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Most trainers are distributed as an IPS patch for a .NES formatted Nintendo ROM image that can be patched using an IPS Patching Utility.

Bomberman '97 In this early release of Bomberman '97, Link is pitted against a gathering of evil Kirbys!
Dragon Warrior '97
With many graphics from Dragon Warrior IV hacked over the originals (most noticably with the main character), this Dragon Warrior hack is somewhat of a graphical upgrade. Golok claims that this will be his last release (and I swore it said "Omega-Alpha" -- pun intended?)
Evil Kirby
After engulfing the junk that Kirby is known for, one might think that he would become corrupted... well... he did. He's now "Eeeevvvul" Kirby!
Final Fantasy Forever
Final Fantasy Forever is a graphics patch that transforms the standard Final Fantasy Characters into the stars of Final Fantasy II US / Final Fantasy IV Japan.
Ganon's Revenge
This Zelda Improvement edit completely changes the face of Hyrule. Not only is the scenery different, the game is much more challenging now. The text has also been altered to change the story slightly.
German City Ransom
German City Ransom is a simple graphics hack of River City Ransom that changes the characters to Hitler and George Clooney (?!@#).
Mario Improvement Levels
Mario Improvement has allowed levels in Super Mario Bros. to be edited! The Mario Improvement authors run the official archive of levels and due to Mario Improvement's license, level IPS files are only distributable through their ROM archive, or their own homepage. Check the support page to enter the archive!
Mario Wheelchair
Mario Wheelchair pits Super Mario as a wheelchair bound Mario!
Mega Man 5: GFX Edition
Mega Man 5: GFX Edition is a patch for one of the best installments of the Mega Man series, Mega Man 5! The patch is intended as a graphic improvement patch that includes about 90% of the text font being altered and editing on Mega Man himself!
Mike Tyson's Bite-Out
"Keep all files in Nesticle direcectory. Apply IPS patch using something like SNESTOOL. Mike wont bite for 1.5 minutes, use patch SZVALPAX and code 007-373-5963, enter code by first value equals 0."
The Molblin's Tale
This graphic edit replaces Link with a Molblin. It is stored as a Nesticle save state, and so requires Nesticle (or a compatible emulator) to use. Be sure to read the enclosed text file for details.
Mushroom Dreams
This graphic hack lets you play as a Little Goomba or a Koopa Troopa, among other minor changes.
"I have a pretty hilarious and kickass hack for rockman3(title screen was easier to edit). it is called POT MAN! I have an early version with only a couple of levels done, but it's worth a look to see if it's worthy for your site, and *maybe* you could post up this early version? Thanks!"
Super Castlevania II
"Remember the hours you spent on the original? Do it again with new colors, graphics, text, and characters! You will find characters and enemies from games like "Super Mario Bros. 1, 2, 3," "Metroid," "River City Ransom," "Zelda II," "Kid Icarus," "Mega Man 2" and even "Kirby!"
Super Mario 2001
Super Mario Bros. 2001 is the second release of Super Mario '97 which best represents the goal of ROM hacking -- improving the game! With the exception of the graphic of Mario standing still, there are nothing but great improvements to the graphics in this release! Most graphics are taken from Super Mario Bros. 3, with the exception of the Koopa Troopa who was taken from Super Mario World and edited to fit into three tiles by myself -- Super Mario Bros. 2001 was built off of my very incomplete Super Mario Bros. World v0.1 Beta, but I'm not trying to take credit for anything except the Koopa Troopa (I'm glad its being used!)
Zelda / Mario
Take the graphics from Zelda 2 and Zelda 1 and mix them with Super Mario Bros. and you get one wacky version of Super Mario Bros!
Zelda: Search for Link
EFX abandoned his Zelda hacking project quite a while ago, but since it is quite thoroughly edited with many well done parts, it is still provided on Archaic Ruins. Note -- some graphics were ripped from my abandoned Super Mario Bros. World =)... fine by me though!
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