Riki & Kunio
Translated by oRdErEDchaos Translations
"This is the first official patch of Riki & Kunio the English Translation. If you've ever seen the old patch, I'd rather you pretend you didn't. It was my first attempt at ROM hacking and was pretty ugly. This is my second go at it, and it's not *as* ugly. Don't complain though, you've got no grounds for it. Just don't play it...i really don't care."

"The translation was started mainly by trial and error in Mr. Harry J. Clark, III's Chem-II AP class. After playing many a class period, my friends an I were able to figure out what the menus and such meant. After finding the rom hacking scene I decided I'd give it a go. After CataclysmX sent me some screen shots with translation things started to progress nicely. Then Faraday translated my horrible dump, and all was well. I released the ugly patch about that time, and put Riki Kunio away for a while. Recently I started up again, with a lot more knowledge about ROM hacking. I was able to fix most of the problems, get a little more translation done by Faradays, and with Dim A's help get the title screen looking nice. That leads us to what we have today."

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