Shufflepuck Cafe
Translated by
The Mad Hacker and Faraday
"This game has been in my "maybe someday" directory on my hard drive for quite a while. Then, one day in boredom Reijin asked me for a project he could work on. I gave him a list of the games that were in there at the time, and this is the one he eventually selected. Going in and taking some quick screenshots of all the text he could find, he asked at demi's board for someone to translate the text for him. Faraday very graciously and generously stepped forward and translated the text. Then Reijin discovered that he couldn't replace the font in the game. Not wanting to see Faraday's work go to waste, I replaced the font myself and hacked the text into the game. Then, playing through the game, I got the ending text, which Faraday also translated."

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