Rainbow Silkroad (Niji no Silkroad)
Translated by
Gaijin Productions
"You have just learned that you are a prince from a small kingdom off of the Silkroad called Littleland. When you were young evil forces conspired against your family resulting in your parents' demise. Fortunately, a loyal family retainer, Radley, was able to whisk you away to safety and left you in the care of the old family wet nurse. Now you must find the pieces of the Rainbow Mirror scattered across the Silkroad in order to return home. Armed with this item you will be able to reveal the truth and reclaim your kingdom."

"The game has a strong commerce element. You must trade goods in the cities along the Silkroad. You have access to several basic goods/commodities in the beginning, but as you fight you earn License Points (LP) which allow you to earn a new License for the area you are in. A License permits you to trade a good you previously never had access to before. You do not gain levels either. Instead as you make money you buy new arms which increases your strength and total HP."

"This was the first romhacking project I ever attempted. At the beginning of summer of 1998 I left for home and decided to learn try my hand at NES romhacking. All I had were tools and utilities gathered from various sites and all the romhacking docs I could find. I tried for a few days then gave up finding it tedious and having to start my summer job. I had made very, very little progress. Two weeks before having to return to college my summer job ended. I decided to try my hand at Silkroad again. A little into it I decided to start over and in those two weeks I had successfully translated 15% of the game. However I had done this without a script dump and a disgustingly huge amount of "two letters in one tile" combinations. Well after that I had a few people playtest this alpha and MadHacker did some great enhancements but after all this I left the project on the shelf."

"Then winter break hit (December 19th I think). The week before it began I decided to learn ver basic script dumping and using Jair's utility Script Extractor (yeah, I'm one of the few who doesn't use Thingy) I had dumped the entire script as well as several lists. I went home and booted up the old 486 and started all over again. A couple of days before winter break ended (January 19th) I had completed all the translating and romhacking."

"I've worked long enough on this one and there are only a few buggy things left. The enemies Cpede and Mpede have yet to be changed. It's easy enough to do it but I'm lazy. Also the store sign bother me but that's how they were don in the Japanese version. If I had 50 or so extra tiles free i could replace the letters with graphic signs but i don't. Finally the buy/sell options are condensed. I've done everything I can but can't expand it unless I sacrafice something else so that stays. Well that's it. If there's text error tell me, if you want to complain I don't want to here it."

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