Adventure Island 4
Translated by
Neo Demiforce
"I was never really into the adventure island series before playing this game. I remember Barkley telling me about it.. he said he knew this game was gonna get translated, it was so good. well, he was right. I guess you could call this translation a joint project between me & Vertigo, since they originally had dibs on the translation but they had other stuff lined up first. Originally, i was planning on just doing the title screen for them (which turned out damn good), but after putting so much work into it i decided to translate the entire thing, since i was unsure if they'd ever get around to doing it and i didn't want my cute little title screen to go to waste."

"Current Status: It's 100% done. The script is nicely placed right in the front of the ROM, so i could check and recheck wordings rather painlessly. There wasn't that much text to the game, relatively speaking - for an action game it was decently sized. The title screen took me about 8 hours, i'd say, and the translation took me about 4. I translated it as i played the game though, and after i won the game i translated the remainder directly through X-Late."

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