Magic Knight Rayearth

Translated by RPGe

"This is the Unofficial Magic Knight Rayearth english translation! It has been a great experience to work on this game and we are proud to present you the best. This project was considered at first, the impossible game, due to its weird script compression. But with the awesome effort of our team and the skills of a lot of great people, we were able to produce the best!"

"The translation of Magic Knight Rayearth is the result of the combined effort of many people. Starting off with the project's founder Dibz` along with hacker StSCC and translator Makutosu. The project encountered some problems, mostly because of the main dialogue pointers and it was paused. Then the cute, awesome, amazing and powerful, Lina-chan took over the project. (That's me!) With Dibz`, StSCC and Makutosu as former members and mentors. After a few months Lina managed to figure out the secret to the mysterious pointers and started inserting the little she had translated already while she fried her mind with the hacking. Then the ASM God, Neill Corlett decided to help the MKR team by doing an amazing job with the font, enabling us to fit more characters per window. A month or so later the main hacker for this game joined, LordTech, and basically redid everything from scratch, using his amazing talents. Shortly after, translator Nuku-Nuku joined the team, doing an excellent and near to perfect job, in our honest opinion."

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