Final Fantasy 3

Translated by Alex W. Jackson, Neill Corlett, and SoM2Freak

"Here's the latest and hopefully final FF3 English patch. This one should work with any FF3 ROM, whether original Japanese, some partial translation (yuck), or our own previous patch. If it doesn't work with your ROM, let me know. As I've said before, LoopyNES and BioNES are the emulators of choice."

"*BIG THANKS* to Neill for his help with some complex ROM editing procedures, harmony7 and CrASHMaN for helping here and there with some translation questions, Faraday for his comprehensive aid with the persistent "hang-ups", and Wildbill for his English skills. Oh and thank you to AkIlLa^ of 3-Man Translations for his constantly unwittingly reinforcing our urge to complete this project. We all luv u soo much, AkIlLa^!!"

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