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Contained here is our 'morgue', so to speak, of past updates. Some links may work, some may not. The purpose of providing you with this history of releases is purely for your entertainment (and so that you can bet your friends money that certain emulators are really that old).

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OCTOBER 31, 1998
Happy Halloween!
Commodore 64
Come Back 64 v0.98 released! (MS-DOS)
  • No more random system lockups
  • No more lockups when only a few .PRG/.P00's exist in directory
  • Improved 6510 emulation (much more games work now! finally!)
  • Sped up some routine

OCTOBER 30, 1998
fwNES v0.301 released!
fwNES v0.301 released! (MS-DOS)
This version came out a few hours after v0.30b and it supposedly fixes a bug in mapper #225. None of the documentation was changed for this version. All in all, this is a very good nes editor which has undergone some vast improvements in the past few months and there will be more to come. fwNES v0.301 is definately worth the download.
  • a New multi language GUI(English/Japanese/Chinese) is added .
  • a powerful Cheat Finder is added, now you can beat any game easily .
  • 2Player and more joysticks is supported (2 x 2buttons ,2x Sidewinders ,2x Snespads)
  • Zapper/FC Trainer is supported (some game still buggy)
  • VS Arcade is supported . CastleVaina / SMB / IceClimber .
  • Famicom Disk System(FDS) is supported, but lack addtional sound channels.
  • Namco/VRC6/VRC7/Mmc5 addtional sound channels is added .
  • FFE File are supported (partial)
  • S6502 Core related code fixed(more stable)
  • Mapper 1 a bugs is fixed ,now Zombie Hunter work again.
  • Mapper 3 support changed .
  • Mapper 4 a VRAM bugs is fixed .
  • Mapper 8 fixed.
  • Mapper 5 All KOEI game fixed , Sram backup corrected and Spilt Screen Mode added.
  • Mapper 16 EEPROM backup is added (only SDG2 still buggy),and FamiJump 2 fixed;
  • Mapper 18 IRQ Handling changed ,more game work.
  • Mapper 19 IRQ Handling changed ,game work better.
  • Mapper 73 Salamader fixed
  • Mapper 83 Cony Mapper fixed (Garbo Dentsu 2,World Hero 2J work).
  • Mapper 84 Pasofami Mapper removed and change to Pirate SMB2J mapper.
  • Mapper 88 Namcot 118 mapper fixed
  • Mapper 90 JY??? Mapper fixed (Tekken2 ,Samurai Spirit 2 , SMB2J work) but still some bugs on other games (MK4).
  • Mapper 91 Mapper fixed ,SF3/SF2Pro work perfectly.
  • Mapper 93 - Mapper 97 Biones Mappers added (detail in fwnes98e.txt).
  • Mapper 112-117 added (detail in fwnes98e.txt).
  • Mapper 118-122 added (detail in fwnes98e.txt)
  • Mapper 225-228 added (detail in fwnes98e.txt)

OCTOBER 29, 1998
ZSNES v0.715c released!
WinUAE v0.8.6 Release 5 released! (Win9x)
  • Refresh-rate of full-screen DirectDraw modes are either 60Hz or 70Hz, depending on your Windows desktop refresh-rate.
  • 68020/68881 is disabled in the GUI - because it is non-functional in ALL 0.8.6 releases of UAE on ALL platforms (Linux, MacOS, DOS, etc.)
  • Better networking support
  • ACTION_PARENT_FH AmigaOS DOS-packet is fixed.
  • Windowed-mode Picasso96 support is removed (it was buggy anyways, and I didn't want to get bug reports for it!)

Escula de Combate v0.1 released! (Win9x)
Emulates Combat School. Spanish name, spanish emulator, spanish readme, you tell me...

Atari 2600
z26 v1.18 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Fixed problem of games running too fast when you first start them up. This problem was caused by the new frame synchronization code in version 1.17.

ColEmDOS v1.0a released! (MS-DOS)
  • Stupid joystick initialization bug fixed (should fix slowdown on some systems)

Metedit v0.7 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Map viewer implemented. Lets you view the entire map grid of the game, and move around on it. This makes it easier to move to a specific room, and to see exactly where in the area you are.
  • The level editor now autodetects which area you're in at all times, so the graphics and room data will always be correct.
  • My document which explains the format of the level map data is now included with this editor (in the .ZIP archive). The doc has been updated to version 1.1.

RBI Baseball Manager v1.5 added! (Win9x)
There is no text document explaining what's new in this version, so I don't know what is different.

Tecmo Super Bowl Manager v1.2 added! (Win9x)
  • Bitmap images of all player photos
  • Bug fix in saving player photo data

Super Nintendo
ZSNES v0.715c released! (MS-DOS)
  • Fixed a crashing bug when 16bit back window clipping was using an undefined windowing clip buffer
  • Added spc program counter check to the spc stall detection to reduce false alarms
  • Tweaked IRQ processing a bit
  • ZSNES.CFG and ZGUICFG.DAT are now fixed so that they will use the current directory when the SET CMDLINE detection fails
  • Fixed several mode 7 bugs in the new graphic engines
  • Implemented an option to save the configuration files in the MISC menu
  • Added a shadow to the in-game text displays
  • Fixed a bug created in v0.700 where pressing F3 while sound is disabled crashes zsnes
  • Fixed up player 4 and player 5 so they now work again
  • Fixed up color a bit in the old graphics 16bit engine
  • Added gamma control to 16bit old graphics engine
  • Fixed a cheat code bug where pressing the down key in the browser overflows by 3 rows
  • Fixed up a bug where any memory allocation below 48mbit support crashes
  • Added out of memory error when loading a file from the gui
  • Fixed a minor off by 1 pixel windowing bug
  • Fixed up memory requirements in the readme.txt. It seems like compiling with C takes up 3.0 more megs. It shouldn't though. An asm only version will be release later without dsp1/ipx support unless the reason is figured out.
  • NOTE : It seems like IPX mode randomly loses packets in certain configurations so IPX isn't recommended to use yet.

OCTOBER 28, 1998

Website News
News bulletin added!

OCTOBER 27, 1998

Sinclair ZX Spectrum
X128 v0.91 released! (MS-DOS)
  • "Theoretical" 5% speed increase in CPU emulation.

OCTOBER 26, 1998
ZSNES v0.700 released!
CoolNESs v0.71 released! (AmigaOS)
  • added screanshot feature

Sinclair ZX Spectrum
X128 v0.9 released! (MS-DOS)
  • ACB/ABC stereo via OPL3 or SB Pro.
  • TRD writing.
  • Edge loading.
  • 320x240 X-mode.
  • INI file.
  • DISCiPLE/+D emulation via MGT files.

Super Nintendo
Snes9x v1.1.1 released! (MacOS)
Well, I don't have a Mac and I can't read minds, so, I can't tell you what's new in this release. My best guess would be that it updates the Mac version to the rest of the new Snes9x releases. (It's just my guess though...)

ZSNES v0.700 released! (MS-DOS)
Alright!! A new version of the only SNES emulator that is worth using, I can't wait to try it out!!!

  • Fixed another offset per tile mode bug
  • Fixed up joystick button update rate
  • Fixed a bug that caused sound buffer dump option to crash
  • Fixed a minor sound initialization bug
  • ZSNES now compiles with C code!
  • Fully rewritten commandline parser routines
  • Partially rewritten SET BLASTER/SET CMDLINE detection
  • Implemented partial DSP1 support. Seems to have some precision problems. Thanks to the snes9x team for the info!
  • Fixed a mode 7 nonrepeat mode off by 1 tile bug
  • Implemented snapshot/increment by 2 frame feature in the F1 menu for those interested in producing animations
  • Added variable sound buffer size to reduce static in higher sampling rates
  • Changed method of reading the mouse cursor position in the GUI. Hopefully, this fixes those mouse crash problems when zsnes is run in pure dos and sometimes win95.
  • Added a commandline to disable palette 0 (back color) modification in 256 color modes
  • Implemented Turbo Buttons for buttons A,B,X, and Y. Use the GUI to define those keys
  • Added the ability to toggle Turbo Change speed to 30hz instead of 60hz in the Options menu
  • Started C4 chip emulation. Nothing is playable yet.
  • Fixed up SET CMDLINE detection. Hopefully, zsnes.cfg and zguicfg.dat will now end up in the correct directory.
  • Started Modem Support (direct modem to modem). DOS-Compatible modem required! Thanks to Dark Force for helping out on getting a bug that kept USR's and other modems from working! Also thanks to The Minder for a lot of help testing! Note : Modem mode isn't free of bugs
  • Added in-game chat key to the GUI keys for modem/net support. Currently defaulted to 't'
  • Forgot to add EMMS after any MMX routines that seems to cause any FPU instructions to crash
  • Fixed an interrupt re-enable bug in the Gamepad Pro code which seems to have eliminated the locking bugs when it's not set on GrIP mode
  • Implemented keys to adjust Frame Rate up or down during gameplay. You can define them through the GUI under Gamekeys
  • Implemented keys to slide the volume level up or down during gameplay
  • Fixed a small HDMA screw up bug when using Save/Load states which caused the screen to flicker once in many games
  • Finally fix up 48mbit mapper support! Many thanks to Dark Force, Mike Gilroy, and Frank Hughes for a lot of help on this!
  • Several fixes to register 4211h
  • Rewrote IRQ timing handler (not perfect, but better)
  • Implemented Fossil Driver support to the modem support.
  • Fixed an IRQ reenable bug
  • Increased default cycles a bit
  • Fixed some major mode 7 rotation bugs
  • Added support for uninterleaved 48mbit roms
  • Added a FIX option to the cheat code to correct incorrectly converted codes
  • Implemented Mode 7 horizontal flip
  • Implemented primitive IPX support. It is very primitive at the moment and may not work since it isn't really tested much.
  • Optimised some 65816 direct page addressing modes NOTE : .ZMV (Movie) files recorded under v0.635 has good potential on becoming obsolete in this version because of the timing changes NOTE : IPX support and Modem support may be buggy since it hasn't been tested on multiple types of connections yet.

OCTOBER 25, 1998

WinUAE v0.8.6 Release 4 released! (Win9x)
  • The GUI is now functional
  • Changed to be a true Windows Application again, meaning no ugly console window
  • Changed configuration-file format and command-line parameters
  • Added mini-Installation program
  • Removed the screen-swapping, monitor-popping, display-cycling at startup. This will only happen once after you've installed, and it will remember the setting for the future
  • The floppy-disk requester and kickstart ROM/Key-file requesters remember your favorite directory for .adf files and for .rom/.key files
  • Added waveout-looping sound support
  • Added bsdsocket.library support
  • Added file-system code to allow ACTION_FH_FROM_LOCK, for ShowDVI/TeX
  • Added file-system code to allow ACTION_PARENT_FH, for Fiasco
  • Added drive-lights, power-LED, and FPS indicators when running in a window on the Windows Desktop.
  • Fixed mounting of root-volumes
  • Fixed the -w -1 and -w 0 options to work better
  • Fixed vertical-blanking interval to always be 50Hz, or as close as possible
  • Fixed serial-port support. Same as in 0.7.5 releases
  • Fixed the '\' and '|' key
  • Fixed the numeric-keypad 'Enter' key to be different than the main 'Enter'
  • Fixed the left vs. right Ctrl and Alt keys
  • Fixed the ability to rename files/dirs to same name with different case
  • Included version 0.9 of uaegfx.card driver for P96. This fixes a couple of small bugs.

Raine v0.16a released! (MS-DOS)
  • Added 16 playable games
  • YM2610 sound in: Bonze Adventure, Crime City, Dinorex, Drift Out, Final Blow, Growl, Jigoku, Liquid Kids, Mega Blast, Ninja Kids, Ninja Warriors, Operation Thunderbolt, Pulirula, Rastan Saga 2, Space Invaders DX, Super Space Invaders 91, Superman, Syvalion, Taito Tetris, Warrior Blade.
  • YM2151 sound in: Cabal, Cadash, Operation Wolf, Operation Wolf Bootleg, Rastan, Rastan Saga, Rainbow Islands, Rainbow Islands Extra, Rodland (partial).
  • YM2203 sound in: Master of Weapons, Darius, Darius Extra.
  • YM3526/3812 sound and 8-bit samples in: Armed Formation, Terra Cresta, Terra Force.
  • ADPCM samples in: Cabal, Darius, Darius Extra, Rastan, Rastan Saga, Operation Wolf, Operation Wolf Bootleg.
  • DriftOut rotation layer optimized with fast code from Cedrick Collomb
  • Toggle All/Available/Missing roms in game selector
  • 6 rompaths now (3 for roms, 3 for ziproms), also configurable in gui
  • Improved sprites in Master of Weapons (now playable)
  • Fixed Terra Cresta sprite colours and added BG0 disable, thanks to Nicola Salmoria for information
  • Fixed Armed Formation BG0/1 colours and gfx and added layer disable bits
  • Added missing BG1 layer to Terra Force and layer disable bits
  • Pause option (P). When paused, scroll bigscreen games with arrow keys
  • Converted the UAE 68020 code to asm and optimized it a lot (it's not as fast as writing a 100% asm core from scratch, but it's much faster than before!)
  • Fixed Elevator Action 2, no more green colour under the main sprite.
  • Joystick and Sound Options in GUI

ColEmDOS v1.0 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Full screen 256x192 video mode option.
  • Joystick support.
  • Soundtrack saved directly into MIDI files. No conversion needed.
  • Machine state can be instantly saved and restored.
  • Added autofire keyboard controls.

NO$GMB v1.9 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Link: works in SGB mode
  • Link: battery RAM is separately saved for each machine
  • Supports new 2MB ROM size (Dragonquest Monsters)
  • Gameshark cheats input box
  • Predefined SGB border for border-less SGB games (colors untested)
  • Some sound fixes, PC speaker and covox lpt sound output
  • SNES pad support (parallel port adapter)

Handy v0.51 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Moved history into whatsnew.txt
  • Tidied the documents a little.
  • Fixed joystick initialisation problem, forgot to set dwSize
  • Designed a new homepage

Master System
MasterGear v1.2 released! (Linux) (OSF/1) (Solaris) (SunOS)
This is just an update of the rest of the ports that weren't updated when the main update was released last week.
  • Documentation expanded. READ IT!
  • Added emulation for Japanese SG1000/SC3000 systems which were predecessors to the MasterSystem.
  • Fixed Japanese/English switch.
  • Even more accurate VRAM read/write emulation. (multiple minor glitches)
  • Fixed VBlank control bits in VDP. (multiple minor glitches)
  • VBlank interrupts are persistent now. (Samurai Spirits and Robocop 3)
  • Added multi-phase VBlank processing. (Smash TV, Spiderman)
  • Memory is initialized to 00h not FFh now (done by bootup ROM?). (Shanghai 2)
  • Windows version has got a "Sync to Timer" option to control emulation speed.

iNES v0.7 released! (SunOS)
Brings the SunOS version up to date with the other versions of iNES.

Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Warajevo v2.5 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Includes emulation of the American release of the Spectrum, the Timex Sinclair 2068. Nearly all of the features of this computer (except disk interfaces) are implemented, including extra video modes, joystick interface, sound chip, bank switching hardware, RAM/ROM cartridge expansions, LROS and AROS programs, TS 2048 printer and AERCO printer interface, etc.
  • Improved TZX file compatibility: all tested TZX files (about 500) now work. Warajevo can now handle TZX files with blocks longer than 64K (Skool Daze for example). A very serious bug which sometimes caused the loss of one bit at TZX block boundaries (the main reason for TZX incompatibility) is now removed (noticed in Robocop, 10th Frame etc.). The TZX Select block is still not implemented, but now it will not fool the emulator (noticed in Batman 3).
  • Much faster TZX conversion. The rules of TZX conversion may be customized, so you may decide between maximal compatibility and slower loading, or fast loading with less compatibility...
  • Switch /%LMAX is implemented, which makes loading using non-standard loaders (TZX files, tone samples, edge recognizer etc.) much faster (on 100 MHz machine four times faster or more) without any degradation in compatibility.
  • Improved AY sound emulation on Sound Blaster: exact emulation of the AY chip is implemented, including the variable-frequency noise generator, digital sound effects and speech generation. In most cases, the sound is the same as in the X128 emulator (SAOM version) which needs higher hardware requirements on your computer than the Warajevo emulator. AdLib compatibility is improved: a switch (/SO) is introduced to achieve maximal compatibility with very old sound cards which use the OPL2 chip for FM synthesis.
  • Warajevo 2.5. implements one exotic sound emulation mode: with the switch /SX it tries to emulate all of the AY features (noise, digital sound etc.) using only the PC beeper! Sometimes it sounds quite good.
  • Emulation of multicolor effects (switch /QX) is implemented: the well-known Overscan demo and many other multicolor programs now work quite well. At the moment, there is only one emulator which has a better emulation of such effects: ZX32 for Windows 95 by Vaggelis Kapartzianis.
  • Warajevo 2.5. allows direct loading and saving from the emulator kernel using a real tape recorder through a LPT1 port (both loading and saving) or a Sound Blaster card (loading only), like the registered version of Lunter's Z80 emulator. But unlike Lunter's program, in the Warajevo emulator you can see the loading screens etc. during loading!
  • The environment of Warajevo 2.5. has an option for sampling the tone record from a real tape into a TAP file, regardless of the structure of the tone record and loading routine. In other words, you can transfer any program from real tape to a TAP file!
  • A switch (/EO) is implemented which allows programs which need the old ZX Interface 1 ROM (like Trans Express, Easyuse Microdrive Utility, Beta Basic 3.0 etc.) to work correctly. Again, only in the Warajevo emulator!
  • The 'Start' button does not allow selection of a file which is not a Spectrum-related file.
  • 48K snapshot files may be loaded into the 128K version of the emulator without errors and conversions. Also, switching from the 48K version to the 128K version may be done without resetting the emulator.
  • The utility MAKEREG is introduced which helps by registering Spectrum files with the emulator in Windows 95. Also, a separate icon file for each file type category has been designed.
  • Task switching to the emulator on MS Windows will not cause trash on the screen (if you select the appropriate option to enable this feature). Also, some options are introduced for better MS Windows compatibility.
  • The command Dx y z 1 in the built-in monitor now also displays ASCII characters and BASIC tokens, which is very useful for analysing protected BASIC programs. The monitor may access all the Timex extra memory banks, and some small improvements are also introduced.
  • Exact behaviour of the self-modified Z80 CALL instruction is implemented, so some more programs now work (Batman DE).
  • The switches /@ and /@@ which help various kinds of batch testing are introduced.
  • Warajevo 2.5. can disable picture generation using Shift+F6, which helps loading from real tape on slower computers.
  • The switch /H is now obsolete; loading from emulated tape is quite aesthetic, regardless of the setting of the /H switch, without any drawbacks.
  • You can exit the emulator pressing Alt+F4, like in Windows.
  • The help screen (F1) is much nicer, and it is now colourful.
  • A very dangerous bug in the envelope generator which could hang-up and totally lock the emulator has been removed (noticed in War Cars and Brain Crash).
  • A nasty bug which destroys the DE register after returning from the Tape Manager has been fixed.
  • A bug which trashed the alternative register set on start-up when the option /A is given has been fixed (noticed in RamPage and FireFly).
  • The option /K in the 48K version of the emulator now works correctly (fixed, but useless).
  • The bug which prevented working with read-only files in the environment is now fixed.
  • Updating of alternate video memory on the 128K now works correctly in all cases (noticed in the Hercules demo).
  • A bug in the envelope generator which sometimes trashed some melodies is removed at last (we've searched for this bug since release 1.1)!
  • Lunter TAP files which are shorter than 12 bytes now cannot cause a crash in the emulator like in release 2.0.
  • A bug which caused screen flashing during loading in synchronous border emulation mode has been fixed.
  • Conversions to and from the ZXS and ZXT formats, and from the TRD to TAP format now works correctly. Thanks to Vaggelis Kapartzianis.
  • The option /S when does not exist will not cause a crash like in release 2.0.
  • Different video timing in the 128K version is implemented, and some bugs in the timing calculation are fixed, so 128K programs which use border effects (El Loco for example) now work correctly (thanks to Miodrag Stancevic).
  • In release 2.0. the ULA delay estimation was very often overestimated, which may have caused some programs to crash. This is now fixed.
  • Bugs in instructions like RRCP (IX+nn),reg are now fixed (noticed in Songs In Line 5)
  • SA_BYTES routine now returns the correct value of the IX register (noticed in one copy program, thanks to Miodrag Stancevic).
  • Working with the emulator across the midnight boundary will update the date correctly after exiting the emulator (thanks to Daniel Herak).
  • The command switch /?86 is now parsed correctly (thanks to Philip Pogosov)
  • The environment is now optimized for 286+ processors (and cannot be started with an 8086). The design of the items in the help system in the environment is closer to the items in the environment itself.
  • Many users asked us about the organization of the compressed Warajevo TAP files, so information about exact TAP file organization is included in the manual.
  • The documentation and FAQ list are updated.

Super Nintendo
SNEmul v0.58b released! (MS-DOS)
There was no update to the readme file but they just added more compatibility so more games should work.

Snes9x v1.12 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Cyber Warrior X is now the maintainer of the Dos Port.
  • A new SPC Dumper has been implemented. (use F1 to activate)
  • Pretty much Complete Config file support(special thanks to Kreed for the inspiration). Joystick Mappings, and a few other things need to be added later.
  • NetPlay has been disabled for this release since it crashes under all systems using Scitech Display Doctor.
  • Diagonal Keys on number pad can now be used(makes games like Street Fighter easier to use).
  • Changed Grip Mapping, should be as close to a real Snes pad as possible.
  • Added a Fast-forward key. (it's like what the tilde key does in Zsnes) Use F2 to activate, and F3 to put the speed back to normal.
  • Disabled Quick-freeze due to a planned rewrite of it, as well as a remap of it.

OCTOBER 22, 1998
PSEmuPro v1.0.10 released!
PCSloMo v0.24 Beta 2 released! (Win9x)
  • added support for some Pac-Man clones.

Handy v0.50 released! (Win9x)
  • DirectDraw full screen support
  • fixed memory leaks

Nintendo 64
True Reality v10/20/98 released! (MacOS)
Plays some of the homebrewn games ( Pong, etc...) but not all of them.

True Reality v1998102101 released! (Unix)
Improves some graphical gliches.

PSEMu v1.0.10 released! (Win9x)
The long awaited new release is here! Delayed for reasons which we all know about, you should be thankful they released it anyway.
  • MDEC support (although not all MDEC movies work yet, due to other problems)
  • Memory card support
  • More GPU drivers (including a first Direct3D version !)
  • XA audio support (no CD audio track support yet, though)
  • More user friendly installation method
  • More compatibility
  • More speed

Super Nintendo
Villgust v1.0 Patch released! (MS-DOS)
Complete tranlation released by Transcore.

UNIROM v0.60 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Wow, new release! One that doesn't crash all the time! Guess why? The answer's simple: Error handling has been implemented. Have fun.
  • I had to scrap my plans for the .DTX files until I get a more optimizable way to use them. In other words: They we're too fucking slow!
  • A little setup proggie has been incorporated so that you can setup UNIROM if unirom.ini doesn't exist or the program can't find it.
  • The screen now doesn't mess up as badly as before. It may look a bit bad, but just press HOME and it'll be alright again.
  • Loads of bugfixes.
  • Removed the "default loaded blah" shit. Noone uses it.
  • .bnu loading is now Ligthning-fast!
  • Loads of new stuff in FF2.UBF! What's that, you ask? It's the bookmark file for Final Fantasy 2. Just load it and press F6 when you've entered editing mode.
  • I added some new .USD files(UniROM Script Dump files) so tha you can dump ALL of the text in FF2.
  • I will soon change the script dump format to a much more easy one to use later, when I add script inserting.

OCTOBER 20, 1998
Atari 2600
z26 v1.15 released! (MS-DOS)
Automatic paddle support for a few more games and better support for tall games including:
  • Video mode 4. 320x240 Mode-X.
  • Video mode 5. This is the new default mode for tall games. It's 320x240 with an adjusted aspect ratio to match mode 3, the default mode for short games. Around 50 or 60 games now start up in this mode by default.
  • Video mode 6. A much requested 320x240 scanline mode. It's really a 320x480 video mode using alternate scanlines to make it look like a TV. The aspect ratio of this mode also matches mode 3.
  • Video mode 7. This is a 320x480 mode that displays every single line of a game so you can see what it looks like without having the top and bottom cut off. The image is small though.
  • Video modes are now switchable during game play using the keyboard. Press the number key on the keyboard (not the keypad) corresponding to the desired video mode to switch to. Numbers 0 through 7 are currently valid.
  • All of these new modes run at 60 Hz to give correct play speed and they all run on old fixed-frequency monitors so that they should run on just about any VGA/monitor combination.

Master System / Game Gear
MasterGear v1.2 added! (Win9x) (FreeBSD)
  • Documentation expanded. READ IT!
  • Added emulation for Japanese SG1000/SC3000 systems which were predecessors to the MasterSystem.
  • Fixed Japanese/English switch.
  • Even more accurate VRAM read/write emulation. (multiple minor glitches)
  • Fixed VBlank control bits in VDP. (multiple minor glitches)
  • VBlank interrupts are persistent now. (Samurai Spirits and Robocop 3)
  • Added multi-phase VBlank processing. (Smash TV, Spiderman)
  • Memory is initialized to 00h not FFh now (done by bootup ROM?). (Shanghai 2)
  • Windows version has got a "Sync to Timer" option to control emulation speed.
Riki Kunio Translation Patch v0.95 released! (MS-DOS)
Riki Kunio is a fighting game being tranlated by oRdErEDchaos Translations.

Spectravideo 318/328
SVI-318/328 Emulator v0.3 released! (MS-DOS)
This is a new emulator by Jimmy Mardell for a previously un-emulated system made popular in Europe. It is described as a pre-MSX system.
  • Fixed a stupid "bug" that caused the PSG to update only at 25Hz instead of 50Hz.
  • .CAS files can be any size (<512k) instead of a multiple of 4096.
  • Added VDP support for magnified sprites [Graphic Chess, Pengwyn]
  • Wind/rewind tape with F6/F7
  • Configuration file (svi.cfg) added:
    • Default paths & configurations
    • Possibility to create your own configurations
  • Tape autorun (except on files saved with "save")
  • Screen 2 roughly added (only supports the default char- & namtable)
  • Fixed a sprite bug [Hyper Olympic, Kung fu]
  • Added resolution 320x240 (Mode-X)
  • Simpy menu system added
  • Screenshots
  • PSG and SMP recording
Super Nintendo
Snes9x v1.11d released! (Linux)
  • Corrected the sound echo delay - it was varying with the sound playback rate choosen by the user - it shouldn't have been.
  • Removed all floating point calculations from the sound generation code.
  • Fiddled with the pitch modulation code - my guess is the output of a channel that is used to modulate the frequency of another channel is automatically muted by the SPC700 chip. Just a guess, but the wind from FF3 sounds 'better' but far from perfect.
  • Optimised the tile palette index calculation.
  • Optimised the planar to chuncky tile conversion code.
  • Fixed X11 port to always scale SNES image if hi-res. only (no interpolation) support is enabled.
  • Added zipped ROM image support using Gilles Vollant unzip code and some code that Ivar (Lestat) sent me a long time ago.
  • 65c816 asm RTI instruction was destroying the program bank in emulation mode, the C code was already correct. Caused C64E to break.

Snes9x v1.10a added! (AmigaOS)
Updated to include the new development in v1.10. There is no sound in this release.

Snes9x v1.10 added! (Solaris)
  • Netplay v1 ! Yes upto 5 players !
  • Bugfixed the C Super FX code, now Winter Gold works again.
  • Mario Kart is now playable! The character projection code is still broken so the opponents and obstacles aren't always positioned correctly on screen and you keep bumping into them, but I can still keep coming first! (Check the screenshot page for some in-game pictures)
  • And lotsa other bugfixes

OCTOBER 19, 1998
DOSUAE v0.7.5 Beta 2 released! (MS-DOS)
This distribution contain some files and utilities for DosUAE, they will fully integrate DosUAE on a future version.
  • DVU Utility - This utility enables you to view on MSDOS the contents of a virtual
    amiga diretory (the ones with #UAE.VFS file).
    Author: Patrik Elsaesser
  • ADFI 2 Utility - This utility enables you to transfer files from an amiga.
    Author: Ross V (based on work by Henry Mantere)
  • Spanish Translations - Author: Olivier Iranzo Anguix
  • Italian Translations - Author: Fulvio Leonardi

PCSloMo v0.24 Beta 1 released! (Win9x)
  • added support for Pac-Man
  • added support for Ms. Pac-Man

Super Nintendo
Snes9x v1.10 released! (MS-DOS)
There is no text files in this unsupported release of Snes9x by Matt Christensen. This version supposedly fixes the bug in Mario Cart but I've heard it don't work all that well.

Turbo Grafx 16
HU6280 v1.82 Beta released! (MS-DOS)
  • imporoved crc detection
  • added .BAK files when using save option (very handy), use 'K' to reload.BAK file
  • fixed some graphic glitches on various games (this sped emulation up)
  • improved cycle timing accuracy - (this sped emulation up)
  • optimized cpu emulation core, now runs better on pentium machines.
  • Fixed some minor bugs, and optimized memory useage

OCTOBER 17, 1998
Archaic Ruins
Site Lists updated!
Wow! An update of the site lists, it's about time! I just changed and added a few links, let me know if any of them are bad.
Les v0.1 released! (MS-DOS)
Les is a new Pleiads emulator by _DrMario_ that uses the same Z80 core used by Penix.

Commodore 64
Come Back 64 v0.97 released! (MS-DOS)

NES496 v0.11 released! (Win9x)
Minor release
  • Fixed problems while loading ROM images.
  • Fixed color problems found on some video cards. (Thanks cdoty@pcisys.net)

OCTOBER 15, 1998
DTMNT v0.53 released! (MS-DOS)
Again just a quick upgrade:
  • Parallel port support for 4 SNES joypads (like ZSNES) Cheers to Adrian for this idea.
  • A few other bits and pieces to do with sound

Atari 2600
z26 v1.14 released! (MS-DOS)
  • More intense NTSC (normal) colors.
  • Added support for PAL colors.
  • Added support for paddle games with keyboard or joystick.

OCTOBER 14, 1998
Amstrad CPC
CaPriCe32 v0.03b released! (MS-DOS)
  • correct H&VSYNC emulation; fixed screen centering
  • preliminary ZIP support for DSK images
  • modified VESA code to accommodate Matrox video cards
  • expanded colour palette to include the first 16 VGA colours
  • fixed drive letter assignment in file selector

Game Boy
BoyCott v0.42b released! (MS-DOS)
    • Title message + Game name
    • Emulator version
    • Resolution choosed
    • Mouse coordinates
  • Debugger still improved
    • Better swaps between debugger and emulator
    • Keeps current video screen
  • Fixes first BG line (eg : looks better in Zelda)
  • Fixes mouse coordinates (stupid bug)
  • Scanline mode (320x288 with one line skipped) added
  • Double resolution mode (320x288) added
  • Disables background skins with Double or Scanline modes
  • Prevents lores modes from Double or Scanline (320x350 minimum)
  • Stupid "divide by zero" error fixes (while exiting program quickly)
  • VESA modes now sorted
  • Not always video selection (bug fixes with no parameters or errors)
  • Autofire for A and B buttons added
  • Partial mouse support
    • (only two buttons until I found a solution for movements)
  • Stupid 0.41b window bug fixes (compatibility rate back to 90%)
  • Font created and added for GUI and graphical messages

Website News
RPGe closes down!

OCTOBER 12, 1998
M72 v0.33b released! (MS-DOS)
  • Trace play supports. Show your friends your best play records! Use F9 to record, F11 to play. Try it now!
  • Scanline display option. This option uses 800x600 display mode for doubling every dots. It will be a bit slower than the preferred 400x300 hardware double pixel mode. But if your system happens to have no usable 400x300 display mode, this could work as a solution.
  • Alternate keyboard control set.
  • Sound states are put in save game data now.
  • Fixed two bugs that caused Gallop to crash at certain places.

Penix v0.3 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Tweaks to the graphic engine.
  • Speed ups
  • Groundwork for SOUND

RuMSX v0.14 added! (MS-DOS)
  • LEXMSX.ZIP has been changed, MSXIMAGE.ZIP has FMPAC.ROM updated
  • PSG/SCC sound-quality improved!! (DirectSound no longer required)
  • ROM-Type was not correctly detected if ROM-image was launched by double-clicking it! I.e. it was not possible to start
  • MetalGear2 by double-clicking the icon (hang during startup).
  • Bug in memory-manager fixed (in some cases an incorrect memory-type was assumed, this may also have caused
  • memory-manager to fail)
  • Hardboot deactivated floppy disk-access (resetted to disk-image usage)
  • Copy Disk-to-Image crashes, if drive is already locked (i.e. disk is being formatted)
  • Data-changes on floppy disk were not automatically applied in the explorer (must be refreshed manually)
  • Win95: changed data on floppy disk may be corrupted if simultaneous changes are made from other programs (Windows
  • NT implementation worked fine)
  • Window-size description was reverse of the technical correct (i.e. 1:3 instead of 3:1)
  • Portability-fixup for Alpha-Workstations running Windows NT
  • MSX.EXE did not terminate fully if running on Windows NT, wave-device still occupied! KillProcess/Logoff/ShutDown hangs system
  • PSG/SCC now clean resetted if MSX is restarted (sometimes sounds are played too long or infinite, even if MSX was restarted)
  • Marcel's E-Mail address has been changed

Dragon Warrior Town Editor v1.9 added! (MS-DOS)
  • Now can edit roofs!
  • Now has all maps.
  • Some bugs fixed.
  • Now automaticly shows specials everywhere!
  • Shows destinations of stairs.
  • Added a warp feature to `go down stairs.'
  • Added full support for DragonQuest (even though Dragon Warrior is infinately better!)
  • Now can create new files from existing ones! (uses COPY)
Final Fantasy III Translation added!

Nintendo 64
Ultra 64 v0.2a released! (MS-DOS)
Now don't get too excited, this doesn't play any games yet, but starts some CPU emulation.
  • Registers, memory, and some opcodes are emulated. I will be adding more opcodes sometime this week. Interrupts have not been emulated yet. There is no graphics or audio.

Odyssey 2
O2EM v0.701 added! (MS-DOS)
  • Added support for The Voice
  • CPU core now jumps to the correct location on external interrupts (Killer Bees now runs)
  • Fixed the shape of the '$' character and added the missing 64th character.
  • Fixed a bug in the drawing of the bottom line of the grid
  • Fixed a bug in the CPU core relating to branch instructions near page boundaries.

Sinclair QL
UQLX 10/07/98 released!

Sinclair ZX
XTender2 Beta #5 added! (MS-DOS)

TurboGrafx 16
PowerPC-Engine changes URL!

Thingy v0.96 added! (MS-DOS)

DOS Vectrex Emulator changes URL!

OCTOBER 11, 1998
Archaic Ruins
A Word, If I May bulletin added!
This is just to let everyone know what seems to be going on with Archaic Ruins and me lately.
Several site updates and fixes made! (Click to see list)

Goonies II Edit v1.5 released! (MS-DOS)

OCTOBER 10, 1998
VBPac v0.10a released! (Win9x)
Here's a new Pac-Man emu, written with Visual Basic 5.0, with no sound support, by Tony Docherty. Support for:
  • Pac-Man (Midway)
  • Ms. Pac-Man (Bootleg Midway)

NES496 v0.10 released! (Win9x)
Well, would you look at this, a new NES emulator! Now I think there are more emulators than there are games for the NES. Here's what it supports:
  • iNES Mappers 0, 1, 2, and 3
  • 2 NES Joypad support [no keyboard support]
  • Scanline based graphics engine
  • Custom C++ version of Neil Bradley's 6502 CPU core
  • PPU/CPU register information
  • ROM/CPU/PPU/SPRITE memory information
  • Horizontal/Vertical mirroring

RockNES v0.56 Release 2 released! (MS-DOS)

Here's what's new in this release:
  • Some cahnges in the gfx engine (+speed)
  • Fixed a bug in the save screenshot function
  • Screen is correctly centered again

OCTOBER 7, 1998
GalEmu v0.13 released! (MS-DOS)
Its only been two days since the last release, this guy must have a lot of free time...
  • Pisces now works, but there may be the odd graphical glitch.
  • Fixed a problem where GalEMU wouldn't run under DOS mode. Serves me right for not testing it under DOS mode. There was no problem if it was run under Windows 95, which I use because GCC compiles much quicker under Windows. If anyone has run GalEMU under another O/S other than Windows 95 or DOS, such as NT, OS/2, Linux (through DOSEmu), or even an older version of DOS (pre-Win95), then please e-mail me.

Atari 2600
Stella v1.0 released! (Unix) (MS-DOS)
  • Supports Robot Tank and Decathlon
  • Supports Joystick, Keyboard, Booster Grip, and Indy 500 Driving controllers
  • DOS version supports 320x200 and 320x240 graphics modes
  • Preliminary support for Chris Wilkson's Megacart bank-switching scheme
  • Improved graphics emulation (TIA)
  • Improved timer emulation (6532 PIA)
  • Improved CPU emulation (6502)
  • Improved Supercharger support

Game Boy
BoyCott v0.41b released! (MS-DOS)
  • Beta release since GUI is not completed
  • Preliminary mouse support (only an inactive cursor in 320x200)
  • Debugger improved
    • Clear screen first
    • Show ten lines of code at the same time
    • Display skin name
    • Debug file "DEBUG.TXT" with stats about instructions
  • Gameboy screen now centered within the current resolution
  • Video mode selection (VESA 2.0 to get VESA modes)
  • All linear VESA modes added (VESA 2.0)
  • Boycott Icon in 256 colors (by Gollum) added for Win95/98/NT users
  • FPS (Frames Per Second) and IPS (Instructions Per Second) corrected
  • TIMER util removed (not anymore needed)
  • Add a vertical synchro (vsync) for highly powerful Pentium-class computers
  • Bug fixes for display (last vertical line was wrong)

GBsum v1.0 released! (MS-DOS)
I really wonder if SnowBro sleeps at all!
GBSUM is a simple program which recalculates the checksum of any given GameBoy ROM image and writes it back to the ROM. This will make modified/hacked ROMs work on emulators that require the checksum value to be correct.

madNES v0.95 Beta 5 released! (MS-DOS)
Here's what's new in this release by Roberto Rosario:
  • Improved mapper 8, it is now playable & scrolling is Ok.
  • More speed, about 10fps.
  • Support for multiple state save files (up to 25) use keys F8 & F9 to select slot.
  • Changed the frameskip key to - or +.
  • Much better support for mapper 16, IRQ support is buggy.
  • Preliminary support for mapper 17, IRQ support is buggy.
  • Preliminary support for mapper 19.
  • Preliminary support for mapper 21, gfx corrupted.
  • Preliminary support for mapper 23, most games should work ok.
  • Preliminary support for mapper 33, most games should run.
  • Preliminary support for mapper 34, no games work yet.
  • Preliminary support for mapper 66.
  • Preliminary support for mapper 71, no games work yet.
  • Preliminary support for mapper 78, untested.
  • Prelimin
  • mapper 7mapper 7mapper 7mapper 7k.
  • Preliminary support for mapper 91, no games work yet.
  • Fixed snapshot code when the game name was less than 5 letters long.
  • The snapshot code now clips correctly the leftmost 8 bits when the game lowers the screen resolution.
  • Fixed savegame code not saving the battery RAM on some games.
  • The new gfx engine is about 70% complete almost every game's screen is interpreted correctly, even the complex ones (Isolated warrio, skate or die, road blaster).
  • Bug fixes to Mapper 11.

Tile Layer v0.30b released! (MS-DOS)

  • Checksums are recalculated for .GB ROMs when they are saved, so that the ROMs will work on GameBoy emulators which require the checksum value to be correct.
  • Rotate tile 90 degrees function added.
  • Added a menu button to switch palettes ("Pal").

Wrecking Crew Edit v1.0 released! (MS-DOS)
This editor works pretty much exactly like the built-in level editor in Wrecking Crew. Why did I bother to make an editor for a game which already has one, you say? Well, the built-in editor in Wrecking Crew had some annoying problems:
  • You couldn't edit the original game levels (1-100)
  • The "Save" and "Load" functions were totally bogus!
Also, those of you who played with the built-in editor probably remember another "bug": there has to be a breakable wall in your level, otherwise the game will just skip to the next level. CrewEdit can't fix this last problem (since it has to do with the game engine itself), so keep it in mind when you're designing levels. One of the things I remember about Wrecking Crew (from my early NES days) was that it had very crappy level design. While some of the early levels were kinda neat, most of the latter ones were either ridiculously hard, or just plain ugly. I'm sure that someone can do better than most of the levels presented in the game (check out level 89, for example! :P ). The people who made the game probably got very bored with it after designing about 20 levels, so they just slammed blindly on their keyboards to produce the final 80. Well, now's your chance to change this! Good luck on your quest to make Wrecking Crew a memorable game - you'll need it. ;-)

OCTOBER 6, 1998
Thunder Beta 4 released! (MS-DOS)
The readme file only lists bugs, so here they are:
  • Music stops after a while. Working on it.
  • On later levels, graphics are wrong. If this happens to you, press F8 as a workaround.
  • It's just too damn slow! If it's too slow on your machine, play it at 30 Hz. If it's still too slow, I'm working on it.
  • Graphics in the GUI are hard to read/ugly. I'm working on it!
  • No two player start.
  • Coining up doesn't work during the game demo phase of the attract mode.
  • Setting the self-test switch locks up the machine when flipped during game demo or when laughing face is on screen.

Archaic Ruins
Site Lists redesigned and updated!
I fixed a few links on the lists but the major new thing today is the new look on them. They are made to hopefully fit in with the redesign of the site, go check 'em out and pay your favorite site a visit while your at it.

RockNES v0.56 released! (MS-DOS)
Here's what's new in this release by Fx:
  • Added a new graphic engine (scanline based, buggy), now, more games works fine, like Super Mario Bros. 1, DuckTales etc;
  • Bankswitch using pointers, so the address don't need to be re-calculated for each read, slightly faster (thanks to Zoop);
  • Re-added autoframeskip system to be used with the new gfx engine;
  • Fixed a bug in the autoframeskip system (delay time control, for fast PCs, now, works fine);
  • Many bugs fixed in 6502 functions (Rd/Wr/Loop/PPU);
  • The joystick is checked more easily;
  • Correct free memory when you quit to DOS;
  • Fixed snapshot so that it works in any video mode;
  • Fixed a bug in sprite displaying;
  • Fixed bugs in the mappers #1, #7 and #11 (#7 not working);
  • Working screen clearing (just play Ghosts'n Goblins);
  • Added One-Screen Mirroring to the new scanline engine;
  • Added command line options to change video card type/resolution;
  • Added ability to save more than one snapshot/ROM (limit=999);
  • Sprite visibility (top/bottom) works fine.

OCTOBER 5, 1998
Site Relocations
A lot of emulation sites have moved around lately,
click here to see what moved where.

DTMNT v0.52 released! (MS-DOS)
Okay - there's not much progress here... I've been busy with other stuff!
  • Thanks to help from 'Jesus LA' (thanks!) I changed the way the drum chip is emulated - it's much more accurate now. What this means is...
  • Orchestra hits (chord sounds) are now played
  • SBSND driver doesn't try to change mixer settings (people complained it was too quiet - use the Windows mixer, or DOS mixer program - I think it's more reliable)
  • Still the romset's sound is incomplete (this isn't up to me I'm afraid)!
  • Some people have a bug where if you use autoframeskip (which is the default) and SBSND, it hangs on a purple screen. If this sounds familiar, find out some more info (do you have a joypad on Grip mode... or something) and then e-mail me.

GalEmu v0.12 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Added Pac-Man (bootleg), Uniwars and Gingateikoku no Gyakushu.
  • Fixed missing sprite problem.
  • Also added Pisces and Zig Zag (set 2) which are not yet working.

System 16 v0.80 released! (MS-DOS)
New features since 0.79:
  • YM2203 emulation for Space Harrier.
  • YM3438 emulation for System18 games.
  • Ricoh RF5C68 PCM sound chip emulation for System18 games.
  • SEGA PCM sound chip emulation for OUTRUN,Space Harrier and Super Hang-On.
Bugs fixed:
  • Alien Syndrome sprite/BG priority problem shown at corners of R1 and R5.
  • Keyboard becoard becoard becoard becystem acystem ac.
  • Background scrolling bug in Hang-On and Super Hang-On.
  • OUTRUN wheel handle auto-centering problem.
Features not supported:
  • Half-transparent sprites.
  • ADPCM sounds. (NEC uPD7751/7759 decoding cofficients are unknown)
  • Sprite mesh in Aurail's attract mode.
  • Sounds for Hang-On.
Known bugs:
  • Sound driver doesn't funciton on Ensoniq cards.
  • Sprite/BG priority problems of Moonwalker.
  • Sprite priority problem in Round2 of Fantasy Zone.
  • Sprite priority problem in demo mode of Wrestle War.
  • PCM sounds in Super Hang-On doesn't work properly.

Caslevania Edit v1.0 added! (MS-DOS)
Gunsmoke Edit v1.0 added! (MS-DOS)
These have been out for awhile but no one else cares enough to put them up, so while I update everything else no one wants to put up, I found the time to put up these too.

Super Nintendo
Snes9x v1.10a (No GUI) released! (MS-DOS)
  • added DSP fixes (allowing Winter Gold and Mario Cart to be playable)
  • netplay has NOT been added
  • DOS version no longer supported by Gary Henderson

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