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Yar's Revenge v1.0 [mirror]

As a child, Mike Mika spent countless hours playing Yar's Revenge on the Atari 2600, but it wasn't until a few years ago that he was able to find another copy of the game including a comic book. The addiction began, and after finding the will, Mike found a way. Friday the 13th was a lucky day for the emulation scene when Yar's Revenge hit the scene!

Not only a great Gameboy game to play on Virtual Gameboy, or even a real Gameboy, but Yar's Revenge also was the first homemade Gameboy game publically distributed that can actually compete with commercial ROMs!!! With spectacular cinema graphics to enhance the simple gameplay, Yar's Revenge has its eye candy, but it also is a very intense game. While upon first look, Yar's Revenge might make absolutely no sense, after reading documentation, everything will fall into place! Check out the strategy guide below and the pics, then try the game yourself!

Yars' Revenge is Copyright 1982 Atari, Inc. The gameboy code is copyright 1996 by Mike Mika and Genetic Fantasia. This game is free to everyone. The source will be made available to those who need it (Be forewarned, it is creepy). Gameboy is copyright and trademarked by Nintendo.

Begin by crossing right through the neutral zone.

Avoid the Destroyer Missiles and find a place to attack from.

Collide into the cell shield to power the Zorlon Cannon.

Move past the top boundary to dodge swirls as they attack.

Create a path to fire the Zorlon Cannon through.

Fire the Zorlon Cannon, move out of the way, and watch!

Check out the incredible Virtual Gameboy border and the box that this should have come in!
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