Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium
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"I had thought that I wasn't going to release another patch, but I endedup doing so anyway. New to this one is that the endings are finally done. Also, the team names were filled in, and the usual assortment of small things that I overlooked in the past. I suppose this patch can be called the penultimate one, even though it's unlikely there will ever be a final. Unless there is someone that can help me find the hex addresses for the blocky font to the left of the move lists under wrestler edit. If that can ever be done, I'll release another patch. Otherwise, this one will be the last. With the exception of that, I think it's time for me to stop translating stuff for now. At this point, it takes me entirely too long to translate to english and hex edit too. I'm slowly learning the Japanese language, and maybe I'll start up again eventually, if I haven't lost all interest by then. But for now, I must find anime, lots of anime. I never realized fansubs were so well done... Uhm, I have no idea why I'm still typing, I think I shall shut up now. It's a readme for a translation patch, not a current events story. :)"

"Back in early May, I began work on translating Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium. In the beginning I planned on doing nothing more than the menus, but ended up doing much more than just that, until now when it's almost complete. I decided it was time to work on a new game, and while it was tempting to work on the Sailor Moon RPG, I instead chose to work on another wrestling game. I just don't have enough knowledge of Japanese to translate an entire RPG to english..."

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