Dragon Ball: Dragon Tricks
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"Hey well what do you know, I'm back messing with my original dragonball translation. The reason. FWNES's nina mapper seems to be a bit unstable. So by special request Loopy has added this mapper to his incredible Loopynes, and thus this special re-release. My only changes to the project this time around is a nice re-font, and the mapper number fix."

"This was a straight line by line translation. TRANSBRC is dedicated to true translations. Some syntax had to be sacraficed, leaving the characters with Cave Speak. In most cases we were okay. If you find a translation you do not agree with you can inform me at blibber@sprint.ca. No artwork will ever be touched by TRANSBRC."

"Basically we think the 1.0 release has the entire GAME complete. If any gibberish appears in the GAME would you please e-mail me with the location of the encounter and any flags you may have set off. If somebody can get us a scan of the original manual we'll translate that too."

"Thank you's : Loopy, LOOPYNES, Lemon, BigD/Jared, Omi, Demi, Snowbro, Zophar's Rom Hack board, Toma, Spinner 8, Zoop, Emucamp, EmuNewsService, DavesClassics, SITC, Kueller, Lugnut, Apocolypse, Schnapple, Vertigo, Opoth, Imid, Rombo, TrelaneQ, Fanwen, Sardu, and all the other people too numerous to mention that make the nes scene so keen."

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