Final Fantasy 5

Translated by RPGe

"This is an English translation of that SQUARESOFT RPG everyone's been wanting to play for ages now. SQUARESOFT never released it in the United States, for some reason. A release is rumored for the PC sometime later this year, however."

"This patch is a combined effort of many people, and has been worked on for a long time. The first efforts to translate this game were back in April 1997, by Shadow. Others were involved in the project, but it basically ended up being myself, Barubary, and SoM2Freak. It's been almost 10 months since I joined the project, and it's finally being released."

"What took so long, you might ask. Everyone must be wondering about this one. Some time in April, Ch0c0man asked me and I explained that it simply came from the busy factor. But the largest factor was the fact that SoM2Freak and I didn't really get along. Much of it also probably accounts for that temporary shutdown of RPGe... Shadow's gone through much emotional discomfort too. As Barubary put it, "Eventually, Shadow became insane and left the group, Som2freak became annoying and refuses to leave the group, and I became annoyed and refused to pay attention."

"In reality, FF5 has been complete for a few months now, it's just that SoM2Freak has been discontent with my work on the project. At one point I threw the rest of the entire project at him, telling him that if he doesn't want my help, he won't get it. This current release is the effort of Barubary and myself, not of SoM2Freak, since he doesn't like this version at all."

"I really don't think it's that important that we took this long... the important thing is, we're done with it."

"The patch file, included, is ready to be applied to the original Final Fantasy V Japanese ROM or any previous public releases."

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