Final Fantasy 2

Translated by Neo Demiforce

"It seemed like it would never get done, didn't it. well here it is. almost 4 months after i originally resurrected the effort to finish ff2j and more than a year after i had started firstly, it's finally ready for a release. I hope you all like it, since we really had to bust our asses to get it all done. The delays have been because of our translators; we've gone through about 8 of them in the course of this project. Our main translator, FLoBBaSKo, got roughly 50% of the scripts done on his own before he was forced to quit because of school. Without him, this would never be sitting here today. I wish him the best of luck on everything he'll be doing in the future. A few words of advice: if you're starting a translation, you should always make sure you have a solid translator. I know many guys with a hell of a lot of talent that are sitting in the dead zone, waiting for someone help them translate. Although Flobbasko had to quit, I recruited a few new translators, namely Opiate and Tomo1657. Tomo finished the remaining 25 pages of script in a mere two days! Sadly, BiGWieRD also will have left the group by the time you read this. He's got a lot of real life affairs going on right now, and i can completely understand that too."

"As for me, Demi, I'll be staying around to finish our other projects. Bigwierd will be helping me from time to time with asm stuff and the xlate 3 mold, but he can't stay on as a formal team member. It seems i'm a bit light on personnel, so if you know you have skill, drop me a line and we'll discuss a position in hacking or translating. be ready to present assembly-level credentials for a hacking position. As for translating, experience in EUC scripting is preferable but not required. The main thing I'm concerned about is if you can dedicate yourself to the work, not just show up for a couple weeks then ditch us. :p"

"This translation passed through the hands of three separate translators during the course of the project, and in addition to that, once the scripts were fully translated I (Demi) overhauled every single text string to comply with the 26 character per row limit. What this boils down to is that we're not perfect and the translation you'll be getting isn't 100% exact. I tried my hardest to preserve every detail of the storyline from the material I had, but some things in their current state didn't make much sense due to the context they were in or the ambiguity of the translation, so I changed some wordings around to give the game more of a flow as I alpha tested it. Please, if you're one of the nitpicky people that like to pick apart translations, don't bother flaming me on how bad of a translation you think my group did unless you are willing to offer a better translation about the part you're criticizing. I'm always open to advice; if you can show me a more direct translation which sounds better than the one i've got for any part of the game, i'll be glad to put it in and release an update to the translation. Nevertheless, I think we did a damn good job."

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