Phantasy Star Gaiden
Translated by
Magic Translations
"I figured it would be appropriate to explain here how the format of the PS-G battle pages ended up the way they are. I'm referring to the odd spacing that occurs between attackers, action verbs, and adversaries in that text. This was a problem we couldn't solve, and I'm not so sure that someone with advanced Z-80 assembly skills would have been able to make it any better. The primary reason for that odd spacing is because some monster names are much longer than others, so the line breaks must take this into account. Unfortunately, monsters with short names make the gaps and spaces appear uneven and unfilled."

"Second, I've done a lot of modifications to the game code. There isn't any visual evidence of this on the surface, but it's quite possible there may be some we didn't find during beta testing. We fixed a multitude, however, including a really cool one that let you kill the final boss without ever hitting him. I can just hear all of the "Oh, Darns" ringly loudly out there! Too bad (hee-hee-hee). I won't release the info on how to do this, either. And no, it isn't in the Japanese version. It's just something I stumbled onto."

"Finally, about the title screen... There were several people who produced graphics to replace the "Gaiden" name in the title screen. However, nobody knew quite how to paste them in. In the final analysis, I felt that since we were merely going to replace the Kanji for "Gaiden" with the word "Gaiden" itself, that it wouldn't make much difference what language the word was in. It also kept another serious problem somewhat at bay, one which I don't really care to discuss here. So, to all of those who helped us explore various ways to hack the title page, a big "Thanks!" I wish it could have worked out differently."

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