyway.

NOVEMBER 5, 1998

Site Lists updated!
It took me awhile but I finally updated them, whoever has sent mail, your site is there.

NOVEMBER 4, 1998

Today's News bulletin added!

Game Boy
Virtual GameBoy v1.3 released! (Win9x)
Don't forget, you've got to pay to play! The rest of the ports should be released soon.
  • Documentation is now in HTML format.
  • Added support for Nintendo Pocket Camera.
  • Added support for InterAct GameShark.
  • Added GameLink emulation (Unix only, over TCP/IP).
  • Added MBC5 mapper chip emulation.
  • Fixed a bug with sprite display (Casper, etc.).
  • Fixed multiple bugs with CGB display (DragonQuestMonsters).
  • Fixed a bug with joypad (PocketMonsters games).
  • Added speed controls to VGB-Windows.
  • Cheat saving/loading fixed in VGB-Windows.

Turbo Grafx 16
Hu6280 v1.83 Beta released! (MS-DOS)
  • Now using seal library 1.05 instead of 1.03, this should cure problems people where having with their PCI soundcards.
  • Improved cpu timing again, also, tweaked dma emulation.

NOVEMBER 3, 1998

Today's News bulletin added!

Amstrad CPC
CaPriCe32 v0.04b released! (MS-DOS)
  • AY-3-8912 sound emulation
  • New UI graphics + splash screen
  • Better error handling during initialization
  • A switch to UNZIP32.EXE for ZIP archive decompression
  • Keyboard LED usage is now configurable
  • Preliminary drive B support Multiple VSYNCs per frame (Thunder Blade, Q10, Paradise Demo, etc.)
  • CRTC register 8 emulation (BSC Megademo - Crazy Scroll part)
  • Fixed BMP screen dump routine (broke in v0.03b)

PCSloMo v0.24 Beta 3 released! (Win9x)
  • More Pac-Man clones
  • Newer GUI
  • Invaders Revenge support

BrMSX v1.152 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Support to more undocumented VDP modes, now you can run the demo "Atselous" without bugs. Thanks to Isaac Solorzano (for reporting the bug), Neckfreak of Bandwagon (for explaining the tricks), and Sean Young (for suggesting a fast implementation).
  • Added a "Fast Forward" key, the TURBO mode will be enabled while you press the NumLock key. This is great for skipping the boot! (feature inspired by ZSNES).
  • Fixed the flag affection for "LD R,A" and "LD I,A". Thanks to Dal Poz for the tests on a real MSX.

CoolNESs v0.72 released! (AmigaOS)
  • adds continue and freeze/melt

RockNES v0.57 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Gfx engine speed up, thanks to Zoop for help;
  • Sprite priority working 100%, thanks to everybody that helped me;
  • Fixed a bug (the last?) getting ROM Mapper number;
  • Added Mappers #22 (Konami - TwinBee 3), #32 (Irem - Image Fight), #33, #34 (both not tested), #68 (SunSoft - AfterBurner 2, missing background with unknown reason for now), #71, #78 (both not tested), #91 (not working);
  • Partial Mapper #9 support;
  • Mapper #10 working with minor problems;
  • Mapper #11 working (stupid error removed);
  • Mapper #22 working (TwinBee3, minor score problem);
  • Fixed problem with Mapper #7 (working again, but very buggy);
  • Fixed a bug saving/displaying screen (Bitmap left-clip [PPU flag]);
  • Fixed bugs in both frameskip systems (auto and normal);
  • Fixed problem with Sprite #0 hit (games like Zelda 2, DuckTales 1&2 and Super Mario Bros.1 have correct speed again, fixing "half score" scroll in CastleVania 1, Zelda 2 and others;
  • Fixed a bug in Mapper #2 (Zelda 2 working ok);
  • Removed option to get 50FPS ("PAL" mode).

NOVEMBER 2, 1998

The New Zealand Story Emu v2.0 released! (MS-DOS)
  • speed increased
  • new GUI

Handy v0.52 released! (Win9x)
  • Created the new CDirectSoundPlayer class and linked into CLynxWindow.
  • Removed system linkage to CSoundPlayer class
  • Small optimisation to CMikie::Update() sound catchup code was calculating the sample each time thru the loop, even though the value is always static.
  • Modify Mikie code to use a single buffer for sound and fit in with the new sound player class.
  • Fixed a bug where X4 would give a blank screen under full-screen mode.
  • Fixed a bug in CDirectSoundPlayer causing crash if another app had the directSound primary buffer locked.
  • Created new error handling dialogclass so that full screeen is auto cleared on error. Stops a problem with machine lockout in full screen.
  • Removed some of the global variables back into CLynxWindow as they were no longer accessed outside of this class.

uNESsential v0.18 released! (MS-DOS)
  • New sprite engine with sprite flipping.
  • A few more opcodes emulated.
  • 8x16 sprite support (buggy(?)).
  • Typos fixed in BMI, INY and JMP opcodes.
  • Bugs fixed in the following opcodes:
  • Very minor speed increase.
  • VBlank-waiting-loop skipping.
  • Sprite DMA register.
  • Bug in VRAM reading fixed.
  • Bug in register $2002 fixed.
  • Breakpoints.

Spectravideo 318/328
SVI 318/328 Emulator v0.31 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Emu doesn't crash if other sound programs are active upon start.
  • Fixed a sprite bug with sprites having negative Y values [Knightmare]

Turbo Grafx 16
PowerPCEngine v0.3.7 released! (MacOS)
  • Now uses Apple's HideMenuBar() and ShowMenuBar() functions
  • Changed the window behavior. PowerPCengine no longer quits when the close box is clicked. Only the window dies. also the window is only displayed when a ROM is open
  • Removed the background picture due to the new behavior

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