Translated by
Neo Demiforce
"This translation was meant to come out a while ago, but i got sidetracked. I'd say it was about September of 97 when Chris Hickman (aka Typhoon_Z / Tides) and Aquis reccomended i translate Goemon as i was sitting on irc one day, taking requests. They told me it was a pretty fun game, although not many people knew about it. I played it for about 5 minutes, and quickly decided it could wait for a time when i wasn't so busy."

"I'm doing it now out of sheer boredom; i'm waiting for my translator to finish up the plot script from FF2j and hand it over to my hacker. I've been working on it for about 2 days now and i estimate i'm about 80% done. It's not too hard of a translation; most of the people are shopkeepers or common townspeople. This series was a big one in japan, spawning a few games for Famicom and at least 4 for the Super Famicom. although not as well recognized in the USA, one did make it over for the SNES, dubbed "Legend of the Mystical Ninja". In any case, if you like the series, enjoy =]"

"It's a very authenticated japanese game, regardless of the language it was originally in, and for that reason i left a few things untranslated to preserve the feel. most noticably will be the level interludes with japanese kanji symbols; they just wouldn't look right if i altered them. there's japanese emblems on the entrances to shops, again too sanctified to disturbe. "

"What's new in 1.01: Tides sent me a few pix of the ending that were still in japanese, so i did those. Has anyone else managed to get to the end?!@#? :P" -- didn't Demi tell you that I like this game?

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