Maze of Galious
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"I must give some props to Anus P for his help with this. He gave me some important info regarding the pointers, which made it possible to do a really nice translation. I also thank Demi, SoM2Freak, and Golden Boy for answering translation questions and Charles Young and Landstalker for giving me some important links, and Justin Fritts for helping me beat the 2nd boss. Email me if you're interested."

"Popolon (named Poplon in the game, not enough space) went into Mt. Atos to rescue Aphrodite (named Venus [her Roman name] because of space) kidnapped by Hudnos. But it was a trap made by Galious. He attacked the castle during Poplon's absence and also kidnapped and imprisioned a baby from the heaven who was supposed to be born to Popolon and Aphrodite several years later... I know it doesn't make much sence, thats the intro of the game if you don't press anything. This was in english, not translated by me.. so I dunno. :>"

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