Technos Samurai: Downtown Special
Translated by
Technos Samurai Translation Project
"This game is supposed to be a comedy. As you know, a lot of (corny lines) appear while you're actually in action, while beating the hell out of your enemy. And they are rather hard to read to begin with, but once you get use to it, you will begin to read all the text and laugh, while you're kicking your opponent's ass. Well, that's what happens in (J)apa anyway. It was intended to be more of a laugh, rather than a serious 'complete levels', 'complete the game'."

"I hope to recreate that, and I've done my best to adopt the "mood" rather than literal translation of the words.... And we've got to sort out the names.... They must be read quickly. (J)apa names aren't good for that, if we're going to deal with (E)nglish speakers."

"Thus, Jim and I took the spirit of Faraday's words, and after further consultations with him (and with his blessing), we decided to take one more step in the transcription and adapt a Western street-gang lingo, while still trying to preserve the uniquely Japanese flavor and backdrops. I know this sounds paradoxical (even to us), but we wanted to end up with a game that would "play well in Peoria". Working Designs takes this approach all the time, so, who are we to question its legitimacy? Therefore, we took a little license with the plot, changing it from the roundabout, poetic, Japanese method, to the harder-hitting, in-your-face, tell-it-like-it-is, right-up-front western style of action storytelling. "

"Our resulting prologue now offers a direct introduction of the characters' missions, conflicts, and romantic woes, delivering a clear message that the hero's girl has apparently been stolen by some asshole who's seems to be also working for the "Beeg" boss-man. But first, our intrepid hero must find an ellusive remedy for his stricken boss, and while searching around almost aimlessly in this very non-linear game, he and his companion(s) enounter all sorts of zany characters who either give them vague information, or engage them in goofy battles reminiscent of The Three Stooges."

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