Gameboy Wars Turbo
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"Hey more strategy stuff for everybody. This time, it was a real easy translation, seeing as I had the sequel already done, and they used this rom to make the sequel it was basically apply the fonts. Do a few modifications, and voila, 24hour quality project. Pretty Neato. As usual please support the company for whom which these projects would not exist. Hudsonsoft in this case, and if you need a recent hudsonsoft game, you can grab Mario Party."

"Thank you's : Omi, Spinner 8, Omizone, Emucamp, Kel, GameBoyEmuHeavan, Sitc, Kueller, The Crash, Flavio, Puyolin, Cybergoth, Snowbro, Zophars Domain, Puyolin, Cybergoth, and everybody who supports the 8bit Emu Scene."

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