Villgust: Armed Dragon Fantasy
Translated by
J2e Translations
"The main text in Villgust is stored in 4K blocks. Also the way the rom is it wont allow us to use any space for the main text that exceeds this 4K bank. So this posed to be a slight problem. We were looking to expand out the text but because of this restriction we had to make use of the space we had. Which meant shortening the scripts as much as possible, yet keeping in the whole story."

"Anyways, when talking to an Innkeeper, the small window in the top left reads as "Innk". For some reason its displaying the k from when it says "Talk" and we can't get rid of it. Another small bug is some of the command selections are not highlighted correctly. This is because those commands are longer than the original Japenese commands. And finally, after you win a battle the characters who earn any EXP are displayed at the top of the window. And Since these character names are longer than they are in the japenese they will overlap each other and don't look all that great. You'll see what we mean by playing this great translation. "

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