Hello Kitty World
Translated by
Hello Kitty Kicks Ass Translations
"This translation is dedicated to Toma for all he's given to the scene. His translations are fun, his personality has made the romhacking scene a more enjoyable place to be and his attitude is a perfect example of what romhacking/translating is all about. The world needs more people like Toma. Then again, the thought of millions of Toma's running around is extremely frightening. Either way, we thank you, Toma."

"Hello Kitty is a one or two player side scrolling action game. You play the part of Hello Kitty who must fly through 4 stages in order to find and rescue her friend Tubby who got lost when he flew off over the horizon because of his big bunch of ballooons."

"The game was brought to America in the form of Balloon Kid for the Gameboy. I believe that Hello Kitty World is superior to Balloon Kid for 2 reasons. First of all, it's an NES game (hence it's in color) and secondly, well, Hello Kitty just kicks all ass."

"We chose to dedicate this translation to Toma for the simple reason that he liked the game and once mentioned that he'd like to see it translated. The game is pretty self explanatory and if you have trouble, watch the demo at the beginning of the game for instructions. It patches just fine with either SNES Tool or IPS."

"Hello Kitty Kicks Ass Translations was the name chosen for this unofficial team. We worked on this project together because of a mutual respect for Toma and the desire to express our thanks for his contributions to the translation/hack scene. We're not an official group so don't expect any future releases though various combinations of group members will undoubtably work together on various projects."

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