Cosmic Wars
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"Greetings, and welcome to an ongoing project the transBRC version of Konami's Cosmic Wars. Right now the game is in a working understandable state, but the more I delve into its intricacies the more I relize that a manual for this game is needed. Further this release is definatly not finished. I know for a fact that there are remaining areas to be translated unfortunatly it is going to take me about 400 or 500 game hours to get to an area where I can save and check my work. So I figure what the fig, I'll just release it and maybe there is somebody who is even more insane about war games then me who can send me a save."

"Okay so while I work on the manual, all you have to do is beat this damn thing, then send me a save from near the end. Also if you do happen to access any hidden screens I missed, then by all means email me with the info."

"Anyways hope you'll enjoy this, I gotta say that if it was released for the nes in english it would have been my favorite game of that time period. Yes I am that boring : )"

"Thanks to Flavio, Sitc, Opoth, Vertigo, Imid, SkrEmnJava, TrelaneQ, Omi, Rombo, Loopy, Fanwen, Lugnut, Norseman, Apocolypse, BigD, Demi, Kel, RPGe, J2e, J3d, Zoop, and all the other cool people who do good things for emulation."

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