Twinbee 3: Return of Warlock Prince Poko Poko
Translated by
Demi and Neo Demiforce
"I made this translation in honor of Bloodlust software, upon seeing that they had not abandoned the best NES emulator ever, NESticle. The new version, .43, plays TwinBee 3 so richeously, i felt i should do it for them."

"Well, i started the translation this morning (Jan. 2, 1998) when i saw how great the new NESticle played it. i haven't even gotten close to winning the game yet, so i can't assure you i've translated the whole thing. what i've done so far is the title screen and the option menu. The in-game stats & level ends were already in english so that's like less work for me. Speaking of the title screen, please excuse the flaws it has - i would have to make it look a lot worse to make it only a little bit better. As always, if you come across a part in the game that's untranslated, take a snapshot and send it in."

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