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Contained here is our 'morgue', so to speak, of past updates. Some links may work, some may not. The purpose of providing you with this history of releases is purely for your entertainment (and so that you can bet your friends money that certain emulators are really that old).

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SEPTEMBER 27, 1998
Atari 2600
z26 v1.13 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Fixed column blanking. (broken in 1.12).
  • Fixed icehocky. (broken in 1.10).

Commodore 64
Power64 v2.1.2 released! (MacOS)
I have no idea what is new in this release, since I can't read HQX files...

Virtual Gameboy v1.2 released! (FreeBSD, Linux, OSF1, Solaris, SunOS)

BrMSX v1.151 released! (MS-DOS)
Because I was gone, we missed BrMSX v1.150 when it came out, so this update list covers both. Actually, only the very top one on this list is v1.151, the rest are v1.150.
  • Support to another undocumented VDP feature ("Cross Blaim")
  • Support to sprite collision detection ("Magical Kid Wiz", "Abu Simbel's Profanation", "Pitfall 2", "ON SPRITE GOSUB"). You can disable this feature with the option "-nosprcol".
  • Support to 8kb roms ("Frogger", "Video Hustler"). Thanks to Omar Mosqueda for the roms.
  • Support to MegaROM Mapper #8: original Panasonic FM-PAC with 8kb SRAM. Thanks to Sean Young for the info and Dal Poz for the dump.
  • VERY PRELIMINARY YM2413 (MSX-Music) emulation. Use the switch "-fmpac" to enable it. Thanks to Andre Delavy for the data book.
  • New and improved video engine, this make "-win" and "-dos" obsolete since this new engine is faster than both, and works in any OS. MMX users should still use "-mmx".
  • Fixed the support to 48kb roms ("Donkey Kong"). Thanks to Omar Mosqueda for the report.
  • Fixed a bug in video cache ("Red Moon"). Thanks to Jaime Galle for the report.
  • Fixed a bug in PSG registers 1,3,5 ("Crazy Train").
  • Fixed a bug in vertical position of zoomed sprites.
  • Fixed the sound sync bug, now the sound emulation should be a lot more stable.
  • Fixed a minor bug in LOAD ROM for MegaROM games. Thanks to Dal Poz for the report.
  • Fixed a bug that made BrMSX crash when executing code on a non-existent page. Thanks to Cyberknight and Adriano Cunha for the report.
  • Fixed emulation of R register in JR opcodes ("Magical Tree").
  • Fixed a problem of psggraph in SCREEN 0. Thanks to Cyberknight for the report.
  • Now BrMSX only saves the SRAM in disk when a cartridge actually has a SRAM ("Gall Force").
  • Now BrMSX adjust the system clock at exit. Thanks to Cyberknight for the report.
  • New debugger screens "3" and "4" (information on FM-PAC registers, SCC memory dump and VRAM dump).
  • Now the MegaRAM is cleared in a hard reset with TURN OFF. Thanks to Dal Poz for the report.

GrayBox Page Down website news posted!

RockNES v0.55 released! (MS-DOS)
Yeah, we're late, I know. Annoying things happen when I'm gone...

  • Fixed Mapper #1, now more games works fine (like Metroid, Mega Man 2, CastleVania 2 etc);
  • Fixed Mapper #4, now more games works (Mega Man 6, Sword Master);
  • Implemented a new way of swapping ROM banks. This doesn't speed up the emulator or make it run any more games, however, it does make it a lot easier to work with and understand;
  • Added Mappers #10 and #23 (no games seems to run for now);
  • Added autoframeskip system;
  • Added the old frame rate system;
  • Compatibility increased;
  • Minor changes across mappers/6502 functions;
  • Fixed a bug in the graphic engine (current PPU name table);
  • Fixed a bug in the 6502 from Marat (now, with correct timing, the emulator has the correct speed);
  • Fixed a bug in the sprite code that can fix some games;
  • Fixed the NES ROM header read function (partially);
  • Fixed stupid bugs in the startup messages;
  • Removed video mode options by command line (just use rocknes.cfg);
  • Config file generator adapted with the new changes.

RockNES Moves! website news posted!

Sinclair QL
UQLX v09/25/98 released! (Unix/X)

TurboGrafx 16
Hu6280 v1.81 Beta released! (MS-DOS)
  • added crc rom detection to hu6280. (now the emu knows which rom u r running ;)
  • fixed the following games to actually run:
    • Fixed 'Sonic Spike Volleyball (usa/jap)'
    • Fixed 'Final Match Tennis (usa/jap)'
    • Fixed 'GAIA (jap)'
    • Fixed 'City Hunter (usa/jap)'
    • Fixed 'Toyshop Boys (jap)'
    • Fixed 'Homedata Chess Game (jap)'
    • Fixed 'FinalSoldier (jap)'
  • added hu6280 logo to front of emu ;)
  • removed logging stuff ('[@#$%].log') that somehow made it into the last version... :)

SEPTEMBER 25, 1998
Super Nintendo
ZSNES v0.635 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Sidewinder fix options are now swapped since the majority seems to work better with the other sidewinder routine.
  • Implemented EXTBG mode7 in 256 color old graphics engine.
  • Fixed a DSP Sound bug where some sound effects weren't played in certain games
  • Tweaked joystick routines again
  • Fixed up a bug where sometimes loading a game after playing another game screws up emulation
  • Optimised 640x480x8, 512x384x8, and 512x384x16 video modes
  • Implemented EXTBG mode7 in 65536 color old graphics engine.
  • Fixed an offset per tile mode range clipping bug
  • Fixed up offset per tile mode in new gfx 8bit engine
  • Fixed a bug which caused a crash when a state is loaded while playing/recording a movie file
  • Optimised new gfx 16bit non-transparency mode
  • Implemented SPC700 stall detection/recovery attempt
  • Fixed up a new header detection bug in v0.625
  • Modified memory allocation routines. Hope this fixes those random crash problems that some people seem to have
  • Fixed a sound bug where the song leaks after it ends, sometimes producing an unwanted beep
  • Optimised new gfx 16bit transparency modes
  • Multiple DSP sound bug fixes
  • Implemented transparencies in high res 16x8 tiles
  • Implemented a command line to disable the sound DSP (-dd). Use -s and -dd if you want spc700 emulation to be enabled without sound to improve compatibility
  • Fixed a bug where joystick support makes the emulation slow
  • Had to remove some memory allocated variables and convert them to arrays since they were causing random crashes on specific computers.
  • Fixed up pressing save state/load state in game so that it doesn't clear any key presses

SEPTEMBER 21, 1998
Archaic Ruins
Site Lists - updated!
Well, I stopped playing FFVII to do this, so consider yourselves lucky. Next week I will update the Site Lists look to go with the new look here. See ya...

vMac v0.1.9.5 released! (MS-DOS)

SEPTEMBER 19, 1998
WinUAE v0.8.6 Release 3 released! (Win9x)
I guess this was overlooked (been out there for a few weeks) :)

DTMNT v0.50 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Drums - but they are not truly emulated, kick/snare/hihat are just hacked in.
  • New SoundBlaster code (SBSND) rewritten by yours truly
  • SAVE and LOAD functions (F5/F7):
  • Virtual arcade machine never loses power (ram is saved and loaded before/after play)
  • MOVIE recording (Shift-F5/F7)
  • SPEECH and THEME MUSIC are now back in
  • Also, it's now clear that the ROM set is incomplete (lots of speech missing) and is being updated (not by me).
  • MAME's new ym2151 code, thanks guys!

Atari 800/5200
Atari800 v2.4 released! (Win9x)

NEO RAGE v0.2d released! (MS-DOS)
  • Some games was frezing the first time you started it with 0.2c but that should be eliminated now.
  • Savestate bugfix again ;), unfortunally it can make your old state files useless with this version.
  • Sidewinder player two bug-fix.
  • Character bug-fix in some games.
  • Super Sidekicks protection fix (thanks to whom discovered it).
  • Fatal Fury 2 protection fix (thanks to whom discovered it).
  • We have start to use PMODEW instead of DOS4GW
  • Support for Art Of Fighting 3.
  • Support for Blazing Star.
  • Support for Samurai Shodown 4.
  • Support for xxxxxxxxx ;).
  • Support for xxxxxxxxx ;).
  • And MS2(hate to do this:(. Because of the hacking lamers).

Nintendo 64
TrueReality is NOT updated bulletin added!

Super Nintendo
SNEeSe v0.16f (Final Release) released! (MS-DOS)
"I have placed the final version of SNEeSe online, the project is now closed (it has been for around 3 months!), the version available is a lot more compatible than previous versions, but time constraints and overall lack of motivation force me to bring the project to a close. The homepage will remain on line for as long as possible for historical reasons."
  • Compatibility is vastly improved
  • More ROMs play music
  • New screen modes available
  • Various bug fixes

TurboGrafx 16
Hu6280 v1.80 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Removed gtmode because it was [@#$%], and it was slowing [@#$%] down.
  • Fixed Sprite bug in 'wondermomo'
  • Fixed Sprite bug in 'keith courage'

SEPTEMBER 18, 1998
ZSNES v0.625
CoolNESs v0.70 released! (AmigaOS)
  • Support for palette files (raw and IFF)
  • Added PAL/NTSC switch
  • Added mapper#78 (Holy Diver)
  • Fixed some sprite problems with MMC5
  • Changed CPU-core for all games with <=32kb PROM
  • Updated writes to the PPU (faster)
  • Set IRQ default to off. Use HELP to turn on

Sinclair QL
UQLX v09/18/98 released! (Unix/X)

Super Nintendo
ZSNES v0.625 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Fixed up a major speed drop bug by just adding some empty space.
  • Used an older version of wdosx because the new version sometimes crashes during compiling
  • Executable is now uncompressed. It's 3 megs, but it provides a much faster start up time.
  • Seems like EPACK can only support a maximum of 6 commandlines. Fixed after executable is decompressed
  • Fixed a bug where buttons 7 and 8 of 8 button joystick support sticks once pressed
  • Swapped button 5/6 and 7/8 in the default joystick configuration for 8 button joysticks
  • It seems like 16bit HDMA < 5 was causing problems with some sound cards. It now reroutes back to 8bit DMA like how v0.400 did it.
  • Implemented a new offset per tile mode engine into the old graphics engine (mostly transferred from 8bit newgfx engine)
  • Implemented Horizontal offset per tile mode in both 8bit and 16 bit old graphics engine (Mode2/8x8 only)
  • Implemented Horizontal offset per tile mode in 8bit new graphics engine (Mode2/8x8 only)
  • Tweaked sidewinder routines. Hopefully, this will help those who have troubles using sidewinder support
  • For those with sidewinder pads who has troubles with the tweaked routines, a 'Sidewinder Fix' option in the GUI is added in the Config/Options menu
  • Commandline -i now uninterleaves an incorrectly interleaved rom
  • Tweaked GamePad Pro routines. Not exactly sure if this will help those with 2 GPP joysticks though
  • Fixed up sticky buttons in the GUI cheat menu when no cheat codes are present
  • Fixed a bug where using -1 and -2 in the commandlines didn't activate the joystick movement/buttons
  • Fixed an offset per tile mode wrapping bug
  • ZSNES will now not crash when zsnes.cfg and zguicfg.dat are write protected files
  • Fixed up the GUI when 239 y resolution is used in the game
  • Optimised some minor mode 7 routines
  • SNES Header display in the GUI now displays the filename for blank headers. This will fail for headers with garbled header names
  • Inserted an extra reminder in the cheat menu
  • Implemented 239 y-resolution support for .PCX snapshots
  • Implemented 239 y-resolution support for .BMP snapshots
  • Added multiple .SPC saves (Up to 10 saves only)
  • Save State Selection Menu (default F3) now highlights used state boxes in red
  • Tweaked 2player/6button/8button joystick routines a bit
  • Fixed a cheat code bug where pressing TAB adds an extra character at the end of the address
  • Removed the blank line from the .PCX and .BMP snapshots
  • Implemented Joystick Calibration for non digital joysticks
  • Fixed a bug where parallel port LPT2 player 2 wasn't selectable in v0.605
  • Stabilized the joystick code a bit
  • Fixed up a cheat code bug where using a PAR code that accesses RAM doesn't freeze when the .cht file is loaded
  • Added a small delay to play a note when a key on is issued from the sound DSP. Not sure if this fixes anything though
  • Fixed some sound compatibility problems when RESET is used
  • Implemented Movie Record/Playback support. Read GUINotes.txt for details.
  • Added a small detection for long filenames and prevented users from selecting it when it isn't detected
  • Fixed a bug where max frame skip didn't save
  • Fix a timing bug where running a game off the gui ran 1 less line in the 65816 than running off the commandline
  • Implemented FPS at start option in the Config/Options menu
  • Fixed a bug in the newgfx16bit engine where 8bpp tiles displayed incorrectly
  • Reduced the filesize by 1200k through many changes in the code (filesize is now 2.0 megs)
  • Fixed some VIRQ bugs that caused certain games to crash
  • Added DMA area execution for IRET
  • Added a 'Bugs Section' in the readme.txt
  • Show all extensions is now disabled when snes header view is selected in the GUI
  • Implemented partial Direct Color mode in Mode 7 (no transparencies yet, only works in 16bit old gfx engine)
  • Improved header detection a bit
  • Fixed up a sprite bug in games which changes the address in the middle of the screen

SEPTEMBER 16, 1998
Archaic Ruins
Floating Index Fixed bulletin added!

Sinclair QL
UQLX v09/15/98 released! (Unix/X)
I guess a month between UQLX updates was just too much to ask...

Super Nintendo
MySNES v0.17b update list submitted! (AmigaOS)
  • Bugs removed from 0.16b
  • Debugger included
  • You can choose cacheskip (read usage)
  • BIT-instruction corrected
  • Some HW-Regs corrected
  • When program can't decide HiROM or LoROM, you can press left mousebutton for LoROM and right for HiROM. This is necessary for DKC_2 (which only shows the intro).
  • Two simple mode7-demos included in the archive.

SEPTEMBER 14, 1998
Retrocade v1.00
Retrocade v1.00 released! (MS-DOS)
After all the anticipation and waiting over this emulator, the arcade emulator Retrocade has finally been released, with support for 100 games, and designed to bring back a true arcade experience! This program was a group effort of 17 people, and this could possibly be the greatest leap for arcade emulation since Callus.

Editor's Choice Award
Retrocade honored!

SEPTEMBER 13, 1998
SNES '9x v1.09a (Mac)
Layout Work bulletin added (and updated)!
Links Page bulletin added!

NESemu v0.40a released! (MS-DOS)
"This is a pretty major release, at least for those who like to hack NES games."
  • Built-in tile editor added
  • Built-in hex editor w/ font table support added

Super Nintendo
SNES '9x v1.09a released! (MacOS)
John Stiles tends to take the ball and run with it when it comes to his port of SNES '9x. Not like I think any Mac users are complaining, mind you. This is apparently a very minor release.

SEPTEMBER 12, 1998
Atari 2600
z26 v1.11 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Better emulation of RIOT timer and WSYNC register.
  • Some games are more stable like brickick.bin, dishastr.bin, gopher.bin, and rocnrope.bin.
  • Some other games jitter like they're supposed to like crosfrce.bin and tetris26.bin.

NO$GMB v1.8 released! (MS-DOS)
  • freeware: no$gmb turned back to FREEWARE for NON-COMMERCIAL use
  • windows NT: fixed bug in load setup procedure
  • sgb: ignores unsupported SGB/SNES jump command (biichiba, atlanta 96)
  • sgb: ignores joypad-IO as packet transfer (asteroids/missilecmd/castlevania3)
  • sgb: bugfix for pal_set / cancel mask without atf (another bible)
  • sgb: oversized attr_chr packets shrinked (desert strike)
  • sgb: supports scy transfers (dragonball z)
  • sgb: attr_blk ctrl=1,4 fixed
  • sgb delays: can be optionally re-enabled in xcept setup
  • emufix: LYC rewrite direct interrupt generation (sagaia)
  • emufix: LYC offholded when offholded (not vice versa) (diag)
  • emufix: offholded LYC re-enabled in certain situations (tcfos)
  • emufix/digital sound: pre-initializes sound IO (jeep jambouree)
  • emufix: background display disable (altered space title zoom)
  • emufix: ENT with shift=0 fixed: digital snd, adlib, statscr (prince of persia)
  • emufix: timer FF (ishido1)
  • emufix: freezes lcd stat (mr do)
  • emufix: uncommon 6XXX addresses for 32K ram carts (mini4wheel)
  • emufix: multiple OAM (ferrari grndp,f15,prehistorik man,nhl hockey 95,robocop)
  • emufix: fatal devision error shutdown cleared (parasoru)
  • digital sound: emulates uninitialized pattern (kaguyahi, rtype)
  • digital sound: fixed bug for slave IRQ re-verctoring (IRQ 10)
  • digital sound: env emulation optimized (collecting coins in mario2)
  • digital sound: fixed 7FF freq (gauntlet2 speech, chessmaster speech, barbie)
  • digital sound: write protected sound on/off flags at FF26 (kingdom crusade)
  • digital sound: fixed bug for ENV quite (nemesis title)
  • digital sound: bugfix for uninitialized FF24 (beetle juice)
  • digital sound: .wav script files specifies 8bit depth instead buggy 1bit
  • digital sound: optionally supports stupid SET BLASTER=A220 I5 D1 T3 thing
  • adlib/digital sound: pre-initialied snd IO offers switching between adlib/SB
  • removed trick for corrupt zen-interg.ninja (doesn't work on real gameboy, too)
  • discovered some buggy carts are simply corrupt (zen,cyber formula,junglewars)
  • tetris: emulation speed improved (it's a cheat, sorry, but it runs so nice)
  • sgb/debugger: exception option for corrupted packet transfers (joypad reads)
  • debugger: F10-statscr shows SGB packet, SGB screen mask (commercial ver only)
  • debugger: new SCRLOCK datawindow follow option: point to value at code cursor
  • debugger: lines in .sym-file may be terminated by CRLF or LF
  • debugmsg: optionally writes to hercules display (that has to be in text mode)
  • emudetail: emulated di/double_halt shutdown (and removed old di/halt option)
  • security: added division error handler
  • screenshots: refuses to write to any file with other extension than .GIF
  • fixedsetup: press any key in fixedsetup exits properly with "any" key
  • gmb /h: hercules emulation uses B800 instead B000 (compatible to illegal qemm)
  • gmb /?: commandline: does not flush keybuf when started with /?
  • sound: automatically disables sounds if no adlib/sb was found (speedup)
  • sound: detects presence of standard adlib sound card
  • animate: removed no$gmb disco animation (check old ver if you haven't seen it)
  • combifix: combination noswap+videobig fixed (thanx rusty)
  • bg gif: opens file as readonly instead read/write
  • bg gif: [GIF] mousespot to select BG screen directly from current setup
  • nonumbers: startup in filemenu if selected (debug setup) even if tetris exists
  • nonumbers: fixed dirty text background if cartridge was not found
  • cartloader: accepts default extension .SGB, as well as .CGB for future no$cgb
  • files.lst not found: files box gives brief specs about file format
  • statscreen: separates sb16 and awe32, not that...
  • statscreen: separates 386 and 486 cpu, not that it would be of any use...
  • memory: compressed help text overlay and exefile itself
  • a22i: redraws F10 statscr past assembly (in split 50/60 lines screen modes)
  • a22i: outputs (plain) assembly time, a22i-ex (excluded) does exist yet again
  • a22i/dis/emucore: assumes stop opcode as "10 00" instead "10" followed by nop
  • a22i: disabled z80 support (frees mem) and fixed some bugs (z80 in gmb mode)

RockNES v0.54 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Fixed an error in ClearScreen() - now there is no 'Error in ClearScreen()'
  • Fixed sprite priority - sprites can go behind things now (For example, in Zelda when you walk up/down stairs);
  • Fixed mapper #2 bug - Only a few more ROMS work, some still don't;
  • Fixed mapper #3 bug - All mapper #3 ROMS should work now;
  • Fixed mapper #9 bug - Now, PunchOut looks much better, but no playable yet;
  • Fixed a slight problem when you reset some ROMs;
  • Changed the palette to the one Nesticle uses because it works/looks better;
  • Changed the pallete around so that a border isn't shown around the screen;
  • Added support for extended mappers #16+, no mappers implemented yet;
  • Added a configuration file;
  • Added a little text displayer (it pops up, when you reset, raise/lower the frame rate, etc..);
  • Some small optimizations, barely noticeable;
  • Some bugs fixed in the Rd6502/Wr6502 functions, mappers;
  • Player 2 support w/ redefinable settings for buttons;
  • Don't show left 8 pixels of the screen [PPU flag] (Paperboy needed this flag working as well as others);
  • Don't show sprites in left 8 pixels of the screen [PPU flag];
  • An option to specify a ROM directory location in the configuration file.

WinNES v0.0.5 Beta released! (Win9x)

  • now support nes palette changing
  • mapper supported MMC #0, #1, #2, #3, #4, #7, #8, #9, #10, 11, #15, #16, but with some bugs
  • fixed many bug

Sinclair QL
UQLX v09/11/98 released! (Unix/X)
Oh my gosh! The author actually had the self-restraint to not release an update to UQLX for an entire MONTH! Yay--he's learning! (I was so sick of those daily updates that changed almost nothing)

Super Nintendo
MySNES v0.17b released! (AmigaOS)
If an Amiga user could please mail me an update list, I would appreciate it. This guy puts his readme in some wierd format (*.info) that I cannot read. He shuold consider plain text or HTML...

TurboGrafx 16
Hu6280 v1.79 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Recoded cpu timing, now much more accurate! Now emualtor runs ALOT faster!
  • modded some internal sound emulation stuff, should sound better now too.

SEPTEMBER 11, 1998
ZSNES v0.605
Super Nintendo
ZSNES v0.605 released! (MS-DOS)
  • Fixed up a FPS display bug when switching between auto frame rate and manual frame rate in the GUI
  • Cheat Codes can now be toggled ON/OFF by double clicking on them
  • Tab key now switches from the Cheat Code enter box to the Description box
  • Fixed a Save State/Load State bug in the menu where it saved in the load directory instead of the save directory
  • Implemented 8button joystick support (Not tested)
  • Implemented an option in the .cfg file to enable reversed stereo sound (ReverseStereo)
  • Implemented an option in the .cfg file to share Player 1 and Player 2 controls with Player 3 and Player 4's controls.
  • Added Reverse Stereo to the GUI under config/sound
  • Added Player 3, Player 4 to use as Player 1, Player 2 in the GUI under config/options
  • Compiled under a new version of wdosx. Hope this doesn't cause any problems

SEPTEMBER 10, 1998
ZSNES v0.601
Super Nintendo
ZSNES v0.601 released! (MS-DOS)
The long awaited new Zsnes has finally arrived, v0.600 came out two hours before v0.601. The newest version had changed some last min. sound problems.
  • Fixed up a sound card deinit bug that sometimes caused ZSNES to crash in certain sound cards
  • Disabled Autoinit mode when a low sampling rate is used in 8bit sound. Probabily was also causing problems in some cards
  • *** ADDED A NEW MEMBER TO THE ZSNES TEAM! *** Welcome Pharos to the team, his role is currently a coding assitant.
  • Added partial 65816 execution in the DMA registers (doesn't seem to fix mucht due to some other problem) Thanks to Alucard for this info! This also slowed down emulation a bit.
  • Implemented sprite priority correction into the new graphics engine
  • Implemented mosaic into the new graphics engine
  • Implemented true 512 horizontal resolution into new graphics engine (both 16x8 and 16x16 tile modes)
  • Implemented interlaced 448 vertical resolution into new graphics engine
  • Implemented offset per tile mode into the new graphics engine (Mode 2/Vertical only). More accurate compared to the old graphics engine. (seems to be a bug where the game gets very slow sometimes though)
  • Started 16-bit new graphics engine
  • Implemented sprite priority correction in 16bit new gfx engine
  • Implemented palette raster effects in 16bit new gfx engine
  • Fixed a minor bg enable/disable bug in the new gfx engine
  • Multiple SPC700 bug fixes. More games run now!
  • Implemented SPCPlay sound engine into zsnes
  • Fixed a minor HDMA bug
  • Fixed an old style joystick read bug that prevented the joypad from functioning in certain games
  • Several optimisations on Echo & FIR Filter
  • Several Sound DSP Fixes
  • Temporarily fixed a V-latch bug in some games that don't update the display at every frame
  • Add/Removed some game hacks for compatibility
  • Modified Song Start Search in .spc capture. Should be much better now.
  • Fixed a sprite window clipping bug where it was used when it's not supposed to be.
  • Modified memory allocation technique in zsnes. This should now eliminate some random crash errors. Thanks to Y0SHi for this info!
  • -c now does full screen instead of small screen in 640x480 modes. For small screen, use -cc
  • Fixed a back area 1/2 addition bug which caused the background to be sometimes darker than usual
  • Fixed a mode 7 transparency bug
  • Added 8-bit stereo sound and 8-bit sound high speed mode support (high speed mode support is just the implementation of 8bit 44100khz or 22050khz stereo) Thanks to Crono for a lot of help on this!
  • Fixed up sound blaster deinit code Thanks again to Crono!
  • Wrote an entirely new GUI

See the included whatsnew.txt for all of the changes because they were just too much to list here. Thanks.

Atari 5200
Atari800 v0.9.7 released! (MS-DOS)
"The interesting new feature is colour artifacting."

Nintendo 64
TrueReality v09/08/98 released! (Unix/X)
"Wow! I tried various demos. Many of them display something. Look at the screenshots on the TrueReality Results Page. Yes, there is a color problem but it should not be major (maybe it has sthg to do with the endianness). I'll work on the controller stuff (it's bad implemented right now).
BTW: I've forgotten to implement the PI stuff ;-). FIXED!!! I've improved the debugger (no history yet - if someone has experience in that stuff - mail!).

Flash Tecmo Editor v1.22 added! (MS-DOS)
Ghosts 'N Goblins Edit v1.0 added! (MS-DOS)
Goonies II Edit v1.0 added! (MS-DOS)
Kid Icarus Edit v1.0 added! (MS-DOS)
Metroid Edit v0.5 added! (MS-DOS)
I know it's not my job to do these kind of updates but I figure that since so much needs to be done to the site, I might as well help. Hope no one minds....

PSEmu Pro v1.04
Archaic Ruins
Site Maintainance
  • BRMSX - Updated features and to do list
  • NESemu - Updated features list
  • RockNES - Updated description
  • SNES9x - Added SNES9x v0.96 w/GUI
  • SNES9x - Removed old, unlinked versions from FTP
  • SNES9x - Fixed link to OpenBSD port
  • XGenem - Fixed link to XGenem v0.11
  • VPCE - Fixed link to VPCE v0.2 FreeBSD

Atari 2600
z26 v1.10 Source Code added! (MS-DOS)

PSEmu Pro v1.04 released! (Win9x)
  • Separated pad driver from PSEmu and now works as Plugin
  • A bit speeded up
  • Some fixes to DMA channels
  • New GTE instructions to make Colin McRae Rally (E) work
  • Fixed MDEC skipping for GranTurismo (J) - but this game still can't work
  • New PAD DirectInput Keys Driver pluggin
  • Almost all plugins (many, significant changes) and those plugins will work only with new version of PSEmu
  • Seal now plays stereo sound!

Amstrad CPC
NO$CPC v1.6 released! (MS-DOS)
  • printer emulation: fixed script file bug (protected mode version)
  • setup: win98 CPU resources (must be disabled if not supported!!!)
  • no$gmb.exe: compressed 386/486 exefiles to a size less than 60KBytes
  • setup: saved to external .cfg file, allows no$cpc.exe to be renamed
  • hercules: /h on VGA uses B800 instead B000 (compatible to QEMM)
  • no$gmb.zip: eee.bat auto-installs directory-structure if sb forgot -d
  • speedup: optionally reduced display refresh rates 50% and 20% (if any)
  • combifix: 2x25 lines/diskextract combination fixed (display bug)
  • speedup: slow 8253 mem refresh option (dangerous, dirt versions only)
  • extended disk format: discovered & fixed more differences to mv-format
  • versions: removed non-pmode dirty versions, use pmode for fast code
  • CPU: identifies CPU and gives errmess if it's not supported :-)
  • performance: optionally shows speed relative to real CPC (no$gmb like)
  • filemenu: quicksearch (entering first letters of filename) (no$gmb)
  • filemenu: recognizes additional harddisks, CD-ROMS, etc (no$gmb/rusty)
  • keyboard: PC keyboard compatibility (code taken from no$gmb)

DTMNT v0.49 released! (MS-DOS)
  • A bit more user-friendly (e.g. autodetects which rom set you have)
  • Fire flicker effect is now an option
  • Fixed a bug in hicolor PCX saving

X/MAME v0.34 Beta #2.2 released! (Unix/X)

  • Fixed a bug: .cfg files where still saved in ${HOME}/xmame instead of ${HOME}/.xmame.
  • On startup existence of ${HOME}/.xmame is verified and created if nescesarry
  • On startup a check is done to see if compiled- and runtime-endianess match
  • Some minor updates to README.unix

Commodore 64
VICE v0.15.0 released! (Linux / MS-DOS)
Gosh, did this guy change enough??
  • C64 changes
    • "4064" and "SX" are now valid ROM patch IDs (the same as "100" and "67" respectively).
    • A couple of little but annoying bugs in the VIC-II emulation have been fixed.
    • CIAs have been sped up considerably in those cases where several consecutive underflows happen.
    • Cartridge support has been added.
  • C128 changes
    • YES! The one and only free C128 emulator (x128) is back into operation! No VDC, though. No, don't ask us to implement it because we are not going to. But of course contributions are (still) welcome.
  • VIC20 changes
    • The VIA emulation is now cycle-exact.
    • Autostart is now implemented and works as in the C64 emulator.
    • Tape support has been added.
    • Cartridge support has been added.
    • The memory configurations can be added at runtime.
    • The RESTORE keys works correctly now.
  • PET changes
    • The VIA emulation is now cycle-exact.
    • Autostart is now implemented and works as in the C64 emulator.
    • Tape support has been added.
    • Several PET models have been added. Moreover, the model type can be changed at runtime, without leaving the emulator.
  • 1541 changes
    • The VIA emulation is now cycle-exact.
    • Support for 40-track disk images has been added.
    • Support for a new GCR-encoded ("G64") disk format has been added.
    • It is now possible to completely disable the idle trap.
    • Some little but possibly dangerous bugs have been fixed.
  • Monitor changes
    • The old monitor has been replaced by a completely new one, written by Daniel Sladic. Although it is still under construction, it also now allows access to the CPU in the 1541 drive, and features watchpoints and breakpoints.
  • Unix changes
    • Sound and joystick is now supported on NetBSD too (courtesy of Krister Walfridsson <cato@df.lth.se>).
    • Support for multiple keyboard layouts and joystick mappings has been added. A "positional" layout for US keyboards is provided. On the C64, VIC20 and C128 emulators, Ctrl is now mapped to Tab; the Commodore key is now mapped to left Ctrl.
    • The emulators and c1541 now use the real, full-featured GNU readline library if found. Use `./configure --without-readline' for the old behavior.
    • `-lICE' is now explicitly linked if found (the old way could cause troubles on GNU/Linux systems which have both GNU libc 2 and 1 installed, such as RedHat 5.x).
    • RS232 and printer support has been added.
    • The XDebugger has died (R.I.P.).
  • MS-DOS changes
    • Support for two "hardware" joysticks has been added.
    • The emulated drive LED has been moved to the CapsLock LED; the ScrollLock LED is turned on when "warp" (maximum speed) mode is enabled.
    • The menu system has been made a bit more usable. It is now possible to open a submenu directly from the emulator screen by pressing Alt and the corresponding hotkey.
    • An Allegro-based sound driver has been implemented. It replaces the old MIDAS driver in binary distributions because of licensing incompatibilities.
    • The video driver can now use triple buffering for much smoother animations.
    • 1351 mouse emulation has been implemented. Make sure a working mouse driver is installed.
    • It is now possible to use up to two "real" joysticks and to configure the keyboard settings for both emulated joysticks. As a result, it is now possible for two people to play together with two "real" joysticks or just with the keyboard.
    • A bug that could corrupt the file descriptor table has been fixed.
    • The file selector is now much faster when running under plain MS-DOS, as it uses `findfirst()'/`findnext()' instead of DJGPP's Unix-like `opendir()'/`stat()' calls.
  • Miscellaneous changes
    • The file system can be accessed from any drive now, and complete support for P00 files has been implemented.
    • A major cleanup of the code has been done (this is what took most of the time between 0.14.2 and 0.15.0). Porting and adding features or emulators is now much easier.
    • "On the fly" Lynx and Zipcode support has been added (use with care, though).
    • A couple of bugs in the fast serial emulation have been fixed (courtesy of Peter Andrew Felvegi <petschy@derceto.sch.bme.hu>).
    • Sound output can now be oversampled up to 8 times.
    • The `Directory' resource is now a list of paths. The separator is `;' on MS-DOS and `:' on Unix.
    • Serial traps can be enabled/disabled at runtime.
    • Palette files have been introduced.
    • Support for Dag Lem's new reSID SID emulation engine has been added.
    • Automake is now being used.
    • Color palettes are now completely configurable via system files.

TurboGrafx 16
Hu6280 v1.78 Beta released! (MS-DOS)

madNES v0.95 Beta #3 released! (MS-DOS)
  • The new gfx engine is almost complete
  • Perfect scrolling & splitscreens
  • Mapper 15 appears to be 100% complete.
  • Bug fixes to PPU
  • Friday the 13th's paralax scrolling & Crystalis' playfield no longer get out of sync.
  • Sprite priorities are now emulated a 100%. Theres still one bug left.
  • PPU improvements.
  • Final Fantasy 1 now fades in & out correctly.
  • Added 32k bank switch support to the mapper 1.

NESemu v0.30a released! (MS-DOS)

  • NESemu now loads 512-byte ROM trainers correctly
  • MMC3 scanline IRQ emulated (more games work, less games are glitchy)
  • MMC1 fix: VROM bankswitching corrected
  • mappers added: 10,16,17,19,22,23,24,32,33,34,64,65,66,69

RockNES v0.53 Release #3b released! (MS-DOS)
RockNES was formerly known as xNES, an emulator that has been discontinued and recontinued twice.

TurboGrafx 16
Power PC-Engine v0.3.7 Beta #1 released! (MacOS)
"okay guys, since i am still having one problem with the vpce core, i am going to release the current beta now.. while it won't really be of any use for the casual user, it does include *many* fixes and some enhancements. PLEASE NOTE THOUGH: YOU MUST READ THE README!! it includes some IMPORTANT notes if you want to use this beta successfully."

VPCE v0.3e released! (Various UNIX ports)

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