Konami World (Wai Wai Land)
Translated by
Neo Demiforce
"I made this translation during the late summer months of 97 as a tribute to y0shi. i knew he liked the game, and it didn't seem like too cumbersome of a task, so i said what the hell. The story could best be described as a Konami megaman. The player(s) start off as konami man or konami girl, and rescue the 6 allies in order to beat the invading monsters that would like to kill you. ho hum. it's a very basic story, as you could probably tell, but the gameplay is what makes the game here."

"The translation was pretty much cut and dry. i did it in 3 days, on my own. i'd suggest a simple action game like this for anyone who would like to start rom hacking."

"Current Status: This project is 3 miles underground as far as i'm concerned! i've moved onto other things. if anyone tells me anything that needs to be fixed, i'll be glad to. I translated this game by playing the game and seeing what was translated and what wasn't, so it's definitely possible that i've missed stuff, especially later in the game."

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