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"Hi and welcome to a demonic little game called Gamera. I actually don't know a ton about Gamera, just a couple of movies that I saw (and enjoyed) when I was a kid. After a few hours of playing with this rom I was ready to quit. Then I saw that a few sites had posted it as a project and I hate seeing Cancelled next to billions of translations so I pushed on. Anyway If someone wants to re-write my terrible scipt I'll insert it at a later date, and I fully expect tons of special and hidden moves to be found. If you get one, please screen capture it and send it to me so I can fix it, also if you can remember what the attack did that would help. Anyways enjoy it, it's not too bad."

"Thank you's : Omi, Spinner 8, Omizone, Emucamp, Sitc, Kueller, The Crash, Flavio, and anybody else who bothered to notice our last release!"

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